Spider-Man (MCU) VS Black Panther (MCU) BATTLE ARENA

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“Man look. I m not the type to really bitch. A whole lot about the the call duties or the game series in general because usually it s a bunch bullshit. It s always trash just more arcadey in the battlefield series.

Which i don t fucking care. I mean whatever people like what they like but i was a big call duty fan. But then i cops too came out oh no no no mana 1. For 3 mono for three starter.

With the shitty noob friendly bullshit. The defensive killstreaks and but i it was still okay right. But then black ops 2 came out and it started the whole futuristic bullshit the lag compensation bullshit. But i can hit detection bullshit.

I know everybody loves that fucking game. But let s be honest that has some of the new friendliness shit ever and then it started releasing it started a whole trend of futuristic new for me. But a whole lot of cod games here like for the girls to play. And the kids to play.

But then they said hey let s make a boots on the ground game. Again. I m thinking fuck. Yeah.

Fuck yeah. You know. It s been like since modern warfare. 3.

The release of that since i ever bought. I ll call duty game with my money yeah so i bought this with my money. I m thinking about time we get back to our roots of boy fucking boots on the ground call of duty ever made if this game wasn t broken this game would be better than world of war. The original it would be it would be but it s not in fact.

It s worse than a lot of call of duty s fucking shit. Now. I m there s so much i could rant about but imma just send a link in the description to a video that a guy made he pretty much explains everything that i hate about this game. But i m just telling you a short handed version first off it s got only nine maps.

Nine mats in their boat. They re like all small and shitty and they re all made for headglitching except for one map with its called. I don t remember. But it has a bunch of fucking trains in the snowy.

You know it s so shitty. It s just made for snipers and the snipes. The snipers on this fucking game dude. They are so overpowered as fuck.


You don t even have to get hit directly in the body of one you ll die in fact people are so comfortable with using snipers they rushed with them like they re fucking assault rifles g. Like what the fuck yo. This is trash in the hit detection and the lag compensation is ridiculous. Sometimes the hit markers stack.

Where it feels secure and a fucking destiny braid. Where the boss is just eating up your fucking bullets and shit cuz. It s pretty much everybody on here or they hit the hit markers excuse me the hit markers will not even be there or and they re supposed to be there it s retarded. It s just either way you re gonna be losing a shit ton of gunfights bullshit bullshit.

The game is completely broken or sometimes the enemy will see you when you do not see them even. Though like you re directly in front of each other like you just what do you call them delays. Yeah delays just whatever you want to fucking call. It there s a lot of those too and i ll show you i m not fucking talking on my ass like here s the quid.

The fuck down over here there we go and then they get me when i m around the corner. There s clips of weird wing. I shoot first so when they she pulls out to kill him. But he unloads a whole clip and between one of my bullets.

See will keep gonna load a whole clip back bag like what the fuck am. I playing the destiny. Raid. Was just a final boss or something like this nigga should be dead all them fucking exes boy got more x s in them in the fucking weekend nigga fuck.

We re a too fuckin good these killers. Where are my hip markers. No. I ll shoot this guy.

First. And then between my first bullet. He unloads a whole clip super fast and on his screen. I look retarded don t even.

Though i shoot first and believe me i have so much more clips of this bullshit. So much i mean the hit detection. Even effects. The bayonets and sometimes it affects.

The fighter pilots it can just affect really anything it s just crazy. I m afraid to even shoot somebody off guard without dying like like i m just speechless. It s just a broken game. And part of the problem is people not admitting that it s broken.

I m out though r run faster than cars. Even jump from exploded cars and run along walls for a short time. The child is also one of the greatest fighters in the entire mcu being able to battle against captain america. The winter soldier in kill monger as well as easily defeat the likes of hawkeye and kill hundreds of outriders in the battle of conda and the attack on the avengers facility.


He s a black panther suit is also designed to absorb and redistribute kinetic energy as the armors nanites can absorb kinetic energy. Multiple sources then send out energy pulse with the energy that stored up just absorbing multiple bullets said to create an explosion capable of decimating a car and panthers even cleared a pulse blast. I offered to absolutely floor call obsidian the suit is also capable of regenerating inner destroy pieces the armor and it comes equipped with trackable vibranium claws. What you capable of probably into steel cutting through ha cars bo and even scratching the surface a patent america shield.

