Stardew Valley 30 – House upgrade

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“Uh welcome everyone welcome back to star to valley. As i say every single episode episode um. So i ve got i do is that enough money. I can t if that s enough money.

I mean i like i m not totally certain anyway. Um. Let s check. The weather report um.

It s going to be beautiful sunny tomorrow and the fortune teller says. The spirits are very happy. Today that s good that s good for me um. I m gonna go ahead and snick some am fists out of one of my chests here.

Because you never know who you re going to run into. I also want a pepper on because i like giving the the peppers to luis. Because that makes him happy. I think that s everything okay let s go ahead.

And sell those off is that enough for an iridium rod. Oh. Yes. Thank god i have enough for it had me for a minute.

There okay. So let s go ahead and craft some bait all right there we go so we ve got an iridium rod with a yer on it i don t know. Which type like i hope that you can take the lerz off of it because i ve heard that what i ve got here is um. The right word to use if i check my um causes fish to escape slower.

When you aren t reeling them in so hopefully that ll help me some anyway. I ll just get to fishing here and hope that i can catch an octopus. Oh. My god i got it.

You know it s a pufferfish that and i go oh holy crap. That s a wow. This is great some good catch. Here jeez.

The i got a pufferfish accidentally come on give me an octopus. That s what i need an octopus octopi octupole loose. Oh nurse. Hey luis you re home how you doing wow how did i become mayor in the first place.

It s a long story. We re both too busy for stories right now. I suppose that s one thing you could say but i got a pepper for you wow. It s my favorite thank you go ahead and use it in your dinner.

There mayor lewis all right whoo whee um. Well so much for trying to track down marnie to give her some courts. Today that didn t work out. But at least there s a plenty of fish to be sold and whatnot.

I m gonna go ahead and head back to base and i ll see you guys tomorrow. Oh. My god holy crap everyone welcome back to stardew valley. Where i have moved up the world holy buzz.

Oh ho. Liebe moly geez. This has been a this has been a major upgrade ooh. I almost forgot i i got preserves out of a couple of my jars yesterday.

I completely forgot to fill them back up geez guys. This is freaking amazing. I love i love love love love love this so let s check. The weather report.

Very quickly here looks like it s gonna be stormy tomorrow also fortune teller uh. The spirits are in good humor. Today. I think i ll have a little extra luck.

I think we can open this geode and pick some stuff up from clint as well what can i craft. Oh my god sunfish bream and wheat flour for baked fish. That s so let s go let s a lot going into a meal for such some little result salad 113 energy leek. Dandelion and vinegar.

How the heck do i make. Vinegar. Omelet. 100 energy in 40 health.

Fried mushroom calm mushroom morel and oil huh. Oh. My god that reminds me. Of what s wrong.

With me. I haven t. Oh wow. Pepper poppers are really really good spicy breaded.

Peppers. Filled with cheese that that s a lot of energy that it gives for just a little bit of cheese and pepper wow um jeez 90 energy wheat flour and egg strange bun and this stuff is crazy amazing fish any seaweed rice any fish. Some seaweed and some rice. I think i can buy rice from the general store or something or i don t know cave carrot and winter root root splatter.

Oh dude. That s really useful that gives me le..

That gives you a lot of freaking energy. There s some crazy great stuff. Oh man. I m gonna have so much fun with this.

I m gonna need to rearrange my um. My preserve pots. Though and for that matter. I can ooh.

Hey. That reminds me. Oh. My god i m just running around ha ha.

I m just so excited. What what was i up to you re uh here. We go the painting that s what i wanted. I m gonna put.

This painting. Up. Right. There.

Yeah. Ah. There we go. So.

Um. Oh. I should probably stash. Some.

Other stuff. Here. And let s just do our chores for the day. And then i m gonna get out to clint s and whatnot and i m gonna try to find marni as well robyn has done a great job on improving this place.

