Sprint will try to charge you even if you send their device back.

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“And welcome today. We are sending a foam back to sprint. I ve heard a a lot of stories where they say that it s broken or missing or not item that should have been simpad and this is why i m recording this this is my iphone 10. It is in pristine condition as you can see no breaks scrapes cracks or anything i had to ask for a return package.

And i received three of them. I received this little box. Which is torn already..


I m going to have to fix that before i even send it back my some instructions on how to send it back this came in this little red envelope. Then they went ahead and set me two of these which are simply just a bag. We are not using those each of them came with a return slip. Because why am i going to send my iphone which they re going to try to charge me for anyway in a plastic bag.

Which is going to cause it to be broken. Anyway not going to do that we are going to use this box that they ve provided why they sent three of them. But two of them or a plastic bag one with a box..


So we re gonna fix this box right now there we go that should do that okay putting the box. Together. There s the box. You actually have to assemble your own boxes send this back.

That s crazy pick inside of the box. Now we re not just gonna drop this in a box and send it back that s silly because go get broke and that s what they want we want put it into this nifty. Little plastic over wrap bag and then we re going to wrap it again put it in there i pulled this little piece out because and i like the way he s being set it in there..


So that s better there it s in there. It s in there here in there hold it hold it again in the box. There there we go trust the shoes. Yes don t trust print.

Now we re going to seal this up and then send it back well before i seal this up. I want to put a note in there saying that i videotaped this whole process sealing of the box just to show you that there was no trickery. We are putting this in your ceiling..


The box also in the box you re now going to seal. Very important step you don t anything could happen and sealed an extra seat here maybe yeah they seem ” ..

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