Sony SRS-XB30 vs JBL Charge 3 – Plus REVIEW

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“Everyone jimmy wynn gyms review room. I ve been reviewed on the xp 20 and and the xp 40 today we re wrapping it up with the xp 30 over past two years sony has been checking but what is new is bluetooth speakers have been testing on the channel. We ll see if this one lives up to the hype they xp 30. It s priced at one hundred and fifty dollars at the time of this video as always i ll place my affiliate links in the video description below click on my links.

And they ll give you the most updated prices in real time they never know when these things might go on sale so without further ado be sure to follow me on facebook. Twitter or instagram. Again. I m jimmy with jim s reviewer and i m here to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review go over the physical features first the xv 30.

And you might have guessed it falls into the mid tier speaker line up inserting. I ve tested all three the holy trinity. You can call it here the xv. 30 is identical in styling as the bigger xv 40.

There s that same durable front grille. There s a slightly smooth texture all around here and the front has the same led lights which i ll show later the only difference is that these speakers. Don t light up and then on the rear. You have the passive basic radiator.

One question you have to ask yourself to see if these sony speaker is right for you do you need a speaker. That s fully waterproof like speakers from jbl fugu and ue just name a few or is splash resistance from sony is just enough if you don t need waterproofing against you drops and spills into the pool or lake here. It s only xp. 30.

There s at least water resistance and from my testing. Here at the studio drenching. These things here all three sony speakers are holding up well looking at the buds up top. The xp 30 is a mirror image of the other two while still providing the same quality feel and press.

The far left toggles extra base on or off holding. It down does turn off the leds. If you would like and with the telephone icon holding that down will give you your battery information and that s fine imprisoned. Tapping it when not on a phone call brings up google assistant or siri the time is 5 pm.

And of course if there s an incoming phone call you can answer and use the speaker. Like a speakerphone with mine testing. The sony thirty. It s clear doesn t give off that bathroom echo effect or reverb and standing five feet away.


My voice is still very much audible. Now. We re joined to the buns pause play by i m up and down. But right in that middle just like jbl connect ue party up this add button allows you to pair to sony.

Xb speakers and have them offer stereo separation. Which i highly recommend or you can pair up to 10 speakers and have them all play at the same time. Whether you can pair up to a hundred speakers just like the competition here. But 10 is truly enough for most people and with my test.

Syncing worked and during playback. 99 of the time. The signal was clear and clean and once in a while i would hear the speakers cut out though for about a second or two and that s what the speakers in the same room pretty odd phenomena now for those who own more than one these speakers let us know in the comment section. Below.

If you had a similar issue or not hopefully you can help others that are thinking of buying two of these specifically to pair them now moving on nfc is offered. Which is seriously underrated. Here. Tap your nfc.

Enabled. Phone. And have these speakers. Sync.

Nearly. Instantly rotate into the. Rear. Behind the flap is a 35.

Millimeter input. A usb port to use the speaker. Like a power bank to charge your other devices or phone and dead smack in the middle is the ac wall adapter. Port oddly the speaker doesn t use usb 20.

Or usb type c or recharge. You ll need a supplied wall plug if you ever travel. It is proprietary so keep that in mind touching based on battery life. Sony s climbing up to 24 hours of use 4 hours more than he charged 3 and way more than what you eat offers with my testing.


I perform on every speaker. Living at 50 volume playing it from full to dead. I was able to get 14 hours and 52 minutes. And that s what extra base time and the leds.

And i believe most people will use extra base since that s the only way that the sony speaker would sound competitive on the market in my. Opinion. Oh before. I forget.

Here. Sony is using bluetooth 42. Testing wireless range having to signal go through a wall and a storage cabinets. I was able to achieve about 60 meter feet with my samsung si plus that i recently cracked a screen with it last.

Probably. One of the biggest reasons. Why you would buy this speaker over the others are the led lights they fade. In and out.

There s a little mini strobe light that pulsates to the music etc. And i d like to actually look really good. I can see this in dorm rooms. If you re having some late night.

Jamming session and the lights are dim. It s surely. A conversation starter for sure if you have two of these laying around they look pretty legit to accent the mood. If you download the app fiesta bowl and song tale you get the same amount of settings as you do would be bigger xp for tea.

Giving you the ability to change them to colors. And then have them fade to different styles. Now they could use some more options here to be honest or at least a customization mode for us to play around with. But what is available is way more than what other speakers are offering at the moment.

So to the opponent. You ve been waiting for here. I ll play several songs for you to hear i might as well throw the jbl charge. Three for comparison and try to help you make that purchase decision.


Again be sure to follow my social media. When you get a chance and help support my work by following your mommy ellen come back to me. I want to be below the chain. Rounded.

Where your fans on fishes are tilting. I want neither man before you go. But i ask it separated fast and burn is all i ever known go and there you have it folks audio recorded on my end and then played through your speakers are not the best depiction of audio quality. But hence.

My review here first up and this is always hit or miss. Some say it s a placebo effects. But with my time testing audio. You have some speakers or headphones.

They respond better to a break in period. Better than others when i first played the xp. 30. The bass was a bit strong and it was noticeable that they were spilling over into the mid range after the first hour man did the xp 30 sound better consistently comparing to the jbl charge.

3. The sony is slightly louder and offers slightly more bass. It s not a huge leap. But if you had them side by side you can tell there s a slight difference now for a mid tier speaker.

It s punchy and offers a bass boosted sound signature. It s not deep and resonating. But comparing to the many other 150 to 200 competitors out there. The xp 30.

Has some of the most the mid range. One first tested it sounded recessed. But after about that hour again mid range was as ford and bright as the charge. 3 and at times louder and more pronounced any charge.

3. Though keep in mind i still love my jbl speakers and i m confident many of you still do of course. It s still a great speaker and they perform very very. Close with each other as for the high notes.


Nothing. Tinging was experienced called an ear ringing or listening fatigue. However. I do wish that there was a bit more detail or better resolution and it s happened at full violin as for soundstage bluetooth speakers.

Always struggle in this area. However. The xp 30. Does very good for a bluetooth speaker.

Better than most out there and inches out the jpoa charge. 3. By a hair as well so in the end into summarize. The jbl charge.

3. At times. Sounds clearer as there is just ever so slightly lesser amount of bass. But most of the time for the average consumer.

I believe what jordy of you will enjoy the bass your experience in more for and colorful sound coming from the sony jbl. More so than fugu. Better than these smaller boats revolve the both revolve. Plus.

Well that was a very good speaker. But the sony did better than the ue boom hands down now in the end. If you need a more rugged build waterproof something that you want to take somewhat of a beating for peace of mind. The competitors are there for sure the charge three.

I would say offers both great audio and the aforementioned ruggedness. But if you solely are basing your decision an audio at the 150 price range. The xp 30. Is the one i would highly recommend that you try first so that s it for this review here hopefully it helped you in some way be sure to like and subscribe.

If you haven t already done so. And if you can please be sure to follow my facebook twitter gain or instagram. I m jimmy with james river and i m here to help you make that purchase decision you guys take care and i ll see you on ” ..


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