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“Everyone you re watching newegg tv. I m jennifer and i am very pleased to to say that i am going to be giving you an unboxing and overview of new playstation. 4. From sony.

Okay now the first thing you might notice about this unboxing. Is this box has already been opened in a perfect world. I would have been given an untouched brand new ready sealed playstation. 4.

But unfortunately this thing had to make its rounds around newegg first and then it came to me so we re all going to pretend like it s christmas morning. And like that tape is still sealed so here we go busting it open okay. The first thing. We see on top is the new dualshock.

4. Controller. I will be going into great detail on this in just a moment. So let s set it aside whoo.

It s so pretty okay underneath. That we have a power cord simple power cord. That s interesting no power brick. This time playstation okay again we re going to movie magic pretend like that was still sealed.

Here s our safety guide. And also a couple quick start guides this one in english. And then some special offers from playstation. 4.

Playstation gamers. There s some codes in here. I can t show you but upon first purchasing your playstation. 4.

You re going to get 30 days of playstation plus 30 days of music unlimited and ten dollars to the playstation store. I can t show you the other side because that s where the codes are anyway take my word for it you get some free goodies. There okay what else do we hmm hdmi cable. Thank you very much sony.

I was very upset when i got my playstation. 3. Originally. And it did not have one of these now there are no rca cables just an hdmi cable much appreciated.

There also we have the usb to micro usb. Charging cable for the controller..

So. But that is and additionally. We get the earbud microphone for the controller which i will demonstrate for you in just a little bit. But this plugs into your controller to allow you to have interaction.

During live gameplay. So let s set all of this aside and then get on to the real magic. Here. It is done tintin.

I m so excited just trying to be gentle all right how is this bagged. Let s say beg beg. No rat. We wrap okay there it is playstation all right let s take a look now at just the physical specs of the playstation.

4 weighing. In at a just over 6 pounds and also so we can just see how large. It is we have a length at the longest point of 11 and a half inches height at the tallest point of 2 inches. Nearly dead.

Even and a width of tenon. Let s call it three quarter inches. So almost a square on that i appreciate that playstation or that sony rather has given most of this matte finish one of the most troubling things for the playstation. 3.

Was that it had this super staticky high gloss finish. Which they still put on some of it that attracted fingerprints and all the dust. This thing has been out of the box 30 seconds. Now maybe.

And it has already attracted all of the dust on the desk to it so i appreciate that sony has gone back and refined this design considerably making it mat making it easier to keep clean easier to keep dust free. I appreciate that a lot it s a nice flat surface all surfaces on it actually are quite flat. It gives it a more edgy a storable just very contemporary look. Whereas.

The playstation. 3 in its first generation was much rounder and kind of harder to configure as an entertainer device. Which is what they really intended for these gaming machines is to make them your entire home entertainment system and the playstation. 3.

Was a little difficult to configure into a cabinet. Whereas. The playstation. 4 will fit quite nicely any way you want to put it you can lay it flat like this or there is an optional stand.

Which will stand it up on end and actually make it very attractive standing as well okay. Let s lay it back down and move on to some more of the internal specs before i get into the ports and things like that i want to tell you what s inside so..

This has a single print chip processor that combines an eight core x86. 64 amd jaguar cpu with a 18. Teraflop gpu that s based also on the amd radeon technology. I also read just recently that it is incorporating the amd true sound audio.

So this thing is going to look great and sound great. While your gaming. While you re playing movies. It has the blu ray disc drive in it you know all that good stuff anyway.

Moving on with some more specs okay so we have eight gigs of gddr5 ram and a 500 gigabyte mechanical hard drive now you can open it up and change out the hard drive in this and sony is being very kind to modders in saying that we will not void your warranty. If you choose to upgrade your hard disk drive. So i say that s game on open invitation slap an ssd in there do what you got to do very very cool. There also you know you can read up on it some more.

I think that what they re offering gamers for more recent games to trade in for next generation games on some titles like a sat. The newest assassins created things like that is very good you can upgrade for just ten dollars if you bought it for the playstation 3. You can download it onto playstation 4 all right so as i noted when i pulled out the power cord. Here is there seems to be a power brick missing.

But really they just decided to internalize the power supply. So that your cordage is you know a little bit more convenient easier to plug in and store. As well as you know evil eye. So you don t have a big brick to try to shove in the back your tv or carry around with you or whatever you re going to be doing with it okie dokie.

