Smartphone Holster Cases ( for Note 4 and Iphone 6 )

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“Guys this is a malt. Another craft 209 wasn t a quick video update for for two customer orders that i ve just completed and these are for albert and derek and they re two different cases. But i want to review them for the client. But also for anyone who s interesting to kind of show you the options that are available.

So really quick if you followed my youtube channel. You ve seen in this case. I actually made it for my note. 4.

It s got this white molding for my edc stuff. My swiss army knife and my little micro screwdriver here and of course. It has a card slot here and then two flaps in here to hold cash or whatever. Some paperwork and so this is kind of how i designed it and of course.

I had a mess message me in fact quite a few and so doing kind of interested in it i m making. So. This is the first two that i ve just completed and one is for the note. 4.

Without a case on the back. I said kind of for a a slimline you know caseless note. 4. And the other one is for an iphone 6 make sure stuff the 6 plus.

But anyway. I do have the measurements for that the customer did send me the measurements. So really quick let me go over for this one this is for the iphone 6 and this is what albert and he wanted a basic basic case so i just review on my back. You know have all this stuff going on here.

And what he wanted was just a really durable case with a clip and so that s what we have here now this is a different kind of clip. I actually should compared to the back of this case for example. This is what kind of standard clip papa s be using. But they do have this new clip in and of course.

It is used for like gun holsters in fact both of these are for got holsters or knife sheets this one. Though because it is a basic case. It doesn t have to have any of the back pocket the wet molding..


So i did not add another layer of leather right here. Because that was not necessary would also make the case a little bit thicker you know so like this one. You can see that is two layers of four ounce four to five hours leather back here. And there s no need for that because there s no panel.

This is on a basic case. So this is probably clip. I will be using for the basic cases if in case. Anyone s wondering now i can also use this one.

But basically the leather would be cut down right here and it would be just like a two inch strip of leather with this kind of method right here so i could always do that if you needed to so this is the clip that i chose very heavy duty and on the basic case. There s no lining so right here. There s no pocket. This is just a four to five hours piece of leather all right and it is dyed of course.

But this is that java brown which i really like because it shows kind of the the texture of the leather and this is of course full grain leather. So it is super durable. It is you know not you know treated or you know shaved down to kind of hide imperfections. It is straight up you know top grain.

So of course the downside of that is sometimes you will see scars so if you look carefully right here it s like a scar. But yeah every once in a while you ll see some mosquito bite or something barbed wire. That s cop. But that is also what makes the top grain leather is so much tougher because the skismo exposed to elements.

And so it has kind of this strength to it anyway so the inside there s no lining up top here that is lining it down here this is a black pig skin lining and you can see it s stitched you can see the stitching right here to basically hold it in place. But none of the rivets and none of the snaps are showing on the inside. So the foam is specifically you know nicely encased in the leather with no metal. And though.

This is what the elastic gussets right here. Okay all right that is the basic case design no extra pockets. Very a slim line. But still really durable made with top grain leather and this is tooling leather.

It s one thing i want to mention this is what a leather comes like when you first get it when i first get it when i first started working with it and you can see it has its kind of pants. Han. Naturals color and one of the things i want to mention is you can t always tell..


When there s a scar in here and get see some mosquito bites right there. But you can always tell until you actually put the dialogue and then you know certain things come out especially with this java brow. Which does kind of marbling effect. And then you can kind of see some of the stuff you know to me that is what we all love it looks like that is what you know super strong leather supposed to be and not fake genuine leather stuff so anyway.

That is the iphone 6 case with albert and then this is the no 4 case or derek so let me go over the design of it there are some modifications to it yeah. Versus. My original case. This is the car slot here you can see our business cards in here and oh and a gift card just to kind of represent what a credit card would look like or sit.

Like and then the top here this is sealed right so there is no pocket here. And then there s the slot here for car kad s cash or card. Sorry and now on the over here. Did add a little lip right here.

