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“I m commander exigence and today. We re going to be looking at the various various foetus controllers available for elite dangerous hotas which stands for hands on throttle and is a controller type consisting of a stick for the right hand and a throttle for the left while some will argue that dual stick is the best controller type. For many a hotus is the pinnacle of controller for space and flight simulation games. Let s take a look at some of the most popular models available and which ones.

I d recommend for those considering a hotus purchase. I should begin by saying this is a highly subjective topic. Someone will likely feel each controller on the market is the best choice. They aren t necessarily wrong as there are many factors that go into choosing a hotas here.

We re going to look at them as objectively as possible comparing the price features and build quality of each we ll look at them one by one starting with the least expensive the most finely. Comparing all the various features ending with my picks for the best purchase. I ve been able to get flight time with most and we ll note those where i m relying on the input of friends or the net as this is ultimately subjective. I hope you ll share your opinions in the comments.

Below let s start with the least expensive hotel. Able the tee flight notice by thrustmaster this entry level hotus is available in two varieties. The pc and ps4 version and the xbox one version the tee flight is designed as a single unit for lap use. But can split into a more traditional stick and throttle for desk.

Use the stick features a single four way hat. And four buttons. With twist ability generally for y all. The throttle.

Offers six additional buttons and a single axe this somewhat limited button selection. Necessitates modifier buttons. That is using combination of buttons for various functions. This can make the learning curve.

A bit steep for some yet easier for others as there are less individual buttons to learn these are my choice for someone on a very tight budget as a cheap jota is better than no hotus next up. We have the t. 16000 m. Fcs.

Also from thrustmaster with the fcs were not only treated to higher build quality over the t flight. But to a number of additional buttons and inputs on the stick we again have a single four way hat but get an additional 13 buttons totaling 17 twist for yaw is also included as is an additional axis that can be used for throttle or something. Such as sensors own the throttle also adds a number of additional inputs with three four way hats and an analogue access. Which works wonderfully for thrusters.

There are three momentary buttons and an up down rocker and left right paddles one primary difference than the throttle is that it s a sliding mechanism rather different than the rocker style of most other throttles. We ll look at while this matches. The style of the in game ships and elite. Personally i m not a fan as to my hands the throttle feels very flimsy and cheaply made i do like the placement of the analog.

Axis four thrusters. But found the left right paddles to be very awkwardly placed and unpleasant to use i should also note that the ambidextrous nature of the stick means that you can purchase an additional stick only for dual. Sticks the least expensive option for such control for. Me though the 16000.

Mfcs was by far my least favorite of all of the options. Now we have the logitech x. 52. Previously from scitech with the x 52.

We get a noticeable upgrade you feel over the t flight in fcs with soft touch grips and excellent ergonomics. The upgrades aren t just cosmetic as we get a number of additional input options with the stick having two for whay hats. Three buttons. One of which is behind a safety cover a standard and pinkie trigger three 2 way rocker switches in a single rotary mode knob.

The throttle also feels great in the hand. But does give up two of the four way hats of the fcs with just a single hat. A slider axis three rotary dials and a small pointer stick that acts as a mouse. You also get a small lcd screen to control the various modes and button mappings allowing for easy switching between profiles for various games or game modes given its excellent ergonomics aesthetics.

Features and price. This is definitely my choice for a mid level priced. Hoteis and i think is well worth. The additional cost over the thrustmaster 16000 mfcs.

Let s now take a look at a far less popular contender. The ch products fighter stick and pro throttle. These are both updated. Usb versions of their very long running products which are likely popular with very long term flight sim enthusiasts.

While made of plastic. They offer very high build quality with excellent community ratings. The stick offers three four way hats with one at your thumb and a single eight way hat primary and secondary fire. Buttons.

With three additional buttons and a pinke mode switch round. Out the features the throttle offers a slider design similar to the 16000. Mfcs. But of a much higher quality with five four way house unfortunately.

We only have three additional buttons and no switches or mode. Dials. Somewhat limiting your mapping choices. While these are very well made they re rather antiquated styling.

Means they don t appeal to many modern gamers moving up the ranks next. We have the x 56. Rhino also from logitech. Another visually appealing stick with excellent ergonomics.

It is held back only by its slightly cheaper feel with thinner plastics and switches. Especially the pinky trigger were treated to an additional hat bringing the sticks options to three with a thumb secondary fire finger. We also see a four way stick for the right thumb. Making menu navigation much more efficient you can also change out the spring for a stiff of field and detach the stick from the base for easier storage or transportation.

