Sims 3 Console Video Review

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“Sims probably doesn t need an introduction to most gamers. But hey that s my my job simply put it s a life simulator you create and customize quirky people sims make a house for them and walk them through life they ll get jobs date. Other sims fall in love and have families the choices are up to you and it s this open ended gameplay that has become an addiction for millions thus. It s no surprise that the sims 3.

Has now come to consoles sims. 3. On the console looks a heck of a lot like the sims 3 on the pc. Unfortunately.


There s a lot of loading in the console. Version and the game can run a little slowly at parts especially when you speed up time to make some of the tasks less tedious this sucks because you ll definitely want to speed up time in this game on the plus side. The controls work pretty well though they do take some getting used to the insane level of customization from the pc game is still in the console. Versions.

So prepare to spend a lot of time perfecting your sims their houses and their lots. The big addition to the sims. 3. Are the karma powers.


You ll have a few available from the start. But to get the rest you ll need to complete challenges and fulfill wishes to unlock and then buy them these range from bringing the sims back from the dead to giving you more money to making your sim turn into one lucky sob. They re not all good. Though you can unleash poltergeists to terrify your family or make your sam into a total failure in life.

These powers are fun and make the game more rewarding now as addictive as this game. Is there are some issues unlike the pc version there s only one town in the game one town with the same people. The population. Only has slightly different traits during your different playthroughs.


So it gets very repetitive to see the same locations and folks over and over again. Because of this. I only played through the game a couple times and once i got my sims fixed. I was done for a game.

That s supposed to be about unlimited gameplay this could be a problem the console version of the sims. 3. Is a very respectable port. But technical issues slowly game down and the whole one town thing really hurts replayability.


I m sure there ll be some downloadable content with new towns and people later on but for now. If you want a definitive version of the game. You should probably just stick to the pc. However if that s not an option then definitely try it out on consoles.

It s fun for a little woohoo action for more ” ..

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