(Stage Shaker Karaoke Machine) “Unboxing”

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“Wouldn t know regular regular. Where that wasn t grayson right there all right so so i did decide that i m gonna go ahead. And do our boxing. I i have an idea what this might be because my karaoke due to this coronavirus stuff this you know me and the family don t really have much that we can do so.

But i ll go ahead and get us a karaoke machine you know pretty icy see what we got here say. It s the stage shaker rechargeable bluetooth speakers with wireless microphone comes with 810 watts peak power retractable mic extends up to up for all in one box. Solution. Built in battery.

Offers. Hours of content. Continual music playing wolfer..


It 8. Inch. Inputs bluetooth. One.

More. Let s see. What s in the box. Cuz.

That s what y all. Came. Let s actually take this down..


Well. Believe you need a background. All right see i m putting this right. See my love mashed up knife.

He says stop do not return this to the store well i don t plan on returning. It to the store hopefully. It does what it does so i like this is the span nice nice listing all right looks like it comes with the remote also and i thought this was pretty neat. I had to grab this because not only is it a karaoke machine.

But it s like basically a big old 8 inch. Something inside show you know what else that you can treat. It comes with a stand man..


No i mean a hand comes with a handle so when you re out on the go you know you can just drag. It behind you it s neat man got that and you got all of it you got your volume knob you got your mold. Guess the program. You know if you want to listen to music or i don t know i m not sure what never had this you got the previous button pause and play next button mike that s the mic button power button no your load right up so brings entertainment to the party you got your mic guitar volume input got your echo button.

So i guess you can add you to fix and it looks like a positive and negative input. I guess if you wanna plug an extra speaker or something like that aside looks like this is the little port with mic stand goes. It s got wheels of course. Oh you because you can drag it that s pretty neat mike do karaoke without a mic hey.

Mother takes batteries it takes two triple ladies that s pretty neat under the batteries came a lot of times they don t so here s also i see proof ac dc adapter when you put the michael i want to say this it nothing else so yeah didn t see his just like this is struck. What is there so i m pretty much look at their instruction to see how you use this bad baby. That s my first unboxing in it s been great man so hopefully..


Y all. Like the video man hit that thumbs up hit that like subscribe to your boy kevin great and the china is which i m doing two of them so never ending beats or you can go to great cinema films either or i ll make sure i put it up in the description. So you can see what i m talking about. But yeah.

Y all be blessed man and stay safe. Please. Stay safe. And that s it now ” .


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