The throttle is the least expensive to offer a split dual throttle design that can also be locked to a single axis. We have two four way hats and an analog stick excellently placed for thruster control. Five dials. A slider.

A two way modifier seven switches and three buttons bring a huge number of choices. And flexibility not offered on our previous examples finally a 3 way dial allows for multiple mappings for various flight types or games. If your budget allows. This is an excellent choice for the serious flight and space sim pilot.

Now we get to what many consider to be the pinnacle of flight. Simulation controls. The fantastic all metal thrustmaster warthog. This one to one replica of the us air force.

A 10 warthog aircraft has been my hotus of choice for many years so admittedly. I m a huge fan starting with the stick were given for 3 way hats with one of your thumb. And a single eight..


Way. A two stage primary trigger secondary trigger side button. And pinky trigger and large pinky. Pull lever.

Round out. The features. The all metal construction. Makes it a joy to hold.

However for some the fixed stick lacking twist for yaw will be a limiting factor. As this will all. But necessitate. The purchase of flight pedals a possibly significant additional expense the throttle offers us a split dual axis design similar to the x 56 with two four way hats a small pointer analog stick and three two way thumb switches the lighted base offers nine switches and two buttons with a single slider access the quality is apparent with its all metal construction and considerable heft while mounting is the preferred way to enjoy the warthog its weight and large bases make desk use very stable.

If you have the budget for the warthog. I could recommend it more and i m a huge fan closing out our options. We ll look at a newcomer to the jota space with the sky s the limit budget verbal products from the belarus. Based verbal controls.

These are arguably the best highest quality flight simulation products on the market offering extreme build quality all metal. Fully adjustable gimbals and mirrored left and right stick choices for the dual stick pilot. They offer several stick and base options with the mongoose t 50 stick offering three hats. Five buttons a dual st bowels of the academy yes.

Except for one day. A nyear skylander graduation day eon will have the book at the nceremony nto sketch. The new skylanders and that s when i ll strike very good sir nwell plotted sir you know it baby nthis calls for a celebration. I m thinking something ninvolving fire glumshanks sighs can t we just have cake buried.

Man uh. I m ready to ntalk now. Mr. Kaos.

Oh. Hello. Grunting yah. Ready elf clicks n.

Whirring go n. Bell. Dings. Grunting bell.

Dings n. Ooh yes a new personal record panting you know eruptor it s been a lot of hard work ngetting here. But i finally feel ready for nthe games. I m just spit balling here nelfy.

But why didn t you zip through nthe course. Nwith. Your lightning. Speed to avoid.

These blade. Y kill. Y. Nthings.

Or not. I thought spyro. Would be here nfor. A final practice.

Where is nhe. I don t know he said. He had something nmore important to do dance music playing stammering. Why are all these npeople nhere at our house elf are we being robbed in a very festive manner.

Bleating n. Food fight what is all this ha ha duh nyour graduation party um dance music playing no one gets in unless they re non the list names n. Names you know us we live here with spyro. I don t make the rules.

Ni. Just enforce em eruptor names n. Spyro eruptor elf. Welcome to the party party.

What party. What you didn t see the e vite you gotta check your spam nfilter. Bro n. Cool.

It s cool nthese two are with me they re vips you blew off our last practice nto throw. A party sheep bleating. We need to be rested and ready nfor. The skylander games.

You know our final exam food fight chuckles groaning bleh. See there you go nnow. You re having fun just be ready for tomorrow scoffs. I was born ready now relax guys nand let s have some fun camera shutter clicking birds chirping huh spyro s not out here neither you checked his bedroom n mmm hmm.

The kitchen n. Mmm hmm bathroom. N. We have a bathroom huh.

Well. He must ve gone to the ngames nahead of us. There is no way nhe d miss the biggest day of nhis life spyro snoring coughs continues snoring crowd cheering welcome to your final test your opportunity to prove you nare worthy of joining the nprotectors of our universe. By making it here you have ndisplayed great dedication to the nskylands and to each other crowd applauding n.

