Spectrum TV Choice: Full Review

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” s going on everybody here we are looking at the home theater hobbyist and this this week. We have review of streaming media service spectrum tv choice. So let s to it as many of you are aware. I have been trying out many different streaming media services including directv.

Now playstation view. Hulu sling tv fubo tv. And many many others you can check out those videos and the link above. But this week.

I decided to try out one from a cable provider called spectrum spectrum tv choice yes. A cable provider is actually doing their own streaming media service. So let s talk about how that actually went first of all let s talk about the. Package the plan starts at 20 199.

A month for two years no contracts and no cable boxes the package includes your local broadcast channels such as abc cbs nbc and fox you re allowed to choose 10 channels from 65 networks such as amc. Cnn disney. Espn. Hgtv and etc.

You can add premium channels. Such as hbo showtime stars for an additional three dollars per month per channel. The app is available in the amazon app store..


The apple app store google play store roku samsung smart tv and xbox one now let s talk about my experience sign up was actually really easy. But just a little bit weird. The first thing you do is you put your address in on their webpage and they check for availability in your area. Then you log into your account with your account credentials and you select the tv channels that you want from there.

You click there yes to their service. Agreement and the package should be complete for me this didn t happen exactly like that i went through selected channels. I wanted and the package did not complete it told me i needed to call customer service. I did that the customer service rep was fine she was really nice there was nothing wrong.

There the weird part happened at the end. She told. Me i would have to wait up to 24 hours for the app to actually work in my home. Which for me.

I thought was weird because whenever i ve signed up for other packages. One of the things that happens is you sign up and then you download the app and it works right at that moment you don t have to wait at any time or anything. Like that so that was a little bit weird well it was late at night. I tried it didn t work and so i was like well i ll just tried tomorrow and i tried the next day.

It worked fine so overall. It was a good signup process. But it was just a little bit weird that you have to wait up to 24 hours for the app to work in your home..


So. That s something to look out for the streaming quality was actually pretty good with this service. I did experience a little bit of buffering. But nothing egregious so it was on par with all the other streaming services.

That i ve tried the video quality was also very good as long as i had a solid connection. The quality was at least 720p. If not 1080p at all times. The audio quality was good as well.

I didn t have any issues with video and audio being out of sync or lipstick issues as it s known so that was also pretty good now one thing. I will say is most things came down into channels. So i didn t get a lot of multi channel sound. When watching anything.

But the audio quality was pretty good now let s talk about the pros of this particular service. The first thing is the local channel support you can watch your local news on abc nbc cbs fox that is great a lot of the streaming media. Services don t provide that the second thing is the price. 2199 most of the streaming services are higher than that so at 20.

199. That s actually a pretty good. Deal the third thing..


Goes along with the price you get that 20 199. For two years. No contract that s a really really good deal and the last thing. I would say is a very much good and pro about the service is they do give you the on demand library for their service.

So that s nice it gives you a little bit more to play with a little bit more you can watch now let s talk about the cons of this service. The first con is a major con to me. It has no dvr functionality for live tv. That means you cannot pause rewind fast forward why i m sorry.

But i ve gotten accustomed to having a dvr even if i can t fast forward. I can at least pause. Spektrum come on guys you have to add a dvr to this thing you have to it s it s a must the second kind in my mind is as of june 2018. When i m recording this video.

There is no support for amazon. Firetv. Apple tv or android tv. So you have to have a roku box or something else to use this particular service.

If you have a tablet you can watch it on your tablet. Something like that but you can t actually watch it on these other services that we ve all become accustomed to that s a pretty major con in my opinion. The last con that i found and this is more of a personal thing is just some of the channels that you can actually pick from the package..


They don t have enough sports channels in my opinion. That s not really gonna affect a whole lot of people so as with all services check the channels before you buy to make sure that they have the channels that you watch overall. This is a pretty good service you get a chance to watch your local channels. Watch your local news.

The price is very good. The only big drawback is that lack of dvr functionality. If you don t have a dvr you won t notice. But if you ve had a dvr or if you re using a dvr now you re gonna notice so watch out for that thank you guys for watching please like subscribe.

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Below. We ll talk to you next time. ” ..


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