Sony PSP w/HDMI + Upscaling & anti-aliasing to HDTV

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“Guys metal jesus here now you guys know that ni m on a never ending ending quest to convert as many of nmy retro gaming consoles over to hdmi as well a funny thing happened recently two new devices landed in my lap that will help me do nthat for the sony psp. Now the first one is an hdmi cable by a company called levelhike and the other one is nthe brand new mclassic that does a bunch of post processing. Together. They do some namazing stuff for the psp.

When you connect it to your hd television let s take a look heavy metal music all right let s go ahead. And get started. This is my psp. Now i wanna remind people nthat models.

2000 3000 and go all support video out in this video. We re gonna primarily focus on the psp model 2000 nand 3000 and not the go because the go actually nrequires a psp. Go specific cable to get video out. And this is the plug that nyou see at the bottom here.

And it s a mix of audio nout as well as video out and then for years now nfans like me have been using these component cables that nyou can get right here now sony makes these nas well as third parties. This is actually a pelican brand. But you ll see that it s component cables and sometimes that can be kind of a pain to connect to a modern hd television. Because a lot of companies are nstarting to phase these out and that s what s great about levelhike when they first reached out to me.

And said that they re gonna have an nhdmi solution for the psp. I was like oh heck yeah nthis is exactly what i want and you ll notice that nit looks very similar to a pound cable. And it has the proprietary nplug that goes into your psp. And then it has that nlittle box right there.

And that little box requires power. So it does come with a micro usb power. And when you plug it in the nlittle light will come on letting you know that it s working and then on the psp nyou go into settings and you can turn on a connected display. One thing.

That s kinda nunique about this device is that notice how it says menu and game. There s a little switch right there. And that is because it s my understanding that the output of the npsp menu is different than the output of when nyou re playing a game. And so you use this little switch here to go back and forth and by the way this nfeature.

Here is really cool and i ll show you why when we nget to the gameplay footage. The other thing. I wanted nto do for this video is add into the mix this mclassic this is a plug and play graphics processor..


That basically upscales hdmi footage as well as adds a bunch nof filters and smoothing to the video quality here. It s designed for modern nconsoles as well as retro. So i thought it might be really ninteresting to check out and then for this video. I npicked a random assortment of psp games that i thought npeople might like to see running through this setup.

All right let s take a look the first game. We re gonna check out is a first person shooter by konami called what you re looking at here is the standard psp component cables. Now what s really interesting about this is that when you use those npsp component cables well the games themselves nare still rendered at the original resolution. And that is 480 by 272 resolution.

And then what it does is nit outputs that at 480p. But it still has the nblack bars around it here now for years fans like nme have just manually used the zoom on our tv remote to nartificially make that bigger it kinda sucks. But you know nthat s what you had to do and then here is the nsame game running through the levelhike hdmi cables nand those output at 720p and as you can see it s nfilling. The screen nicely you don t have to mess naround with your tv remote it just outputs to 720p and then your television.

Njust handles. That and you re probably noticing nthat. The levelhike cable is stretching the image slightly so it is stretching it to 16 by nine and that is by design. But let s go ahead and dig ninto that a little bit further here is that i probably talk about all the time.

I probably even talk about this too much. But this is the original ncomponent cables and of course. It is surrounded by the nblack bars right there. But let s go ahead and nartificially zoom that in like you would on your television remote primarily here.

So you can you see how the stretching is happening. So you can see that even with nthe original component cables. You would still have potentially bars on the left. And right nalthough.

Fairly small. But with the hdmi cables nthey re just stretching that out a bit metal jesus sighs. This is a judgment call that i think you have to decide if you like or not me personally actually i nthink that it s close enough that i don t really mind at all and you ll see that as we go along here that yes. It is stretching nit to fill the entire screen.

But i think that s just because the psp has that sort of odd aspect ratio originally when it s coming nfrom. The component cables and here is running through the hdmi cable nand. It looks pretty good..


But you can kinda tell that nit s a little bit stretched. Because if you look down on the radar in the left hand corner. That s not i guess ntechnically a perfect circle. But like i said i still nthink it s pretty acceptable and it s funny because i haven t nplayed this game in years.

But i remember when it nfirst came out on the psp and it was so mind blowing that a full was running on a handheld at the time it was amazing also i should mention that the audio is also coming through the nhdmi cable to your television. Now i would play a little bit of audio in would probably give me a nyoutube copyright claim in about three seconds flat. It s at this point in the nvideo that i wanna introduce the mcable classic to the mix here this is that graphics nprocessor that you can plug in and it will upscale the nhdmi footage to 1080p as well as do some things nlike post processing and smoothing and things like that this is and again this is running through the levelhike hdmi cable and then also through that mcable classic and i ve slowed. The footage down to about 70 of normal nspeed to try to help show kind of what it s doing so now.