Sighs a dedication clearly nnot everyone is capable of those of you who pass will join one of our teams of nskylanders nbased at the academy and with your colleagues you will maintain the balance nand harmony of our world fighting against the threat. Nof darkness and disorder without further ado nlet the games begin first up eruptor n horn blows crowd cheering chuckling crowd cheering sir if you hate the skylanders nso much nwhy are we here i m getting a lay of the land nfor my attack plus i need to know who to ndraft nfor my skylander fantasy league. I guess every supervillain nneeds a pointless hobby ah don t judge me glumshanks. I don t mock nthose little candies you ncollect that s my anxiety medication nsir roars.

It s spew tiful eruptor you re on fire chuckles. I know right no i mean you are literally on nfire. Oh. Oh.

Right that happens sometimes nno. Biggie. Well done eruptor on to stage..


Two n stage. Two eon choose a supercharger to navigate through nan obstacle course of threats chuckles this ain t gonna end nwell vehicular assault was my worst nclass is this the seat belt button whoa concentrate on the threats my ride is a threat oh that does not look like me. Ni am. Much taller spyro snoring.

Gasps and roars yawns. Oh. Man nothing like a good night s nsleep followed by a brisk nhorizontal shower horn blowing faintly eon in distance and now ncandidate four hex n. The skylander games panting panting well that sucked and finally candidate.

Five absent. This concludes your final test. So i hereby declare these games nofficially 100 irrevocably spyro hero. Incoming hot and nfast.

Oh chuckles nhey. What s up everybody looks like i made it nalmost practically on time. Very well great now. Let me just nstretch the ol wings and then nwe can begin now n horn blows grunting n.

Gasps exhales laughing n grunts yeah that s what i m talking nabout candidates. I will now call out nall of the names of those who nhave passed and will join me tomorrow nas. The newest members of the nskylanders. Eruptor pass.

N. Yes. See you tomorrow at graduation bad. Breath.

Pass. N. Oh wow. I m so happy burping groans.

Sorry feelings make me gassy hex. Fail n. Both sigh we lost out to a guy nwhose superpower is burping burping stealth. Elf pass n.

Yes and spyro fail crowd groaning n. Eon says what now i warned you that your barely npassing nwould not be good enough to become a skylander and it isn t so you fail crowd groaning. I am sorry spyro. But you will not enter nthe book of skylanders this nyear.

I truly hope one day nyou will earn your place among nus sighs groans okay universe i get the point thunder rumbling whistling. Oh. Ooh whistling continues chomping bell dings gasps and exclaims elf are you trying to end me spyro s still in his room. I know he feels bad nbut.

He can t stay up there. Nforever well a couple of months nmight do some good scoffs n. I m just saying maybe. This is what it takes for nhim nto finally learn his lesson a never ending pity party nisn t going to help i m gonna go check in nto see if he s doing okay roadie pancake.

This is why nwe cannot have nice things spyro n. Sighs up high. What are you doing oh. You know n.

Sniffs. Wallowing. Well can you wallow your way ndown here nto talk to me for a minute. Then you can go back nto feeling sorry for yourself look just because nyou re not becoming a skylander ntoday doesn t mean it won t ever.

Nhappen n. Sighs you are still the guy with the nhighest nadmission scores ever you know i know i know it s just i guess i thought that neverything would nalways come easy to me. I let everybody down and it nstinks well no time like the present nto start making up for your nmistakes. But the first thing you ve got nto do nis to get out of this room.

You ll never be the hero nwe. All know you can be by staring at the floor. All day you um. Really think i m a nhero stealth.

Elf sighs. Want to know what i really nthink crowd cheering. We did it elfy. We really made it n bad breath burping both groan.

Sorry nervousness makes. Me ngassy everything makes you gassy citizens of skylands. It is my distinct pleasure n. Softly and contractual nobligation to welcome you crowd cheering these costumes were a great nidea nhmm glumshanks.

I m surprisingly comfortable in nmine. Sir good. Now let s make our way ninconspicuously towards the nstage. Mock bleating noh.

Just move out of my way stupid pancakes. What a jerk. I ve been what a stupid handsome jerk you know what nelf elf s right it s time to stop nfeeling sorry for myself i m gonna go to that graduation nand i m gonna support my nfriends crowd cheering and now i shall begin expertly nsketching our newest members ninto the book of skylanders eruptor look n. Oh chuckles hey.

Look nhuh. What do you think clears throat hugo. The book nplease is it time to steal the book nsir don t get your bonnet in a ntwist nglumshanks. We have to wait nuntil all of the skylanders are ndrawn so i can destroy every one of nthem with that final stroke.

