Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Walmart Exclusive 4K+2D Blu-ray Digipack Unboxing

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“For joining from the blu. Ray unboxing interpreted a walmart exclusive star wars the rise rise of skywalker that s gonna surreal cool wick and just seems to be one those hardcover was pretty nice first alright top of the j card. Just say only a walmart goes in a 4k disc blu ray disc and you do get just a download code you do have a little product shot here. But don t look at that up the top nothing and on the back.

There is a little read up about the movie. Because i m possibly on you can do that and then down here you do have your bonus extras. And you have your specifications there and then it still hold back on the j card. Let s take that off hopefully.


It doesn t destroy this alright. And here is the front. Do you have kylo ren right there and you do have like this little cardboard of the title. I do kind of like and it is like a hard cardboard.

It s not flimsy or anything on the spine. You get the title ultra hd. Blur at the top lucasfilm at the bottom same thing here and then on the back. You do have the millennium falcon and i believe this is magnetized.


And it is here you can hear that that s a nice feature so we ll pop that open and on the inside. You do have it s a bb. 8. And all them on there that s not too bad.

Nothing on the sides really except for you know space basically and then opening that up you do have your disk. There the other night saran and kylo run there as well and your digital download code you do have that there and open that open you have seen with the kylo ren and rey fight scene. There. But rigor.


You do have your 4k discs. And your blu ray discs and of course. You do have your bonus content. Right there.

And then behind those trays and then too much going on except for the one seen this around again. See see how that looks not that bad. I do like the little magnet clasp here that s really cool. I do like that a lot so.


If you guys do want to pick this up. We ll leave a link in the description down below for you remember like comment and subscribe let me comment down below let me know we re gonna pick up this walmart. Exclusive and if you guys are willing to pick up any of the other exclusives that we show today develop vacation button a cornerstone to date with our videos cuz. We re video is that soon and i ll catch you guys later ” .


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