Sharp LC-52D62U 52-inch HD LCD TV

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“Right. I had to come down to the store to see this they just put put it on this place as a 52 inch sharp lcd. And this is full definition. This is 1080p and it s got the highest contrast ratio.

I ve ever seen on an lcd and this thing looks it looks amazing the colors are bright. Ten thousand to one dynamic contrast ratio and on top of that a four millisecond response time now what that means is when you re watching the movie. Sometimes you see the you know the character moves and it s kind of choppy. There s a little ghosting four milliseconds is really really low that s enough to satisfy any gamer out.

There who s playing quick moving games. And you know anything like that action movies explosions. You re not going to see any ghosting at all and above that all it s a sharp and it s from there aqua line and then sharp swirled aqua means quality all right let me talk about some of the technology. That really makes this sharp a lot better than a lot of the competition.

All right super black technology..

Now what that means the blacks are a lot richer. The contrast ratio is more dynamic and the colors overall like if you have reds they re more crimson. If you ve got the blues. They re bluer everything looks better on this set and let me tell you about something else multi pixel.

Technology. Now. What that is is on each individual pixel on this screen is separated into four different segments. And that allows each pixel to better blend with the surrounding.

Pictures. You give you a smoother cleaner image. Now a lot of the tvs. You look at you see the jaggies around the edges.

You can get when you get close you can see the pixels..

I don t see any pixels. I can pretty much put my face on top of the tv. I don t see any pixel pixels at all it s almost ridiculous and you know something else i like let me tell you a little story. I m hanging out with my wife last night and we ve moved.

We don t have a new couch. Yet so we ve got our tv. There and we had to sit on the floor. The tv is about four or five feet off the ground and we can t see a thing on the television.

It s like completely black because our viewing angle is not dead on all right this one it s got a hundred and seventy six degree viewing angle. On each side and up and down is the same now most tvs is just side to side this ones up and down the same over here. I m having the same experience as i am from dead in the center. If we had one of these we could sit on the floor.

All night and the movie would look perfect now this sharp television..

Said it s one of the best lcds. I ve ever seen it s a fully visa compliant on the back. If you want to mount this on the wall turn your living room into a really nice movie theater no problem let me take you through all the ins and outs so you can you know start imagining what you re going to hook up to this when you get it in your living room. All right starting from the top now one thing that you ll notice.

These are on the side not the back of the tv. So you don t have to crank. It all the way around to hook stuff up i like that right here the top. We have two hdmi ports moving on down.

We have our antenna or cable input. Now this has an atsc tuner. So if you get an antenna you re going to be able to get freely broadcasted hd signals now a lot of people make fun of even having those antennas but nobody s going to be making fun of you when you get an hdtv for free all right beside that we have an optical or digital audio output now this will go to your surround sound system so you can get full surround sound with one cable underneath that we have an audio input moving on down. We have s video with composite another composite there here we have a component then underneath that there s another component beside that we have one more composite.

And then that is an audio output right there..

So you have a lot of ins and outs in the back of this tv alright so if you re looking for a massive lcd with some of the best image quality on the market also some of the most cutting edge technology that gives you a completely smooth and clean. Image and like i said that contrast ratio for an lcd. 10001 dynamic and that forced millisecond response time. If you re a gamer you re going to love this.

If you re someone who likes movies put this in your living room. And you have got yourself a theater. If you guys have any questions about this television send me an email logan at tiger tv. I ll see you next time for more information on this sharp.

Fifty two inch lcd go to tiger direct common type s. Two to six five ” ..

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