Oh hey check it out it s leah leah leah. Hey. How you doing i got you something oh this is exactly what i wanted thank you uh. Yeah.

That s what i m talking about smooth stripe over here given the ladies. What they want salads alright anyway. I just realized that it is um. It is willie s birthday.

So i need to head iii. It s not good it s not fun. But unfortunately i have not um caught what i caught what willie wants so i m gonna have to hop back to base and grab. The alternative which i think is like a green bean or something.

I should have something like that stashed away crap okay. That was not what i wanted i meant to go into clint s place here before he closes. Hey clint you got that pickaxe for me yep sure enough we got a steel pickaxe. You received a steel pickaxe also clint.

I ve got a geode to process. Just one pack copper. Oh well and for that matter. I ve got something else for you here.

Topaz yes. This is exactly what i ve been looking for aha so there we go my business. With clint is concluded that being the case. Let s hop back into the museum since nobody s in the doorway now and donate this emerald alright.

So emerald donated. It and oh hey check it out its abigail again. Oh. Wait that i already give her everything.

I already gave her two gifts for the week haven t i yeah. I have okay never mind in that case. It s back to base. I ll go ahead and grab a green bean and i ll probably do just a wee bit of soul searching.

No i ll do a little bit of fishing up in the mountain lake in hopes of getting my hands on a sturgeon because this is the last season for me to get sturgeon this year. I believe which if that is the case not the best uh. What about the bulletin board ooh. There s a question on the bulletin board here looking to dissect a georgia cola please deliver to demetrius at 24 mountain road.

Oh. A look passed by you mmm in any case slay monsters ooh okay so we re gonna ditch the we re gonna ditch the quest to go fishing today and instead. We re gonna go and slay monsters in the mine. Because i have a limited amount of time to do that for the the wizard.

So it s gonna be a small run just a few slimes and actually i could probably avoid going to the mine and just go straight for the the hidden wood. All right asmodeus. The elementals are pleased with you with the job you dead haters. The payment is promised all right that s great roz bode us.

I got a frickin run over frickin bar and nope that i can find willy because i don t want to miss his birthday. I really don t want to miss his birthday. Oh willy don t go running off. On.

Me. Now..

Hmm. Oh. God. Oh.

God. Oh. God. Oh.

God. Oh. God the crickets. Are chirping.

This is not a good sign. Oh crap no willie s not at the bar. Oh thank god willy hey how you doing there are you some fish come and go with the seasons others only come out in the rain alright well don t you remembered my birthday. Thank you this is great alright poof.

Oh. God that was a close one that was a very close call oop. We okay so we got a fiddlehead fern and we ve also got this this aquamarine to donate to the community center so we re gonna head north and do that and then we re gonna call it a day well welcome everyone welcome to another wonderful day here on strife farm. And it looks like our preserve jars have turned over completely.

I m gonna go ahead and smack these with who knew that you could like break town. Preserve jars with by smacking them. With a hoe anyway um. Let s go ahead and get things on the go.

Here. So. Since it s a rainy day. I m trying to figure out what exactly i want to do with my time.

And i m thinking that it might be a good idea to try and go catch a catfish so um from what i know catfish can be caught whenever. It is raining outside okay and it is indeed raining outside so there s a distinct possibility that i ll be able to get my hands on what i want that being a catfish so let s see here um blueberry. The iridium rod. What else was i looked ah.

That s right i need a new i need new tackle. So to make this trap bobber. It s a copper bar intense apps. So well alright.

Then let s check. The weather report for the day because i don t think i have it s going to be beautiful and sunny tomorrow. The fortune teller says that the spirits are somewhat annoyed. I m not gonna have good luck today and living off the land falls.

Almost here. And it s arguably the most lucrative season for farmers. So make sure you re safe you re saving up your money to buy new seeds. If you haven t upgraded your watering can by now.

It s probably a good idea all right so taking a that advice to heart. I m not going to spend any money if i can help it or the lab. All right george hey. George what s up dude.