This footage is running at 1080p into my elgato game capture. I think it looks pretty good it looks pretty close nto. A playstation 2 game don t you think rhythmic percussive music. But then here s the same game.

However i ve removed that nmclassic from the chain. So we re now down to 720p and nsome of the post processing and smoothing has been removed and again. I know it s fairly subtle. But trust me when you play these games with the mclassic mixed nin.

There with the hdmi and then you go back nyou can definitely tell here is a fantastic game. I nabsolutely love on the psp. Now i chose this level nbecause. There s a lot of shadow in here and also because it s snow.

There s definitely some contrast going on and with the hdmi cables. I think again it looks pretty good. I do think. It s definitely non the dark side as far as the blacks.

But you know not terrible at all and then here is the same level. But i ve put back in the nmclassic and have the smoothing so now we re outputting to 1080p and again. I know it s kind of hard to tell the difference on a youtube video. But the differences are subtle.

It s probably adding maybe n10 to the overall quality. The smoothing in it it s not a huge difference nbut. I do like it soldier moving sir ncontacts are moving gun firing mark one for wraith metal jesus i think this nfootage might illustrate the differences a little better so here is and we re gonna start off nwith the smoothing turned on and then we re gonna transition over to smoothing turned off yeah i think that there nis a noticeable difference and if we zoom in on the character..


I think it s very obvious so on the left you have smoothing and on the right. It s njust. The hdmi cable here is one of the mid level bosses. And you can compare.

The footage nside by side here. As well. Now. Let s go ahead and take na look at so.

This is the hdmi cable and i ve also put in front nof that the mclassic. So it s doing upscaling to n1080p as well as the smoothing dog barks and then here is the nhdmi cable. Just by itself very subtle differences again both of em are great solutions. But together they work really well announcer on the green go for a birdie metal jesus now let s ngo ahead and check out and this one i d expected nto.

See more of a difference. And there really isn t one. So here is the levelhike hdmi cable. And yeah.

It looks ngreat. Although be aware that this game. Definitely nhas some frame rate issues that has nothing to do with the cable. It s just that some psp games.

Actually run maybe under 30 frames. A nsecond. So just be aware and then here is the same game nwith. The mclassic plugged in and the upscaling and smoothing can you tell a difference uh not really in my opinion.

It could just be this level nand maybe how dark it is but yeah i mean i guess it doesn t hurt here is. But it also has the mclassic plugged in so it s upscaling to 1080p and nhas the smoothing turned on and i feel like actually benefits quite a bit from that extra little bit of horsepower. And then here is pretty nmuch. The same level same scene.

But without the mclassic and smoothing turned on again it looks and plays great. But it s just lacking that nlittle extra amount of polish to make it look like an actual ps2 game also levelhike let me nknow that they re looking into an issue. Where if nyou use their hdmi cable..


While your psp is plugged nin and being charged that you may run into some video issues now. Honestly i didn t nrun into that with mine so i m not sure what s going on there. But they wanted me to let you know that they re looking into the issue. And you shouldn t have any problems.

If you re just running noff of your battery. And i do wanna mention that switch that is on the top of the hdmi device. What that does is adjust the zoom level depending on where you are on your psp. So if you are at the main nmenu.

You choose menu and that basically zooms nit out a little bit and then when you go into the game. You can zoom into game mode. And that basically fills the screen. And that s really nice because the psp is kind of weird like that but in all honesty.

I njust leave it in game mode and it plays fine. So you re probably wondering nhow much all this costs well the hdmi cables from nlevelhike will set you back 40. And then the mclassic is nselling for around 100. But keep in mind you don t nhave to use the mclassic.

I just thought it was actually na nice little seasoning on top of the video signal and the cool thing about the mclassic is you don t have to nuse it just for the psp. You could put it on the output of your playstation. 3. Your xbox 360.

Whatever has hdmi out it nwill actually work with including things like the nretrotink and so much more it s very versatile and you can use it in pretty much most of your game room. And i m gonna put links down nin the video description below so you can find out more ninformation about these if you wanna check em out. But as you can see i was pretty excited to get this solution for the psp. I love collecting for nthat.

Little handheld. It s so awesome all right guys thank you nvery much for watching. ” ..


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