So who wins well let s break it down now let me tell you ever since they were both introduced back in civil war. Spider man and black panther have become to my absolute favorite heroes in the whole mcu. They re what gives me hope for this next. Stage of the mcu as move on of an iron man and captain america.

But on a different note actually very close when it comes to a fight. Either one is capable of taking down the other of peter and charlotte come out on top. So who would actually win these two ever came to blows well day that s we re gonna find out and first things first it s all about strength and physicality. I just ran out the gate.

I think spider man is really undersold when it comes to strength especially later on and movies like in the game. And far from home well i get back actually i m pretty consistent throughout the entire mcu and at a high shrink level people just like to try and understand civil war he ever see caught winter soldiers armed overpowered him proven he s much strong with the mcu super soldiers it was simply caught a car and a dead stop. I was moving 40 miles per hour also rot jamin for punch in homecoming. He s a book kick through four inch ballistic glass broke through steel doors simple it s a pretty massive piece debris that he was trapped under he set up an elevator from collapsing at the washington monument lifted and thrown cars.

Even you ve got the grip strength to hold onto jets and planes as they re flying probably most impressively though spider man managed to hold up staten island ferry. Together his was splitting apart and sinking and those fairies can weigh in the range of two thousand three thousand tons. Now obviously peter wasn t holding all that weight now i m all of saying that peters able lived several thousand tons and i remain helped out a lot too now she was and actually was the one who saved the ship. But still insanely impressive in infinity.

War. She was stubble blow from co op city and cold. He threw a coracle obsidian and even staggered stannis of his punches and in a game. It will stop co.

Op sitting again and pull him back then too far from home. It was the back or about a hundred feet into the air with one hand also managed to hold up part of a bell tower for a good solid minute like i said spider man is impressively strong and is definitely strong the black panther. However that s not to say that panther isn t too strong he s right up there marvel s ultimate soldier captain america actually proven this by kicking capped sending him backwards kicking bucky and sending him flying and i feel were powering his banach arm. He stowed it a car in order to force it to make a sharp turn put a tire out on a moving vehicle.

Even brought on a multi ton rider to the ground just through sheer strength and force alone about durability well in that panther suit. Durability is definitely a whole lot more even even outside of a suit. The chara is still been unfazed up punches on winter soldiers bionic arm and vincent fly from a large explosion. But it s really a suit that i want to hone in on he s taking it from a rhino that sent him flying away in dirt incredibly long falls.

Credibly hard landings alongside kill monger. The suit is completely bulletproof bull. Looking just stand. Still in front of gunfire.

They both take point link. Rene blasts on multiple occasions. He s taking a punch from thanos and survived maccabi actually hurt his hand just by striking the armor. See a black panther is insanely durable.


However. A house in this argument. Put forward that black panther isn t just incredibly durable. The daddy s actually invincible and i want to try and put that to bed.

Yes anther is durable in his suit. The even in his suit. He s been phasing a grenade launcher blast face being sent flying by that rhino was actually straight up knocked out by thanos cs black panther is durable. But yes spider man wills to be able to injure him even through the suit.

So let s flip. The script how durable spider man well let me tell you peter can definitely take some attacks he s one tough kid. He s taken multiple punches from the shocker. These punches were powered off to send him flung.

Oh luther a school bus. Didn t flip another bus over he s been tossed around by call obsidian. Someone who was on par with the hulkbuster armor. Even taking attacks from thanos and was tempted to ground so hard that it cracked unlike panther he didn t pass out he s had buildings crashed on all the way around him taking massive awesome whip in the sky not an airplane crash and that far from home even straight up got run over by speeding train.

And didn t die in fact. He s actually able to quickly recover and pull himself up or at least quickly in regards. He just got hit by a train then finally last. But definitely not least talk about speed and agility.

