Sony A7 vs A6000 impressions

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“Everybody i have in front of me here two cameras to review the sony alpha alpha 6000. Or a6000 and the sony alpha seven or a seven these are to these are two of the newest cameras that as sony s been offering right now a little disclaimer about this entry about this review. I m reviewing from a hobbyist perspective. So this is just someone who likes to take photos for fun and have nice quality images for those of you who are looking for more of a.

I guess professional photographers perspective you know you want to know what lens quality distortion things like that this probably isn t the the review. You re going to be looking for i m just going to be comparing these cameras and their kit lenses. So what you get out of the box. Not any add ons or things like that a little bit of background about myself.

I ve been i ve had a dslr for about seven years and they were both canon. I rarely ever use those cameras. I found i found it was kind of a little bit big and a little bit bulky. Especially.

When the weight was a little heavy especially just for taking casual pictures. So i didn t really take it out a lot i mostly kept it at home and you know it just wasn t portable enough for me so i left it at home. And what i ended up taking out more was a point shoot camera. I also avoided.

Sony s cameras for quite a while just because when i mirrorless was still in its developmental stages. So there was some problems with challenges with getting good autofocus. Other challenges that i found where i didn t quite like sony s nex menu system it looked more like a point and shoot menu and i found it it wasn t the most intuitive or easy to navigate. But i happened to so what brought me here i happened to just be in the mall.

One day and i saw the sony store and i thought hey you know what haven t been in the sony store for a while walked up to this you know i walked up to the camera area. I wanted to see you know what they had come up with i didn t know anything about the a6000. I didn t know when it was released or any anything like that i just picked up the camera. I ve tried to focus on something.

And i tried to take a picture and this is what ended up happening. I had no idea what just hit me for those of you that sound. There. That s the camera taking pictures sony s rated this as taking i believe 11 frames per second.

I was blown away when i took when i picked up the a6000. I had previously used hey a canon. I believe it was a 650 d. And that only has about four frames a second so when i picked this up.

I had no idea. What was going on and i was very impressed with that the other thing that impressed me was that sony s menu had changed from any x menu to something that was more similar to to a traditional dslr menu. Something that you would find with a canon or nikon. And and i really like that so.

Let me talk a little bit here about the a6000 well. I ve already been talking about it. But let me talk about a little bit more. I actually really like this camera.


I think that you know it s great it s portable there s electronic viewfinder here so for those of you who don t like to stare at your who don t like to just look at the the screen here to take your pictures to get your image. You can also look in the electronic viewfinder. I think this is small i love how small and portable. It is if you look at the lens.

Just the kit lens here it collapses back into itself. And you can fit this quite easily into any bag that you have and just pull this out whenever you need to i love you know the one thing that you need to know about this this is a crop sensor camera. It s aps c sized image sensor and for those of you who are wondering image. Sensor is is actually what records.

The image in front of you here. So. The alpha 7 has a larger image sensor. Which means that it can pick up more light in low light situations.

Whereas this one s slightly smaller so it doesn t it s not able to pick up as much light. That s a very quick overview there s many more details to that i find it you know i think. This is really portable and i love that the electronic viewfinder is off on the side here unlike. The the a7.

Which hasn t mounted on the top. So this makes it very kind of compact design. You know the dimensions you can just slide it in and out of a pocket really easily the sony alpha 7. Here on the other hand is a little bit it s a larger camera.

It s a little bit heavier. And that s just due to the materials. Used in the design of the body. This has a little more plastic.

And this has a little bit more metal in it i believe. It s a aluminum or something like that both have a really great solid grip that you can pick up the camera with and you don t feel like you re going to drop. It at all with the sony alpha 7. Everything you know the button layout is very similar it s if you re if you bought this and then you wanted to transition over to this you re not going to you re not going to the learning.

Curve isn t going to be too high the menus are very similar everything s very similar the biggest difference being that this is aimed more at a professional photographer. So it s more expensive so this is a seven hundred and fifty dollars the a6000 and the alpha. 7 with the kit lens is about 1800. Pretty big pretty big price difference.

There. And that s mainly due to the chip that you find inside the a7. It s a larger chip. It s equivalent to the 35 millimeter format.

So what does that mean that means that in low lighting situations. Because this chip is a larger chip the image the image sensor is larger. It means it can absorb more light which i ll switch translate in translates into a better quality image in low light situations. Now.


It s not saying that the image quality on the a6000 is bad in low light situations. It just means that this one you know the a7 can pick up slightly slightly more detail and more light. So you get a better quality image. Now if you took the a6000 and you put a faster lens.

On it something you know something with like a. 14. Aperture 18. Aperture you can get some really good images in low light.

But as i said before this is just a review with the kit lens. Let s talk about some similarities between these cameras. They like i said they re they re both around the actually like i said earlier. They both have a nice strong grip to hold on to it s rubber.

So you re not going to drop this they re both actually what i m surprised about it is if you just feel the a7 on its own you feel like it s a larger camera and you feel like the a6000 is a smaller camera. But when you put them side to side they re actually roughly about the same height and the same width. And i found that it s actually the electronic viewfinder that makes this the a7 feel that much larger. It s about 5 centimeters protrudes about 5 6.

Centimeters off the top of the camera. So i actually really like the electronic viewfinder on the a6000. It s really compact. They ve put it in a nice little corner of the camera.

