SONY SHAKE X10 High Power Home Audio System

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“What s up everybody. It s your boy floss back again with another video and and today. We re gonna take a look at the sony shake x10 home audio now you can buy this from amazon. I ll throw the link up in the description.

The price 400 bucks. Now let s go through some of the features real quick sound pressure horn for bass you could feel enjoy higher quality bluetooth streaming with ld ac led speaker lights create a party atmosphere you got a guitar and a mic input dj effects let you put your own spin on tracks and this is compatible with the sony song pal app. Now this is bluetooth and it features nfc all right so let s unbox. This and see what you get inside alright.

So here s everything you get inside the box. The two big speakers. Now one thing. I forgot to mention.

It s a big giant box and weighs about 75 pounds alright. So you got your remote control fully functional you get some batteries for the remote here s your plug here s your antenna for your am. Fm radio. Here s your quick start guide your registration information and of course.

You use your books and alright. So now let s take a look at the main unit. The weight on this not so heavy. It is a plastic build but on the sides if you got any sony speakers.

You know this material already that plastic with a little little nice feel to it got your sony branding on the front. Here s your led light strip. Okay we can peel this sticker right off. I m gonna have to wipe that down a little residuals sony brand in now.

This is plastic. But it has an aluminum feel to it on the other side. More sony brandon let s take a look at the back now in the back here s your rca in and out. So you can add more speakers here s what you re gonna connect it with your extra speakers here s your party lights inputs this way you re gonna plug it in and you got a fan on the bottom.

You ve got four rubber stoppers now let s take a look at the top now. It is the most important part here s your nfc logo hi. So if you got an android phone that s how you re gonna pair it up here s your mic in and your guitar in so. If you want to do karaoke.

Plug your mic right in right here there s a make a base button you got your bluetooth pairing party lights and your light mode power button you got stop and play now. Here s your record usb..

Now you have a usb that doubles as a charging dock. So you can charge your phone or you could drop in a usb stick. Now here s your dj controller with all your different effects. So you got your function your isolator football fiesta sound field dj guitar this bins back and forth.

Now here s your focal. Fader and your mic echo. This also spins here s your station tuning up and down here s the eject button. Because this does have a cd player.

And there s your inter and party chain. Now this also has party chains so if you got any sony xb speakers. You could party chain them together with this for more sound. All right.

So. Let s take a look at the big speakers alright. So here s your two main speakers. And these actually aren t as big as they look in the picture.

Which is a good thing now for size comparison. Here s an iphone 8 plus. Now in the front of the speaker you got that same textured plastic material you got a metal speaker grille sony brandon sound pressure horn you got some plastic stoppers on the sides and on the top. There s all wooden speakers and on the back you got your rgb light and here s your speaker.

Cables real simple and straightforward all right so let s priorities on we re do a little sound test. And most importantly. We ll see how to rgb lights. Look alright.

So we got everything plugged in everything is all paired up so now let s test it out now as far as the setup process real simple on the back. There s only four wires. And they re labeled speaker. Left and right and light left and right just plug them into the corresponding slots.

Now one thing. I forgot to mention on the front. There is a display. Screen so let me zoom in.

Real. Quick you see it says floor..

Ccarter. So you got a fully functional display screen. Now the first thing you re going to want to do is download these two apps music center and fiesta bowl. Now music center used to be song town so once you click on that it s going to automatically connect to your speaker.

Now here s your different settings so i got my music library you can activate the fiesta bowl app right from this app cd usb fm tuner your audio in i heart radio music pandora s soundcloud and settings. Now once you go to settings. You got all your different sound settings. So you can activate your clear.

Audio. Plus. Your sound field. Megabass.

And your dj effects. Then you also got illumination. Now if you notice the lights are off so i ll turn on light mode. Let s put on our aqua turns on the lights.

Now i got to see the lights on the back of the speaker they look crazy wait till. I dim the lights and what else then you got your clock timer now let s check out the fiesta bowl app real quick now this is the same one from the so many xb speakers you got your dj control illumination and karaoke so from dj control let s hit drums you got your scratching you got your phaser. The rigging and you got your robot. So these are party speakers right here let s go back one.

More now you got illumination. So you could play with all the different lights. Change. The light settings right from your phone.

And you got your dj controls simple its straightforward now let me show you something about the back of the speaker s real quick. We ll put this in demo mode. Now once i put it in demo mode is just gonna go through all the different light settings. All right there we go check out the back of the speaker.

Now here s that rgb light and it looks crazy i so i m gonna dim. The lights and we ll play some music and we ll see how this sounds okay right now to speak us on powered off. But i got them in demo mode. So when you got the speakers in demo mode.

It s just going to go through all the rgb light patterns and this is cool to if you re waiting for your party to start maybe you re rolling up you re getting your drinks together you got some nice ambiance check this out now the whole back wall is lit up. These lights are super bright..

This looks crazy. Yeah. I know how i feel about rgb. This is it right here.

Let that rock for a second all right. So let s power these up and we ll do a little sound test. So i got the remote control will hit powered and it s automatically gonna reconnect bluetooth canadian alright so let me grab some music and voice prompts that s another nice little touch alright. So i m gonna start off with the volume on half and make a bass turned off then we ll go to max volume.

Will turn on mega bass. And we ll try out some of the dj effects. Now. This song is from my new mixtape called carter gang.

Let s go let s dim. The lights. I used everything else all right so you heard it for yourself for 400 bucks. This is a major win.

Nowadays ain t that big so they re not gonna take up that much space. So if you got a small dorm room a little backyard patio. A little basement situation these are gonna fit right in now you got the rgb lights. They look amazing you got all of the dj of thanks when you hit that mega bass button you re gonna feel the difference.

Y all. Know sony knows how to do it with the bass and you got all the controls and features from the app and the remote control. This is a steel right here these are party speakers now on the side. Note if you re looking for dolby.

Atmos if you re looking for 51. Surround sound. If you re looking for audiophile speakers. This ain t it these are party speakers.

These are made to have parties with and they re gonna get the job. Done now let s check out the mic real quick and we ll drop one more track like i said 400 bucks. This is a major win now it looks nice it sounds good it gets really loud and when you hit that mega bass button. You re gonna get that extra bass.

Now you got the remote control you got the dj effects that you could control from the app or from the unit. You got fm radio..

You can plug in a mic. And a guitar karaoke. This is an all around party setup. Anyway hit me up in the comments.

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