Sphero – Star Wars BB-8 – Review and Run

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“Everybody it s flying right here with the review of the star wars bb. 8. 8. From sphero and now this is probably the coolest star wars rc that came recently.

I was hugely popular sold out pretty much everywhere right away. I ve been asked to review. The regular sphero for a long time. So.

This was a great excuse to finally get one. It s basically a remote controlled ball. I mean. The regular sphero is just a ball like this it it s all sealed.

So i can t show you the insides. But it basically you know it has like a counterweight so it s heavy on the bottom. And then that rolls around and the you know inside the balls. But it so it just looks like the ball is moving around and then this head here magnetizes onto the top of that.

But it s a really you know strong magnetic hole. I mean it stays on there quite well and then it also has little wheels here on the head. So you know it rolls on the outside nice and easy so the head actually stays pretty well centered as it moves. It doesn t you know move off center.

Too much it does a little bit especially. If you know you move fast and stop it ll wobble a little bit. But you know as you steady movement. The head stays pretty nice and centered on the top which just looks really cool.

It s it s all smartphone controlled it s a bluetooth connection so you you connect to it with your smartphone via bluetooth. And then there s a app you use and it s a really nice app. There s a lot of options you know you can make this thing go patrol on its own and it ll kind of notice. If it gets hung up and it ll move around and there s like all this telemetry in it it tells you you know when it got hung up and all this kind of stuff.

And now you can make it you can like make it say. Yes and no it i like move its head and stuff like that and it makes sounds. But only through the app. The the you know rc itself doesn t actually admit sound.

But it will make sounds through the app like you know what it says. Yes and no and all this stuff. And you know if it s patrolling. It gets hung up it makes a little like kind of angry sounds and stuff so it s kind of cool.

Gives it a little bit of a personality in this little bass station. That it s sitting in is actually the charger as well it s just kind of a conductive charger. Whatever doesn t actually plug in anything you just set the rc on there and it ll charge. But you do have to connect a usb cable to it it comes with the usb cable.

But you know you ll plug that in a computer or power supply or whatever so there is a cable coming off of this but the sphero itself doesn t actually connect via any plugs or anything so. That s pretty cool it takes about three hours and 15 minutes to charge. So a pretty long charge time. However you get about an hour of runtime.

So a long long runtime for you know such a small thing. So that s pretty cool. The control takes a little bit of learning like there s there s a bit of a learning curve to it there s like a blue light inside of this that you control with one side of the app. And so you can move you can see the blue light inside move around inside.

And so you line the blue light up so it faces you and that s the back so now whenever you move on the right stick. It s going to move the opposite direction of that blue and the controls are always relative to you so even if it turns around and it s coming back to you you move down on the app..

So it s not like a regular rc where forward is always forward relative to what it s facing. The controls are always relative to you so kind of like headless mode in a quadcopter. I guess and so you kind of got to get used to that and you got to get used to you know how much input to give to getting in a good controlled move. It s not super fast.

I guess they have slowed it down. Quite a bit from the regular sphero just because if it went too fast. This head wouldn t be able to keep up with it very well and then there s also a slider in the app. Where you can adjust the speed so you can dial it down.

Even more and the slower it goes the more realistic it looks because head can really keep up with it so you know there s a little bit of a challenge getting a feel to how to move it around. But you know after like three or four times trying it i ve gotten pretty good at it so it s not too hard. But don t expect to be great with it right out of the box. The little wheels here can gather hair.

So you know even you know if you re you know driving on smooth surface. You know the body will just kind of pick up little hairs and stuff and then they ll get in those wheels and the gears. So you ll want to kind of keep an eye on those make sure that you know you keep those keep those all clear of hair. Because you don t think it clogged up.

Then the heads not going to stay in place. As well one thing. I didn t like is that there is no there is no battery gauge on the app. So you really have no idea how much life is left in this thing.

And when you know you ve got an hour long runtime that may take you you know four or five six different times. Using this so you really have no idea when the battery s about to die. Which isn t that huge a deal it s not like you re gonna crash. It or something because of that but you know it s just it kind of leaves.

You guessing you know what kind of run time. You ve got left. Oh. Let s see is there anything else to say about this one the little antenna here or they seemed a little bit fragile and they kind of they ve got some bend tomb.

But i would i would worry a little bit about those if you dropped it or you know i don t know set something on it you may end up breaking those antenna off so you ll want to be a little bit careful with those i guess i can show the packaging a little bit the the box is just really nice kind of reminds me of like apple computer packaging. So this top slides off here oops kind of messed it up a little bit. But then it just has this door that opens up and then there s just kind of a card in there. It s got some you know quick information about how to charge it and then you ve got a nice foam insert so the sphero s fits in there.

And the charging station on the bottom. And then this little box here in the bottom is where the usb cable is stored so really nice box. You know definitely reusable to store and transfer or transport. Your bb.

8. In there. So you ll definitely want to keep that box around. But yeah.

I guess that s about all there is to say about it so we ll go ahead and take it for a drive around the kitchen. Oh i did want to say too that you know a oh you know wood floors are a little bit slippery for it so can actually like especially. If you try to make a fast turn it can actually kind of slide out of control. So a little bit of a grippy surface like my kitchen floor is perfect like a linoleum tile.

Where it s smooth. But still has a little bit of grip to it is the best surface this can run on a little bit of carpet like really short carpet. However sometimes it doesn t want to get started like it doesn t have the torque to get moving. But once it gets going if you maybe if you have to give it a little push or something it will run on carpet pretty decently.

But it s you know again. It s got to be really short carpets..