And so the deal is if you have a fake credit card in there. That you have stored or some kind of backup cash or something. Even even a key and you have that hiding in that in there. That you know if it starts to slide out an idea of this is that this lip will catch it so you know if it starts to do that you can see that it comes to a rest right in there.

And also it is made to clear so say when you re putting your phone in the first kind of position. It goes into you can see that the the slit is high up enough away where it won t necessarily catch that you know once you get and they used to a whole string your phone. One thing you ll notice is that it is high up there so you won t have to worry about the phone necessarily catching this i mean you may catch it where every once in a while. But it is stitch down.

So you re not gonna have this rollover effect. Which which i have going on right here. But to me that doesn t bother me. If i really need to go back like of course.

I run this stitch right here for myself. Which i may may not do but anyway. So yeah. That is the kind of interior walk through this through that ten leather elastic guess.

It s on this one too and then on the back side instead of the wet molding which i have on my case. Derek wanted to belt loops. So really quick the belt loops..


I made specifically to go to fit 1 2 inch belts. But also two inch belts so most people don t have two inch belts. But you know if you re doing some kind of heavy duty construction work. Sometimes you have two inch belts.

And so i did kind of when i make my belt loops. I make them to be able to accommodate two inch belts. If you need to here s the basic clip that i have and of course. The cutout and you get super cut out on this one too right here.

The cutout is a little bit. Different say from mine. One thing is because of the belt loops because i want to make that make sure they accommodate two inches. This panel is just a little bit longer right ice image longer so you can see mine.

My punch cut out right here is a right against this panel. And when you have it like that it on mine. It doesn t it shows just a little bit. What i m wearing it right this part on at this one.

Because. This panel is longer once again. It is right against the edge of that this panel. But because it is a little bit longer the punch out shifted to the front.

A little bit. Which is fine. I mean actually work out a little bit nicer in some ways. Because what that means is you can i sort of have to reach back further you can just kind of push your finger up in there.

You know and get your phone app and the other thing. I actually use my cut out for is when i have this holster on to my belt. And i want to just double check to make sure that my phone is in i can actually just feel feel the edge of the phone alright and if it s empty your finger just comes right through it and then you know you left your phone on the table. Whatever so i really like that cutout it helps with getting the phone out if it s kind of a tight squeeze.

If you have a bunch of stuffing up in the pocket here. But you can also use it to kind of feel to make sure that it s still there alright guys so that has been my review of the two cases. I just finished up..


I should have a couple more that i m working on that are customized too so stay tuned for that they all have kind of different stuff going on so pretty excited a lots of new cases. I ll be working on and so once again this was the basic design. If you want something without all the pockets and kind of extra stuff. And there s no lining back here.

This is 4 to 5 hours leather with this black lining. Still once again super durable. If i don t have to worry about it of course. It will get scratched if you look carefully lemus superconn.

So right here. I don t know what i was too and i probably threw the case down on the floor or something i have a four year old. She ll just picks up my phone and my case you could use a scratch right there. But you know that is easily actually fixed i just like it because it builds character in my opinion it looks it looks really cool to me.

But if you need to fix that it can easily fix a little bit of oil or even a little bit of dye. If you wanted to do that you know but you know it s leather wears it will kind of get this really cool you know wearing look over time. This is just one kind of big scratch. You probably can t make out the other ones really well.

But you know it will do that over time depending on kind of the use you put it through. But once again. It is still no just others not going to break down like some of the other leathers. Which are what they call genuine leather.

Where they take off the top layer of the skin to hide the scars and the mosquito bites and the barbed wire. But that is what makes it leather stronger on top grain leather alright guys hopefully. I explained everything as far as the cases go if you re interested in ordering from me. And kind of custom designing your own version of the case shoot me a message or email.

I will provide a link to my website and yeah take care stay tuned. I will be having a couple more cases and a couple more edc ” ..

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