The skylanders team nwelcomes our newest members eruptor stealth elf and bad breath whoo hoo. Eruptor elf. Yeah. Hugo return this to the vault.

Yes. Sir nnothing in the skylands could prevent me from completing na mission of such utmost nimportance mimics bleating n. Shrieks panting n. Glumshanks it is time reveal nme groaning all gasp kaos n.

You bet your sweet beard and now the all powerful nbook of skylanders is mine nmine. I ve been dreaming of this nmoment nall my week laughing maniacally crowd screaming n laughing continues now that i have your precious nbook. I finally have the ultimate ncontrol. I need to end every one of you nskyjerks skylanders.

We must get the nbook back nour. Very lives depend on it attack n. Ah..


Well well nif. It isn t the original angry. Nbird. Ah n.

Oh sighs good grief for the nlove of jet vac. Screaming n. All gasping laughing maniacally. Two parts this one none part that one a ha.

There you are screams. He s scrunching me n. Screams. Gasps n.

One of the new skyjerks eh get a load of this n. Uh you re going to attack. Me. Nwith.

Outdated. Office. Supplies. Gasps.

N. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Oh. Oh. Ow. Ow.

Ow ow. What the n. Chuckling. Burps.

No glummy. You took a belch for me oh great nnow that smell is in your ncostume. I ll never get my deposit back kaos can t defend nagainst all of us at once nskylanders. Oh really stay back or i ll burn the book nand.

All of you with it crowd gasping n. Eon you dolt the book is too mighty nto succumb to fire it is a powerful relic nthat can never be burned huh can it be frozen uh. No comment. Laughing maniacally grunts crowd gasping groans crowd screaming n.

Exclaims laughing maniacally sing song i m a good friend na real good friend being supportive nsacrificing. My time eating this churro nin a very supportive way crowd screaming n. Huh hey. What s happening n.

Groans kaos is attacking the nskylanders what hold on nwhat. I meant was slurps what oh that s much better nthat. Really conveys the urgency well this has been way too nmuch fun look at all these frozen ndefenseless losers you know it s really nice nto be the one with all the power and wield it dangerously for nonce. This has been nsome first class wielding.

Sir you could write a how to manual non. The subject of of nwielding. I already have before you start marking the ncalendar for your inevitable nbook tour. Sir.

Shouldn t you get back to ndestroying nthe book of skylanders and all of them with it glumshanks don t rush. Me. It s been a long time nsince. I ve had a good gloat gloat with me glumshanks ah n.

Gloat harder laughing forcibly stealth elf and eruptor ngrunting eruptor can t you spew lava nto free yourself straining i m trying grunts roars chuckles hey guys guys guys ni can t see is it working hey guys nguys it s me spyro n. Elf yeah. We know who you nare eruptor kaos put some sort of nfreeze spell on us aren t you feeling it too nope. I m balmy nit s balmy.

It s kind of balmy nit s a little too hot n. Chuckles. It s actually quite a nice day nfor a graduation uh pollen count s a little nhigh. But nwait a second kaos put a spell on the book nand.

I m not in it. He has no power over me stealth elf then go nsave yourself. No no way. If there s one thing.

I ve nlearned nthe past couple days. It s that heroes ncan t just think of themselves. They have to sacrifice nto. Be part of a team crashing huh spyro.

Yo pumpkin head n. Pumpkin. Head. No one calls me that chuckling.

What neverybody calls you that also cantaloupe kid melon nskull nsteve se or cabeza grande. Steve. What does that even mean i have no idea ni assumed. It was short for nsteven.

But what i do know is nyou won t get away with this sure i will ni. m like 98. Done already actually. I was just about to nhead out ncome glumshanks.

So the waiter says and i m all like ha. I ll show you nwhat to do with your corkage nfee. Glumshanks n. Ah.

Kaos ugh again with the ncorkage fee both gasping you re not going anywhere. Nsteve. Who s going to stop me you you re not frozen nwhich means you re not in this nbook. No book means no skylander nwhich means you re nobody you re right.

I m not a nskylander but i can still stop you gasps n low growling kaos. Groaning n. Grunts groans groans groans..


Laughing maniacally now who s the steve huh come glumshanks as long as i continue nto cast my freezing spell over their all powerful book nthe. Skydorks will remain stuck nhere. Let s go toilet paper their nlibrary nthen destroy the world oops one last thing straining. Not my beard ice cracking here.

