Sony MDR-1000x vs Sony WH-1000Xm2

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“One s. 1000x versus. The 1000 x mark. I ve been for quite a.

While while i ve been after the best in terms of sound quality. The best in of durability and build and the best in terms of features when it comes to wireless bluetooth noise cancelling headsets i ve been through the bose qc25 wired the bose qc25 wireless. That parodies x2 and also the sennheiser momentum s wireless and i will have to say that by far the sony s 1000x from 2016 is by far my favorite wireless noise canceling headphones ever the difference between the 1000 x. And the 1000 x mar is in some cases marginal in some other cases very drastic.

I will get into more detail now but overall if you use android you will get the best you will you will squeeze every juice of performance from either of these doesn t matter. Because you have better codecs and also for some reason. The android system is i don t know friendly or bluetooth. I believe you know in the iphone.

You only have access to the aac codec and also the src codec. You know you re very limited. The bluetooth connection with the iphone never impressed me. But when my g6 lg g.

6. And soon to be the lg g v. 30. You know i can rest assure that i can get every bit of performance from either the 1000 x.

Or the mark. 2. Why i will get into why later when i speak about the codex..


The audio codecs to come with android with my phone basically. But anyways let s talk about the build quality. The build quality you know is plastic with saw you know what a metal band around here is hard to say in distinguish them apart from one another the mark to steel just a tiny bit more comfortable to me. I don t know if his confirmation bias.

Because i just got the headphone yesterday but in terms of build quality. I can t really tell the difference so to me they re the same in terms of design. They are physically understandable from one another with the exception of the mark to the leather cup. Here has a little bit of texture.

But that s the only difference. If you held both of them your hands like they are there you can t really tell the difference you know in terms of design so identical. I ll give her the same in terms of sound quality and sound reproduction. Again the same they re using the a b ones.

Drivers one points one point 57 inch drivers voice coils so you have a very big dynamic driver there and it s the same one for the 1000x from what i read sony took the a b ones. Which are an amazing wired cans from sony from about three years ago. And they took that big dynamic driver and drop it on both of these so they are amazing sound quality. Some reproduction on both of these is a plus you know high resolution audio.

You know high five level the lows are amazing you have a lot of base you have decent amount of base. But not overbearing the maids are there and present clean and the highest you know are also present it s a very balanced headphone. It s not to basie. It s not too bright it s like as close to the middle.

As you can get so if high fidelity is your thing when it comes to wireless north canceling either of these would do it they re pretty much identical so for sound quality. I will say the same now extra features this is where the two of them start to become a part the 1000x. You know you have noise canceling have different preset..


You have a button here that you can configure for voice. Everything and then like you know if the train conductor or someone announced makes an announcement. You can put your your hand over the right right. Here.

Cup and who kind of dim. Everything and reverse the microphone. So you hear what the announcer or the other person is saying to you they both have it. But i will get as to why this one is better in that regard so in terms of features this guy here the mark two wins.

It by a mile. Why because you have everything that you have on the one thousand tanks in addition to a smartphone application which takes it or not further you can you know configure this around setting sounds around surround sound setting on your headphones via the app. It has this tricky artificial intelligence. Algorithm that can basically guess whether you are inside your house outside and traffic or inside.

You know of a train or a bus and it can optimize the noise canceling level to feed the need of that that environment so in terms of features because of the application for your smart phone the m to win it so extra features m2 codec like i was saying if you happen to use android for you know listening to music podcasting and all that anything in terms of audio. You will squeeze every bit of performance if you re using an android phone like such as you know the note eight the galaxy s. Seven and eight the lg v 20. V.

30 g6g fives you know the androids have an advantage in terms of not being a closed open or rating system that they re open. So you know if you have multiple. You know you have access to a variety of codecs such as src. Which is a very low bit rate in very compressed codec.

You also have aptx in addition to the noon aptx. Which is a ptx hd. Which is double the bitrate of the regular hdx you have access to that on android..


You do not have access to that in the air phone on android or eo. Which is you know being released gradually on current phones you have access to sony s high end. Wireless kodak called el deck now el deck is you know i read online. That i can transmit up to 900 kilobits per second aptx.

Hd can transmit 572 kilobits per second. More or less. So el deck is higher in terms of transmission bits per second. But ll dac na ptx are available on android.

So you will get you have you have access to both of those codecs on the m dot 2 m. Sorry. M2 stem are tools the 1000 x. Only support aptx.

Src and aac. So you have way more codecs on the m dot. 2. M2.

Sorry pricing. The m tools are cheaper. There 50. Lower brand new.

They brought down the price of the 1000 x. But honestly spend the extra 50 or 75. And get the m tools..


You know the world. They re very well worth the upgrade in my opinion. Because of the sense engine and also the android and ios app also on android. You have access to nfc.

So you can take your phone and just put it on the left ear cup and no connected and sync. It up. If your phone is unlocked and open with your phone. Unlocked and open just tap.

The left ear cup with the nfc chip face in the air cup and it will automatically turn on the headset and connected you don t have to go into settings and bluetooth and click on anything we just turn it on and connect your headset so another plus for using this these two headphones with the android operating system. But to cut the video short now i m almost 10 minutes in you can t go wrong with idea of these they re both amazing. There s some great plenty of features noise canceling is top notch like nothing out there they completely demolished. Quite a column for 35 25.

Physiques to the parrot zieks in terms of noise. Canceling sound quality is a plus. The best out there in my opinion. When it comes to wireless headphones.

So go out there and pick them up. They re amazing and price is right and regardless if you use android or iphone. You can t go wrong with these so enjoy ” ..


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