SOCKS + BOOST = AMAZING COMFORT! – Adidas A16+ Ultraboost (Black/White) – Review + On Feet

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” s going on guys josh from soccer reviews for you comm bringing you my review review plus on feed video of a sneaker that s been around for a. Little it now has a new name being called the a 16 plus ultra boost. But every single release up until this point has been fairly limited so they ve been difficult to get and if you wanted to get a pair you d have to go in the resale market and pay. Well above the normal retail price.

Well it looks like adidas is now trying to make this an inline model. And they ve launched. It in three different colorways. One of which is this one in black and white they look really really good and they re actually available right now in stock in pretty much every single size.

So if you want a pair i ll leave a little pop up on screen or you can click the first link down below it isn t a deist exclusive so no s are for you coupon codes. But you will be able to get them in a couple different colors at the 200 retail price. So. If you ve always wanted a pair of purecontrol ultra boots.

While it s not technically called that anymore they are actually available and we re gonna go over all the details in today s video before we take a closer look at these i have a confession to make. I actually have a couple of the prior purecontrol ultra boost releases. Where they were very limited and sold out pretty much instantly. Well i have them i ve never actually worn any of them they re all brand new in the box to this day.

And the reason for that is i was never really a huge fan of the look of the sneakers. They re very comfortable pretty much everything with this ultra boost bottom is super comfortable to wear. But either the colorway or just a general shape of the shoe. I wasn t a huge fan of with this new reworked variation and it is reworked.

I think that s partially why they changed the name they ve modified the shape ever so slightly and hopefully that comes across in the video..

That s the first thing that i immediately noticed when i held these in my hands. It s just a little bit more sleek a little bit slimmer in general. And it s just super super clean in this particular color way so when adidas sent these my way again i wasn t super excited about them. But now that i actually have them in my hands.

I really really like these and i can t wait to wear them because they are super comfortable. Something we ll talk about in just a second so. The upper is entirely made from primeknit and it s all elasticated. So you guys that are wondering if you can actually play soccer in these i would strongly recommend against that there really isn t a lot of stability to this ultra boost midsole.

It s made really as a running shoe first. But even to running the shoe. There s just not a lot of lockdown. It s just elasticated primeknit.

So it wouldn t be a great idea in general. But i guess if you really wanted to run in them you technically could if you wanted to play in them you technically could but as long as you i guess don t mind rolling your ankle or potentially wrecking. The shoes. They re just not made for that it s really designed as a casual wear shoe and not for anything else anyways.

They look really really good you can see it s obviously based off of the design of the original a 16 plus pure control with the adidas stripes. Here on the lateral side black on black all of the knitted upper is entirely black as well and it doesn t have any of the kind of gluey hardness that you had on some of the older colorways. It s just very very soft pretty much like a sock you re also gonna find these little leather bits that i think look very premium and just add to the overall. I guess niceness of the shoe.

If that s a term that i can use it s got the little tangle logo..

There on the front kind of edged out in the leather which i think looks super super. Good and then you have the etched out adidas logo. There on the back with the pull tab as well i love that and then you have the ultra boost heel counter. Which obviously the bottom part is taken directly from the very popular ultra boost running shoe in white which just looks super super good against the black upper.

And then obviously. It s just a standard ultra boost midsole with the white boost and then of course. The black continental rubber on the bottom so very clean colorway. Very clean looking shoe and just something that i really didn t expect to like as much as i do the small tweak.

The small modification. They ve made to the shape. Just makes this shoe look so much better to me for those that will ask in. A size.

95. Us the sneaker weighs in at 111. Once s which is obviously not super light. But for casual wear to walk around in they re super.

Comfortable. The weight is not an issue at all on feet. These sneakers are super super. Comfortable.

I mean..

It has the ultra boost bottom so i guess. That s kind of expected to a certain extent so underfoot you get the bounciness of a typical ultra boost with the full boost midsole. Which just feels really really good as far as the upper is concerned it s pretty much just like an elasticated sock super super soft very flexible no real structure to it at all it doesn t really wrap your foot to where it feels like it s squeezing it in anyway. It s kind of like the tightness of a loose fitting sock.

Which feels really really comfortable obviously not a lot of lockdown here. But again it s just me for walking around they re not made for sprinting or changing direction or anything like that so in regards to comfort. A plus plus. They re super comfortable as far as width is concerned again it s an elasticated primeknit upper.

So really there s no tension here. There s nothing that s going to squeeze your foot in any way they re gonna stretch to the exact shape of your foot. So width. Wise.

You re gonna be good no matter. How wide your feet are in this particular sneaker and as far as sizing is. Concerned i m wearing a size 95. Us.

Which is typically what i would wear in a pair of ultra boost running shoes and most running shoes in general the pairs that i ve had in the past have been a size 9 us and those fit okay. But again. They ve tweaked the shape a little bit to the point. Where i will say that a nine and a half us fits me pretty much perfectly so normally in a pure control i d wear a nine and these i would prefer to wear a 95.

Us just because i don t want them to be overly snug in general..

So if you re looking to order a pair of these for yourself. And you have a pair of ultra boost. I would say go with your regular size and then comparison to other running shoes as well. I d say run they run true to size that s what you should go for if you want the best possible fit anyways guys that is it for my review.

I really like the fact that adidas is truly making a push with this new tango line to create these soccer inspired lifestyle sneakers as well as the lifestyle clothing like i m wearing with this shirt right here those that are wondering i didn t actually black out logos on the front that is the design of the shirt. Because i ve had quite a few people ask me about that which is a little bit. Surprising. Why would i black out a jersey anyways.

I really like these i think that if you are a fan of the look of them and you re a fan of comfort. This is definitely one of those casual wear sneakers that i can very strongly recommend other than that if you re interested in a pair. Again you can click the first link down below in a description that ll take you to the review page on my website. Where you will find buy it now links for this shoe in a couple different colorways at the 200 retail.

Because as of right now not sure. If that s going to remain the case. It is an adidas exclusive other that subscribe if you haven t already for daily videos on all the ladies who create a soccer here if you have any questions leaving down below. And i ll do my best to get an answer out to you if you enjoyed the video be sure to support it with a like all my social media information.

That s linked in the description. As well now then that guys hope you enjoyed the video there s always thanks for watching. ” ..


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