Starbound Character Creation

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“Creation for starbound so many options so little time so first off you want to to be in the character selection screen and find an empty slot. Which says create click on that to get started. Now each species is unique and has several different customizations available. Here s an overview for each of those species now i will note.

There is a fantastic randomize button. If you want to have auto generated character presets. Which really shows off the breadth of customization options available to give you an idea. I ll be using it at the end of every species humans in regards to law humans are ordinary humans and not much is known about this race as of yet you can actively customize skin color hair style shirt style pants style and personality.

Which changes your stance through five different poses now they re identical across every race..

So i m just going to cover these once under color. Which either changes undergarments or doesn t work as it s in beta. Now. I know what you re thinking.

Why don t you just get them in the underwear. Well trust me. It was the first thing on my list. And it didn t work so moving forward hair color shirt color and pants color and the standard sex choices of male and female apply avian the avians are a bird like race that appear to have feathers and beaks.

But no wings..

They are highly religious and worship clerks to give the pronunciation the winged god of the aether you can actively customize the feather color plumage shirt pants personality big style fluff. Which is kind of a face type shirt color and pants color and they have standard sex choices of male and female as well apex. The apex are a playable race and starbound which resemble apes you can actively customize their fur color hair style shirt pants personality skin color beard style shirt color pants color and they have standard sex choices of male or female now florin florence are plant like beings that are known to be extremely hostile and tribal despite the deceptively peaceful appearance you can actively customize their skin color foliage or plant people hair i guess shirt pants personality leaf color flower color shirt color pants color and they re said to be unisex so they use a blue flower and red to represent pretty much male and female respectively. But officially unisex hi lodal.

The high level or an aquatic race and appear to have fins you can actively customize their skin color. The fins which replace hair the shirt style pants style personality belly color. Fin color shirt color and pants color. Now they have a standard sexes choice of male and female glitch.

The glitch were part of a program invented by an unknown race of enormous intelligence..

They were built as a means of simulating the social and technological progress of civilization you can actively customize their paint color head mod kind of a helmet changer which looks pretty awesome i mean look at this one it looks like that say my name is cindy. I am. A robot shut style pant style. That personality up ours lights color.

Which is for the face area. Which changes. The eyes and lights in the face detail color shirt collar and pants color. The glitch used the plug to represent male and the socket to represent female which is pretty smart now the customizations which were the same across every race was shirt pants personality shirt color and pants color after you finish customizing your character you can then name them.

Before creating your character..

There is an auto generated name in the box. Which like randomizing appearance. You can click the dice to get a randomly generated name then random names do appear to be linked to your species. Which is pretty cool now after you hit ok you ll be redirected back to your character selection screen.

Where you began and your character will appear so. That you can start your game. Thank you so much for watching feel free to like and subscribe to stay up to date with the latest wiki s how to s or to get the latest and greatest information straight from the wiki head on over to starbound gamepedia comm. Which is linked in the ” .


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