Spoiler Alert! RuPaul s Drag Race S10 Ep4 John Polly s Extra Lap Recap “Last Ball on Earth”

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“The bomb you look like an ass do it thank you and thank season 10 10 cause. We were getting it 90 minute episodes. Many challenges rue doing walkthroughs emotions. The work room and a big old ball with penis so much but enjoy because the world is coming to an end.

But if you can keep your cool. The results will be out of this world before we blast off this lovely creature has something to say about drunk on hey guys. It s jeffrey boyer chapman. I m gonna be a rupaul s drag con this may 11th 12th and 13th 2018 at the la convention center.

You can get your tickets at rupaul s drag con com. Come say hi. Come meet me give me a hug take a selfie. I m really friendly let s go because i m john paul ii and this is extra life recap rupaul s drag race season ten episode four right before we start today s scripture lesson is from the book a fat kid get get cow.

The bible says that what s done in the dark will be brought to light mother darling. The bible says mother darling. The lights on i live also damn gina tisha campbell martin is everything hello beautiful and i want to be looking browning in my next life mm hmm okay into the world bombs are dropping many challenges aren t happening. Which means this perfect.

The art of the celebrity photo bomb. Oh okay. Yep girl. We learn new words whoo swatch up is that yeah.

That s her vagina. I mean i liked i m not saying. I m a gold digger by oop there it is hey sean morales. I didn t recognize you with your clothes off you can t just leave the food food.


Oh. It s the last supper cuz. The world is coming to an end so you need to serve three lurks or summer beasts dragged for alaskan winter and the snow bunny winter drug for miami summer. Realness getting it now and then third mark martian.

Eleganza extravaganza. Yes. Mars attacks cuz. It s eclectic acts in soda queens.

Look they get to work. And we learn the asia as a real solid tone. Country songs were queens. Like kennedy davenport or alyssa.

Edwards. Lettuce. Nigh. Dolly parton.

Did stitch. Bitch and aquaria is a little written some girls in the workroom chose to read books. I chose to turn look let s see if you could do it one more time. Okay okay.

Some girls in the workroom try it there sam. Andrew boots are monet where her mouth is you re always pumping a pussycat wig. I still never do big hair. But i do know the kitty wig let s get into it oh about blueberry blueberry sleeve.


Al reason. Not very. Well known. Nephew.

Oh. Okay. I can t wait for the red of nancy drew theories on this one. My makeup has never looked better i m guessing that s not even rude.

I m thinking. It s his cousin wayne up from san diego. Because ruby got she had a dental cleaning. That day.

Oh baby queens on mars don t have faces yes work you know to cut you off. But to cut you off my god yeah. This rest this restaurant this restaurant. This episode had 33 different runway looks workshop last winter.

Vilas beach burn. I have my monet can t we have some water her hair s thirsty babe. Oh. I m totally fangirling kind of like a space ghost jan did lucha libre.

But pony cart in the shape of water melons. No that s a luau fish are only seven pages were these next step miami s our realness looks like a whore easter just blew in she s got yeti davis eyes oh. It s jackie frost. Okay.


She reminds me of my aunt antarctica. Oh. My god don t eat. Yellow snow or green or pink.

Let s have a ski key. Hey. Penelope pitstop get cold hearted mars needs women moan. A zag astronaut.

Me. She s where mars bars. On her phone. Oh wow.

Lightning in a body. What s a jetpacking. Oh. I mean at least you could just wipe this one right down.

She s working all plasticky things i don t know i try her cut. Oh. I m so glad that s over i was waiting that welcome ladies based on your three ball lurks three balls hey. There s repeating three balls.

Listen i ve heard of guys have one but three cell phone. This is the dawning the age of aquarius trakula since you are the winner of this week s challenge. I am. Harmony and understanding sympathy and trust abounding.


Until they all start fighting again. And this week s lip sync. Personally. I was something for barbra.

Streisand s cover of bowie s life on mars. Which billy called the troche as wanna. Say no but nicki minaj pounds. The alarm and dusty and monet pound.

The stage. Dusty ray gives it but mone loves it and then we get the best death drop that never was that was my favorite thing in a long time monet. You slay orbs are slinging and slamming. She s gassing it up and passing it down that is what we call a lip synch for your life.

Which means a sashay away miss bottoms la. I just hope i didn t disappoint as if you re a punk rock dog who above it all has chops so miss dusty dusty bottoms you re the tops keep your eye out or keep your bottom out. I don t know you don t tell me twice. Yes.

I m an outer space. My body is flying through space to moon to mars to make it out with boys and cars. I just made it up ” ..


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