I got you a beardsicle chuckles. Nervously uh good. None. Sir seriously take it slurps and gags chuckling groans moans ice cracking eon spyro.

You must wake up nthe fate of the skylands ndepends on it wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake nup hurry. Skylander. Gasping. Sighs.

Petty vandalism. Is nchicken soup nfor. The evil soul now what was i going to do next right destroy the world nstarting with this book grunting. Groans n.

Clatters hand me that bust of eon nglummy glumshanks. Grunts n. Kaos whoa some sort of single bookcase nvault ooh a double bookcase vault ah n beeps scanner beeping automated voice nfacial hair not recognized huh glumshanks stop gobbling that nbeard nand fork it over scanner beeping automated voice ndisgustingly moist facial hair nidentified welcome master eon i was kinda hoping for another nbookcase ha. How s that for fire safety.

Glum dog nhow. Much bling is too much nbling one can never have too much nbling sir hmm bling indeed oh my what have we here whoa ha shutter clicking who s there n it s me nobody but you can call me spyro you again grunting groaning kaos. Laughs and now to destroy the book. Groans grunting screams eon was right nnever gets old ha.

No one electrocutes kaos boy groaning about to be eliminated nby the very book you re trying nto save ironic. Hmm glumshanks. Is that irony. I try to avoid the word irony nsir on account of nnobody knows what it means.

But it s close enough excellent at least you learned one lesson nbefore your end. You re not strong enough. Nto. Beat.

Me on your own straining. You re right. I m. Nnot n.

Inhales. Deeply chuckles shrieking hot hot hot book nhot book hoo yah. Oh. All right plan b.

Glummy. Let s bury him alive until he ntalks n. Laughs spyro groans eh. Now that you ve seen the nlibrary.

How about an aerial tour nof the rest of the academy in hindsight maybe you nshould ve nre frozen that book sir grunting n. Thudding kaos and glumshanks screaming screaming in distance sheep bleating we re alive glumshanks alive both laughing sheep bleating n. Both gasp bleating angrily n. Gasps all bleating n kaos not good spyro groaning spyro are you all right uh.

No can t say that i am i m actually in na staggering amount of pain yes we ve all suffered nterrible losses today spyro you know master eon this entire experience nhas taught me so much and i want you to know nthat. I ll be ready to go next nyear. I think you re ready now spyro. When you were in the bubble nand.

I called you skylander. I nmeant it i knew you could rise to the noccasion nand prove yourself worthy you have honored us all nby finding your balance in the form of nselfless heroism and sacrifice. Thank you eon now are you getting my good nside. You re right who am.

I kidding nthey re both my good side really dude really sighs. You re totally right nit doesn t matter. What i look nlike character growth. Huh n.

Skylanders meet your newest teammate uh hmm. Don t worry i always fix them njust humor him groans and laughs. Thanks guys ni owe you big time chuckles. Oh yeah.

You do n. What he said. Now don t screw this up hey what about bad breath. He got so scared when kaos nattacked nthat.

He couldn t stop burping then he felt bad about that nand he started crying burping crying ncrying crying burping that kid is an emotional wafer ncookie yes uh bad breath will be nspending some time working on his ngastrointestinal stability. Before he re joins. The team now. Then nyou are all full fledged nskylanders and will soon share grand nadventures non important missions in service of the academy.

But for now nenjoy your accomplishments stutters and please no parties copy that fewer parties whoo chuckles yes laughing whoo hoo whoo. Whoo ha ha. Perhaps it s not my place nto point it out sir. But you have a rather ndisturbing rash going on here in the back.

I might have some ointment. Some salve perhaps i could uh put you in touch nwith a nuh. Very good dermatologist fellow by the name of n glumshanks well. Sir.

I guess nit just wasn t meant to be this ntime. Only because something greater nis meant to be glumshanks a discovery. Which will nnot only end the skylosers. But all of the skylands behold kaos are you n.

I m beholding inside the vault. I found the nlocation of the most important place in nthe skylands. Where light and dark meet nin perfect harmony a black and white cookie nfrom lou s deli no dummy the core of light the hub of all balance and peace nin this cursed universe and now that i know where it is ni will destroy it and unleash darkness. Non the skylands forever.

Oh. I didn t need to see that end of times nreign of darkness. Very good steve nuh. I mean uh i mean sir kaos laughing maniacally ” .


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