Now let s take a look at the external port so on the. Front we have the two usb 20. Ports for the controllers. Where you will be charging those and also you can probably insert extra storage media.

What have you alright so taking a look now at the ports in the back. We have a few extra things going on and a few things missing from our familiar playstations you may notice there is no longer a analog or auxiliary rca analog jack it s all digital now so we have a digital digital optical out here with a little flap there which is why i didn t recognize it too well so here s your hdmi port. We have ethernet and then this auxiliary is a proprietary one to sony this is for the optional playstation. 4.

Camera to plug in if you choose to get that accessory over here is where your power cable will go so. Here s a quick side by side. Comparison of our familiar. Old ps3 controller and the new ps4 controller in my left hand obviously is our ps4 controller and you can see right away that the ps or i m sorry ps3 ps4.

Sorry ps4 controller has a bit longer legs and it s a little bit taller which i kind of appreciate just because it seems like it s a better fit for people who maybe aren t 12 and for me. Though the ps3 controller kind of fits. Because i have really really tiny hands. And what that means is that my my thumb to index fingers.

Only four inches like it s really small. So the ps3 controller kind of fits..

But i do appreciate the new economic design of the ps4 controller. It has a very good weight to it it s very balanced. It s very comfortable to hold on to its not top heavy. Like the ps3 controllers or a little bit top word heavy and they would tend to slant down.

While you were playing them. But all of the ergonomics aside. Let s talk about the features because we do have some new ones here first up you may notice is the big kind of matte black square at the top now. What this is this is a capacitive two way touch kind of a mouse controller.

So you will be able to use this as a touchpad like you would on a laptop to scroll around and select things there maybe even some in game. Features you ll be able to use with that there s a speaker. Here this is our familiar wake up button and then down here. We have an extension port and then also a headphone port.

Which i showed you earlier so this will plug in right here. And allow you to participate in live gaming. Talk to your friends. And the microphone is here.

Obviously. If you are a gamer you may already have a microphone headset that would be you know better used to you than this. But this will get you going for sure and also takes up a lot less space. So let s move that aside and start looking at some of the other new features now here s our options button.

Which we you know used to have under the select key there you know if you look at the ps3 controller. So we have start select. And then this would be usually our options menus. So here.

This has a dedicated options button. And over here is this new little share button. Now what this does is allow you to share your last 15 minutes of recorded game time so. While you re playing along the ps4 is automatically recording 15 minutes of game time and then if you say get 12 kill shots in a row.

And you want to share that with somebody you can kind of slightly trim. The footage after you select share in the software. And then send that along to whomever you like so. That s pretty cool alright moving around to the back now.

Oh. I should also mention on the share features that the game developers are allowed to decide whether or not recording will be available on their games. So not every game is going to allow recording you know maybe to prevent you from sharing some spoilers and a storyline or things like that that they don t want broadcast it out so definitely check on that. But it is still neat feature to be able to share your your gameplay alright.

So here s this is an led indicator light that can tell you i ve heard. There s some features in games..

That it ll tell you like what your life is at or you know what level you re on by indicating lights. I think it s kind of in a difficult place to see for me. It s just useful to know if it s plugged into the charger that it is charging it ll light up kind of a yellowish white color. Now we have our r2 and r1 buttons.

And i think. It s funny. If you take a look at the playstation. 3.

Controller here. The one in the two are right side up only if you re facing it towards you like this you know you would never be looking at it that way whereas these have been intentionally printed upside down. So that when you glance down at it you can easily read oh oh i m looking at l2. I m looking at l1 and i feel silly saying this but sometimes i do have to look down to know.

Which side. I m looking at and i believe that is it that is all the new features on the new ps4 controller alright. Everyone well that wraps up this product overview of the new sony playstation. 4.

I hope you ve enjoyed this video. I do want to mention that if you live in the southern california area particularly around the city of industry. This will be on display available for you to play during our regular will call hours at our will call center. So come down check it out.

I heard a rumor that we are the only place where you can come play playstation. 4. Before you buy it so definitely come down check it out it s going to be on display indefinitely or until something happens or we move. I you know i don t know so for as long as newegg is operating out of that will call center in industry you can come play this playstation.

4. Yeah. Anyway i hope you enjoyed this unboxing and overview. I really enjoyed getting to have a first peek at it.

If you ve liked this video or found it informational. Please like it and subscribe to our various youtube channels. Until next time. I m jennifer and thank you for watching.

” ..

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