Sky Sports Golf s funniest bloopers and biggest fails EVER!

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” m gonna aim at that 150 down there yeah and aim it probably about 15 15 feet left of it and just slide. It with that breeze that s about we gots a bow. That s happens to everybody even the very best all right yeah. It s all about connection uh huh flushed.

It did it come down. Yet nobody saw it no nobody saw nobody saw it that s how you play pop bunkers folks that s exactly it s a simple chip you don t want to be trying to fly the ball. All the way let it run on the turf and shank it there play that one again you guys don t get to see me swing. Very often and i don t blame you brendon.

But the motion is very smooth..

You don t need to swing hard hit down on it hit it right out of the neck and hit it right along the ground it ll work perfect for you oh wow right it could be a 9. If it was a normal player. But it is let s see it come on andrew tell me purpose. I don t know if you did.

Though he knows i think a longer shaft. So i can get the head down to the back of the ball. What about that but we work for a long time. We ve a couple of little drills and things trying to get it basically just to get it very short and very accelerating you didn t shank it like that oh ok ok.

That s what could happen..

It wasn t his ball that went in there there s large carp. So if we have a look at this. Oh my god wow. This is sarah.

I ve been worked on i worked on her swing on monday. So i want you to tell me what you think here kind of all this thing forward. Don t be stitched me up. Here fans a little squashed in there pretty good yeah.

As most amateurs..

A little bit club s a little bit inside a little bit steep. They re these things to work on it s not all bad right no i ve got this shot. I m going to finish the news done jamie weird. He s got nothing so wait girls wait they re green simon.

Thank you andrew that was not the that was not the shot that we re looking for can i get a mulligan. Huh. We definitely having a mullet galligan here. Okay let me have a.


Oh. Dear. Was that too low. I think that was just about the the boner shot there that s very shame right.

I think you see if this year that won t be coming back to entertain ourselves folks ” ..

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