star wars the clone wars season 1 to 5 blu ray box set

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“And yes welcome to another video. Now and today. I am going to be going going over the star wars. The clone wars.

The complete season one through five blu boxset now for those of you who watch this channel. Regularly you ll know i ve done a video on the normal star wars trilogy box step. Which looks like this so for those of you who are interested in this one. This is on my channel being such a big star wars fan of course.

I had to get this and this box that does not include the movie. Which i i do have here it does not have the lost missions. Which is basically season 6. I do have that dvd coming in i don t have it with me right now.

But it s on its way. Unfortunately is not available over here in the uk. So i have had to order that one from america. So it s going to be a while till that gets here.

But when it does get here. I might do a video on it so this is basically just before the full seasons. Which the clone wars managed to put out and i must say i m a big fan of the show. I have watched season 1 and season 2.

When it come out like clockwork. I watched each episode like literally 15 times. Unfortunately i m not as familiar with season 3 or 4. But i have seen them and i have not seen season 5 adults.

So there s you know a bit of everything in for me so anyway. Let s go over to box. So first of all here s the cover..


I really like the cover. I like seeing a so clear because she kind of is the main one of the series like seeing anakin. There. I think kenobi should have been on the cover and then down here.

We got darth sidious in the background which i like pre vizsla. Which is cool and then i die. I don t recall this character you know you see a lot of random bounty hunters who look like this but i don t think this is a main character in this generally as a background character so i m not 100. Sure why this guy s on the front.

I like seeing pre visible around the front. He looks cool doll. Serious look looks badass. You know a soaker.

She looks great there. And anakin. Just you know looking like a called yet. I guess so overall.

I just don t get why this guy s here then anyway um just go close up on it before you guys look at. Pg. Really nice. Detail actually i love the coloring and here s the spine.

Quite thick spine. This is going to stand out in shelf. So you got lucasfilm and then here is the back cover. So there s the back if you want to take a quick read of that it s all the discs.

Special features there you get a lot in there. And then here s some scenes. I i m going to take a guess and say a lot of these are from season five..


Because i have seen the traders two episodes from season five. So i know that scene and that scene from season five. So i m just going to take a guess and say they are as well so anyway. That s the box.

Now here s all the discs. Now i do all slide out individually. Now. I was actually looking at the collector s edition.

Whether to get this order collector s edition. But i didn t really like the design of the collectors edition. How the discs are all laid out inside. Which is why i decided to get this one because you get each case which i like you know a lot of people would say now the other ones bear and i get that but i personally prefer them like this so.

Anyway. Let s take a look disc. One here. It is there s the front cover.

We got commander cody on the cover back cover this. I remember this episode. This is when they had to infiltrate a new space station. Which general grievous had and it was quite heavily focused on r2d2 this episode.

But i love that back picture really cool there s the blurb to that episode. If you want to take a look and read it what s also cause you get all the episodes listed there disc. One we got come on captain rex disc two i m pretty sure that sir cody and then come on degree so let s season one so season 2 has master yoda on the front cover back cover. They re very heavily focused on bounty hunters.

This season. As you can tell that episode there is when a pre vizla kind of reveals himself as the villain. And he s kind of a bounty on so you got cad bane..


They re like my favorite bounty hunter in the star wars series and then or a sing over there and disks got all the episode information now. We ve got anakin skywalker on disc. One we got obi wan kenobi on this too and a so katana on disc three so series three we have anakin skywalker. They re really cool cover actually and then of course.

We ve got obi wan kenobi and anakin fighting dolph mauls brother. I forget his name now. But i can t think of it then we got captain rex chewbacca and obi wan kenobi. There then you open it up you get all the episodes listed there again you get one of the clones from the series who is not in the movies.

I forget his name though and we got darth maul s brother again if you can t remember his name and then we got ventress on disc free okay. So gannon said season four as darth maul. I wrote you know before this series come out i knew that darth maul survived the first film. So i was really pleased when they said they were going to bring them into it like the back picture.

They re all the episode information now we got some nice pictures down the bottom here and disc. One we got one of my favorite villains ever from any film general grievous. I love that guy ventress again and pre vizsla this boxset really does seem to like highlight in some characters which i feel shouldn t be highlighted over others like adventurous and pre vizsla figg. Some other characters should get some more attention obi wan kenobi.

They re really cool cover. Really cool back cover darth sidious fight in darth maul. And his brother. And see that we ve got another picture pre vizsla.

They re they really like showing him on these covers which i don t quite understand sir more important character sanne. I haven t seen season five so i don t have a clue who this guy is so i d like some pretty good with star wars. I know nearly every character so and we got soaked a ton of that so and this is character i need to get to know i guess and then again i just take this discount and see what you have sowed information there on the back so anyway. There we go there s the star wars.

The clone wars. The season 1 through. 5 blu ray boxset now as far as i m concerned..


I think. This is pretty much a nearly perfect box. The only complaint. I have is that this isn t this is made out of thin card would have been nice to see it made out of thick card you know some it it decreases.

The risk of you know bends and stuff in the box somewhere. However it s such a nice box. I m so happy with it i got a recommend nyx is brilliant. The tv series is just fantastic.

Sometimes i d rather watch these episodes over the prequels. I love the prequels you know i m not one of these haters of them. But sometimes i d rather watch. Some episodes of here over them which just shows how good this series is just this is to the people who are a bit cautious in this series.

Not sure whether they like it nor. The cartoon facts. It still has all the elements star wars. Has it will still show characters get killed off it has realistic storylines and the animation is just brilliant.

So this is a really good tv series. I love it i really recommend it anyway. Thank you very much for watching. Please like the video.

Subscribe. And yeah come back and watch another video soon. Because i should have the lost missions dvd. Coming up as well so anyway.

Thank you very much for ” ..

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