This is the area where peter just takes a massive advantage. It used to be a whole lot closer better the more recent movies especially far from home spider man is definitely coming to his own that s the most agile care to the mcu. Now all that is him to say that a child isn t agile and maneuverable in fact he s fastened above captain america and winter soldier has evaded aircraft fire dodged hawkeye s arrows immundus straight up caught clint s arrows out of the air he s managed to flank. It enemy out them knowing despite.

I m just appeared right in front of him only a short while beforehand after launching himself up in the air. She was able just gracefully backflip onto sherry s car neither being blown off a vehicle responded by literally running alongside walls. Yeah. The chawla is definitely no slouch.

But with that being said can t could be a pete this is pretty much spider man s bread and butter being fast and being agile he s doctor taksim falcon vulture scarlet witch winter soldier and star lord and it far from home simple dodge automatic gunfire from countless drones coming in from all over the place all at once in short spider man is either the most agile character in the whole mcu. It s awesome expert navigating around using these webs just critter boost his speed and agility. They just made all the more impressive when you include his spider sense ores. Peter tingle on that peter is still fairly new with this power.

He s yummy he s quite school of it it s incredibly well developed. I mean he was able to use it to seat their illusions and take down ten and fifteen drones of his eyes closed even on a point blank bullard that he couldn t see coming. He was able to trust any of his other senses at that moment either just the spider sense. He s also expert at navigating around heejun s webs that is glitter boo to speed and agility so spider man takes the edge essentially every single category.

Only one clothes would be durable. Now what might actually have to go to panther albert. It s not just a physical fight also take a look at their other powers and skills now black panther is a highly trained fighter actually one of the most skilled fighters in the world. He s proving this but being able to battle it scouts in america with your soldier and kill monger.


As well as easy to feed. The likes of hawkeye and killed hundreds of outriders during the battle of conda and he attack on the avengers facility. His that brainy implausible shred through basically any metal like a knife through hot butter against scratched up captain america s my burnham shield and his new suit panther actually like bringing him claws on his feet to do something that spider man doesn t even know about it won t expect and they just suit energy poses. The black panther suit is designed to absorb it redistribute kinetic energy as the armors nanites can.

Absorb kinetic energy from multiple sources. Then send out an energy pulse. The energy that s stored up panthers. Even clear a post bus powerful enough.

The absolutely floor call obsidian on the other hand spider man s is physicality and a spotter sense. But also good web shooters. He s very accurate his webbing. He s got rapid fire mode phaser webs ricochet webs and one up grenades.

But they re not really gonna help spider man out too much and putting black went down because it charlotte can so easily cut through them. Realistically they re just gonna be there to help. Peter webb. All around and dr.

Tax. Then finally peters is intelligence to fall back upon. He critters. Eleven fluid web shooters.

Which even impressed tony stark. He s a simple calculator to hack his way out of one of the secure facilities on the east coast understands complex physics and the fundamentals of the multiverse theory and both tony stark and quentin back to bona fide geniuses were impressed or marked on just how intelligent pete is spider man is also quite skilled at a fight as he was the one that came out plans to take down both giant man and ebony mall. Who have stark even deferring to peter to come up a plan to defeat them all so de who s come out on top here. Well.

I think a large part of this fight hinges upon spider man s fight against captain america and iron man later telling peter that cap is actually trying he would have won people are decent example to this day. So that super soldiers in the mcu can beat spider man. I just don t buy it spider man hasn t grown in advanced. So much since then it was literally his first superhero fight ever and he s now physically several leagues above any super soldier.

Even black panther i mean just far from home established that black panthers gonna have a real hard time even lending a finger on spider man he s stronger a little bit injured at all through the suit. He s durable to take panthers energy. Blast. An experience to hero and cider to not allow black panthers.

Clear technical skill to get the better of him here loccent and black panther will never win a fight those claws are extremely dangerous. And he is the better fighter. I m just saying that spider man is no longer that same kid who was beaten by captain america. He s grown.

He s advanced those are powerful now and it s coming out on top here spider man wins. But what do y all. Think i would love to your thoughts sound off in the comments down below also be sure that like button subscribing tour notifications with a fan co army and i ” ..


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