Yeah. That s all there s a say about it and so i ll show off the app. More as i m actually you know running in stuff. So you ll see what the interface looks like and more of the features there so let s go check that out alright.

This is the run review of the sphero star wars bb. 8. Probably the coolest and best of the star wars are sees that were all recently released go ahead and start it up we launch the app. And what d it do it s a little intro here you need to have bluetooth on it will automatically connect with bluetooth.

There we go so you don t have to do anything to sync up bluetooth. It ll just connect on its own and just need to make sure bluetooth is on on your device. So lots to show with this one you can like send it out on an automatic patrol. This is pretty cool.

It does messages. I ll show these off first it does like a holographic message. So uses the camera and then projects a hologram you can actually kind of move. The camera around and it stays projecting off of bb.

8. That s pretty cool you can record your own messages. If you want let s see. What r2 has to say.

Oh really okay r2. Let s see. What is this was this guy had to say for us. Oh you aren t sorry.

That s pretty cool. And you can record your own messages with the you know front facing camera. But we ll go ahead and just drive now the controls on this are a little bit strange so to start this this right thing here. When you rotate.

It there s a blue led inside the droid. I don t know if you can see that on camera. But you want to have that blue led facing you and that designates the back of bb. 8.

So now when i press up on this left stick. He s gonna move opposite of where that blue dot was and now the the control is always relative to me so when i move down he s gonna move forward towards me. So a little bit a little bit confusing to try to get used to but once you get a feel for it. It is quite controllable you see as head stays really nice and in place where it s supposed to and you can also change the speed.

I ve got to turn down pretty as slow as it can go right now just to make it easier to control in the small area and show it off. But yeah. I mean once you get a feel for it. It s actually quite controllable and then it has some automatic commands.

If you press this button on the right you can me like it keeps listening. So you can it can it ll shake its head. No no shake its head yes. See it up showed up on camera.

Then this one s like panic you just kind of freaks out. And then you can swipe right on that there s a few other moves. There s like a moving task. Where you can do a figure.

8. Here..

Let s have them do the figure. 8. Oh. You ran out of room.

Let s get them out in the middle of the room. Here and try that again figure. 8. Not bad all right so let s go back to normal me controlling it and there is open.

I m gonna move the button and in the bottom right here. This thing is like a speed buttons. They just like does a little burst of speed real quick. But then it also has voice command.

So i can say like come. In bb. 8. Come in bb.

8. Now. It s listening. How do you feel looks.

Like that was kind of okay. It s a trap that ll just make him run away kind of funny. Oh you knocked his head off. He got so out of control.

So. That s kind of cool. You can just do some. Voice commands um go explore and he ll kind of look around on his own and he ll notice when he runs into stuff and kind of maps.

The place out look around know look around there. He goes. Oh no not back there. Yeah.

There yeah. There s probably too many nooks and crannies in here to have them try that let s just go back to normal control. All right just do manual control. So it s pretty cool and once you get a feel for how to control it especially if you keep it kind of slow like you can just give little inputs and you can go slow.

You don t have to go full speed. It is proportional and so if you kind of just make slow movements as head stays pretty nice and straight. It does kind of shake around and stuff. It s not super smooth movement.

But it looks pretty convincing pretty cool oop turn way going upside down try to get down a little bit lower. So get a look closer view of them. Okay bb. 8.

It s a trap. That s my favorite. One just to watch them run away all right go back to manual control. So.

Yeah. When you can say..

Come in bb. 8. Or. Okay bb.

8. And then it ll bring up the listening. And then you can see all your different commands that you can tell it right here. Oh.

I thought i said go explore right back to manual control and you can turn off that voice recognition if it keeps accidentally triggering like it is while i m talking you can just turn it off so it doesn t happen at all. But yeah. I think i think i ve showed all there is there s quite a few options with pretty cool pretty fun little toy. And that s that s low speed here let me yeah or no.

I wasn t quite all the way down a little bit up here let s do full speed. Let s see what happens the thing. I m bring them back towards me. So we ve got some room so not a huge difference in speed.

But pretty pretty fast a little bit slower than the normal spiros. I guess from what i hear because the you know to keep that head on there it can t move too fast so they ve got it slowed down a little bit. But that s you know pretty decent speed for what it is whoa whoa freaking out see i like to keep it a little bit slower. It s definitely more manageable on slow speeds and looks more realistic alright well.

I think that was it so i ll go ahead and wrap. It up there. That s the sphero bb. 8.

From star wars pretty cool. I think. It is you know the coolest and you know most functional best working of all the new star wars. Rc.

So this is definitely one to pick up if you re a fan all right well check the video description for price and purchase link. I thank you for watching. And i ll see you next time ng out i ll probably do you re fine. But you know what not a bad place to start this d50 300 from the akan.

I used to have addy 3100. Which is the smaller range the 3400. I think is latest out there right now also fantastic. I mean i had great fun with 3100 traveling around columbia.

I think i went to marrakesh with it went to spain shot a whole bunch of stuff if you look on this channel. Actually there are sample images from the d. 32. 100.

So you know if i was able to squeeze out great images with those things you imagine what you can do with a bit of practice with this camera and of course maybe with a faster lens going forward thanks for watching subscribe leave a comment below. If you ve got some queries about these cameras let us know maybe some of the other people reading and commenting can reply to you too because this is just my opinion. And it s a huge topic. Frankly there s a lot of stuff out there we ve said it time and time again just get something that feels good to you get out there play practice practice practice and of course.

If you re local and you want lessons get in touch. They ll plug their ” ..

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