Sprint CDMA/LTE or Automatic???

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“It s your boy john reset. 32. Okay we re gonna settle something once and and for all everybody got this question if you re on sprint should you be the cdma or should you be on automatic. So we re gonna settle this okay i got the modal ii on lte cdma okay and i got i got the note on automatic alright let s let s go there.

They re both on lte. Let s do the speed test. They both got nothing on and it gets out of you. Oh yeah.


There you go alright. So here we go to make sure we re on the same server ok chicago spread chicago spreads boo yeah lte versus automatic here we go oh my god so this is gonna settle it once and for all guys you better have your phone on automatic no have your phone. I m lte. Gotta have i know the notes a little more powerful then then the moto e.

4. But that s not even closer and try one more time they re on the same server. Don t forget. This is lt.


Cdma. That s automatic last time same server well look at that now holy look at now not a look at that alright. We re gonna have to do it one more time for the last seeker. This is an argument everyone has some people say if you live in the us.

Just leave it on lcc ma. But if you travel it automatic alright here we go again guys same server. They re tied up one in one this is the last test holy kebab see. But it s losing it and this one s going up wow i guess you know my wife always said leave it on lte cdma with c i mean this is lifeproof rice maybe that s what you have to do if you live in america.


But look but look at that but look at the f logo. Alright last time last test so far it s two to one for lte cdma over automatic on sprint. Wow now let s see upload now this ain t no scientific test by no means uh huh this i believe calls more questions than access but look at the ping. No the ping is lower.

But look at the upload the phone comes on automatic. My suggestion to you guys leave it on automatic si automatic does good speeds to man. But lt. Cdma is winning it ah si si yeah.


No leave it on automatic because look at the ping look at the upload well it s up to you guys you guys see it for yourself. I say leave it on automatic because then if you put it on lte cdma. You re gonna be wasting more battery because it s only looking for 3g 4g towers this one if and whatever tower could find lll go so sorry video went a little long just a genre set 32. Leave your phone on automatic.

If you re on ” ..

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