Speed Testing Seagate Backup Plus Drives: is a 5TB disk slower than a 2TB disk?

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” ve just taken delivery of a seagate backup plus. Five terabyte usb hard disk and and i already have a two terabyte version now i know what you re thinking one is faster. Let s find out let s open it up and see what we ve got small drive massive storage. That s what it says on the side actually five terabytes is massive storage.

It s almost inconceivable to think of having a usb two and a half inch drive with five terabytes of space on it so the first thing. I noticed is that the five terabyte version is a lot thicker than the two terabyte version and this time i ve gone for a rather. Pleasing red color because of course racing red is faster that s a faster color isn t it so in the box. We have a usb type a to type the three point naught cable.

Which i m going to be using on my macbook pro. Obviously..

I m gonna have to use a usb type a to type c adapter for the test. And what i thought i d do is i d run black magic disk speed test with a one gigabyte loaded and i ll run it five times and i ll take the peak performance for both read and write. And i ll take the average performance over those five runs as well to test the speed of the drive. So i ll do that with the older two terabyte version and also my new five terabyte version and we ll see if there s any difference now this doesn t really make any sense.

But in my head. I m thinking that a bigger drive will always be slower than a smaller drive. I don t know why i think that way i don t have any particular reason other than you know bigger heavier equals slower and maybe that s the way my mind is thinking so i saw the look and we ll see if there is a difference. So the results are in the two terabyte drive scored a peak of a hundred and twenty six point one megabytes per second on right and one hundred and twenty three point one megabytes per second on read.

The average across the five runs was a hundred and twenty three point zero six on right and one hundred and twenty two point seven eight on read pretty much what you d expect for an external usb hard disk. I guess the five terabyte drive now that scored a peak of a hundred and forty two point six on right and one hundred and forty one point eight on read in its average..

One hundred and thirty nine point four six and a hundred and thirty nine point four four. So. The answer is a bigger drive is faster with a caveat to that and that is of course. The two terabyte drive.

I m using has been around for a few years and i ve been using it so it s probably degrading in its performance. Anyway. It certainly isn t the case that the bigger drive is slower like i might have thought now when doing the test. I m doing this test on a macbook pro.

So i m having to use a dongle of course. Thank you..

Apple and i was using the type a to type b usb 30. Cable. But i also have a type c to type b usb cable. I know what you re thinking you re thinking is that gonna be faster no no it s not so if you think you re gonna get a performance upgrade by buying one of these cables.

Then sorry you re going to be disappointed. However. This is much better than having to carry around a an adapter with you all the time and amazon sell these really cheaply. So well worth investing in those so with this kind of performance.

What are you going to be able to use your usb hard disks for well the five terabyte version. Certainly scored high enough to be able to edit 4k content in either 25 or 30 frames per second..

But i wouldn t advise it i think you re right on the limit of the hard drives performance. And you re probably gonna have a miserable experience if on the other hand you re editing footage in hd. You should be able to edit at 50 frames or 60 frames per second in pro res 42. On one of these drives now as you might be able to edit video with these drives.

I personally wouldn t recommend it i would go with an external ssd. I like to use these samsung t5 drives as working drives and then i ll back up onto these external drives that gives me a good portable solution. So i hope you found this video useful. And if you did please consider hitting the subscribe button.

I ll see you again ” ..

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