It doesn t need to be here. I think that sony really put it there just because this camera is in that more of i would say the the professional group or people who are who are you know they use their dslrs for professional purposes for wedding photography. Things like that and i think that they put that the electronic viewfinder here to make it an easier transition for them to come from dslr to mirrorless daytime pictures between these two cameras you you probably wouldn t be able to tell much of a difference. If annie just using the kit lens they both take extremely good pictures they re excellent in daytime because there s plenty of light they both have wi fi capabilities and they both have app capability so you just download something from the android store and you re able to transfer pictures from both cameras onto your phone or you re able to take pictures from your phone well look wirelessly control your camera through your phone.

Which is really great as well. I think you ll be happy with either camera. If you re looking at daytime pictures. The difference is i d say that differences in price first of all let s talk about that the a6000 750 dollars and the a7 is like i said 1800 1800.

So there s quite a big difference in in the prices there one thing. I found quite strange about the a6000 is that the battery drains even when the camera isn t on so i had it about 80 one day. I came back two days later and it was down to about 40. I might have a defective unit or or the a6000 is just you know somehow eating battery when it s in standby mode.

Not sure what s going on there i thought that was a little bit strange. I haven t noticed anything really with the a7. It i believe it has a slightly larger battery. But they re actually the they re supposed to be the same size battery for both cameras but i think this is this is like 950 milliamps where this is 1000.

Milliamps so it s just you know 50 milliamp difference and it shouldn t really make a big difference. But i ve been able to take a lot more pictures on the a7 than i have on the a6000 which i find kind of strange. Let s talk about low light. Pictures low light situations.


Both cameras take very good pictures again. But like i said. The a7 has a larger image sensor. Which means it cannot it can absorb more light.

Which means your images are going to have a little bit better detail. And the the colors are going to pop a little bit more than they do on the a6000. The other difference. I notice here would be that the a7 for those of you who like to take videos you just turn this off.

The a7 has a microphone jack. Whereas. A sit microphone jack. Whereas.

The a6000 doesn t so. If you re into taking videos. And you want to make movies. Things like that and you want a microphone.

You re probably going to want the a7 because it has that feature as a6000 doesn t the a6000 you ll just have to settle for using the the on camera. Mic or you ll have to get the microphone accessory with which fits in here to the hotshoe and that s going to cost you more money and it s going to make the camera bigger. So who s this for i think when you re trying to decide. Which cameras for you first thing you should decide on is what subject you re going to be shooting.

So i ll use myself in it as an exam well i m i m typically just going to be shooting. Taking pictures of pets of my family of my friends and a lot of this like i said is indoors. And a lot of time you know if you re in a restaurant or you re indoors. You re not going to have the same amount of lighting.

As you wouldn t daytime and that s where i think the the a7 comes in here. Because it s got a larger sensor. It s going to take better pictures. And that s what i need the other thing.

You should consider here is price. So if you have a price limit you don t really want to be paying more than 1000. For a body which is reasonable because how quickly they come up with new bodies these days. The bodies of these cameras will depreciate.

Very quickly the a6000. I think at 750 dollars is a really good bang for your buck. If you re just going for portability. This is great you re not that consider if you re going for portability.

You re not that concerned about low light images you re going to be taking pictures in the daytime mostly this is great because like i said you can put this in your you can put this in your bag or your pocket. If you have a really big pocket and take this with you anywhere da7 with the kit lens like you can see it protrudes. Quite a bit here so it s a pretty big camera. You wouldn t be putting this in your pocket.


Unless you re going to take the lens. You re going to take the lens off all the time. But you know both are very small they re both the same weight de7 a little bit heavier. You know that would be to me that would be the deciding factor there if you re going to buy the a6000 and you want to take better low light images you could buy an additional lens.

So you could swap out the kit lens in you know buy good prime lens. Something with a fast aperture and you could probably get some really good images in low light. And that would probably be the best way to save save money and switch up the kit lens as well other than that you know like i said they take great pictures in the daytime and i think that whatever camera you choose i think that you ll be very happy with both of them oh one other thing to mention here is that in terms of low light. I find that when i m indoors in low light situations.

I think that the a7 is more accurate in focusing on the image subject on the subject than the a6000. Which is kind of interesting because the a6000 is supposed to have a newer and faster autofocus system. Sony. Says that the a6000 has the fastest autofocus system of any mirrorless camera.

Now the interesting thing is in low light. I find that the a6000 hunts a bit 4 before it can focus and by hunting. I mean you know it takes some time for it to focus on the subject. Whereas.

The a7 is a slightly faster in the daytime. They they both focus on a subject in about the same amount of time the a6000. I believe is slightly faster. But not noticeably faster not to me anyways.

I d have to actually put them beside each other and press. The focus before i see difference. This is a little bit faster. But not not a huge difference.

But in low light. This focus is faster and this is definitely a difference and i believe that differences due to in my opinion. I think it s because a 7 has a larger sensor so it s more able to absorb light and focus quicker on the subject. But again like i said you ll be happy with either camera that you choose i m happy with both of these cameras.

I was going for portability. But then i kind of regrouped and i thought about what i ll be taking images of and i ll be taking images in low light. So i think i m going to be keeping the a7 and selling or returning the a6000. But like i said.

It s a similar body size if you can deal with a larger lens. And you don t mind paying a little bit more money. I think the a7 is a great camera as well ok. That s been the review feel free to ask me any questions.

I ll respond as soon as possible and thanks for your ” ..

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