It s a full cool isn t it what andy you re right well. I got you that pepper. Jared took you long enough hmm. Well.

It s good spicy at least. Okay. So there s the knee therapy. Done.

Now. Let s go north. And find demetrius. What demetrios.

Oh. No you re soaked. Yeah. I am.

A little bit on the wet side sorry about that i m just putting water all over the place in your house. Where the crap is demetrius. He s not necess ramat for certain just stupid big morons. Not where he s supposed to be all right sebastian s not oh sebastian just got up anyway.

I guess i ll head out to the secret force now okay ooh fancy music kill the slimes slime boy. I seen you in them i seen your kind before you don t belong. Here. All right.

So. Let s give. This a shot. Hey.

Um. Will equip. The fishing. Rod ah.

Okay. So we quit..

The fishing. Rod. And i ll give this a shot. Hopefully.

I ll be able to catch a oh scared the crap out of me man there s really great music. I m enjoying myself here yet. I have no clue. What this is going to be it might be nothing.

Oh holy crap. It s a wood skip. That s great a wood skip is one of the things i need for the the bundle. That s that s fantast that s fan flippin tastic.

Oh. This one s rather flighty. What the still god s sake. Stay.

Still. No no gotcha gotcha. Gotcha. Gotcha.

Yes. Oh. Yeah. Boy oh.

Oh catfish haha. Okay well that means that i m done here um. But there is this slime down here that i saw so i ll get rid of it ah got myself. A catfish.

Got. Myself. A. Wood.

Skip. This. Is. Fan.

Haha. Wow. Oh. Yeah.

Oh yeah. Oh. Man. Just.

Chop. This. Down. Ah.

I m. Feeling. So. Good.

Today. Now come on don t come. Here. You little piece of crap.

I got him i got. A sturgeon. Oh. Yeah.

Oh man. I m. Tannaz. Game.

Up. Ha ha. Ha. Come on give.

It to me. Now. Boof. Man.

Alive. Oh. Ok. I got i got sturgeon like i wanted ok.

We re gonna oh man. I m feeling. It s so good right now we all right sturgeon end. Oh yeah.

So there s a bundle complete. We got a reward here dressed spinner..

Oh. That s all right. It s it s it s another type of lure ok and we ve got the river fish bundle. Ok.

So we ve got the catfish. We still need to find the tiger trout. The tiger tried is a fall fish. Because i ve got some notes next to me here as i m recording ok.

So we ll go ahead and turn the the the catfish in that s everything for for fishing for the day. And now. It s just a matter of hopping down to the bar. And hoping that dimitri s is there i ve got no earthly idea.

Where dimitri says. I am not going to make that delivery a day. Unfortunately because he s being in a bit of a but and just going somewhere i don t somewhere where i don t know. But he s not where he s supposed to be anyways um.

Now i guess i m just going to empty the traps. And then i ll head back to base. And call. It.

A day ha ha. Well welcome. Everyone welcome back to another. Day.

Here. In the valley. With me. William strife.

Um. You know given. What is going on today with the rain and everything what i think i m gonna do instead of well you know instead of fishing or anything like that i m just going to go straight down into the mines. So let s go ahead and take the pickaxe.

Wow ok guys so. It is once again that time. It is mine. Ty yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What is that i think it s like it s a flippin ghost.

Holy bejeezus. What is a ghost doin here get out of here line up this iron ore. I can do two things at once i can mine and i can smack you in the face ghost boy. Wow.

What the crap is this monster loot glowing solar essence the glowing face is warm to the touch so i can t donate this to gunther feels like something i should be able to give to gumpert. Oh man ranking crystals with my sword is a whole lot fun freakin aah ooh. Big stone. I always need to keep track of these big stones.

Whenever i see them in the mind. Because of how much stone. They give me i only have to smack them like three or five times three three to five times and i get i get spoils for it so it s totally worth the mining out this is really calming music for a mine as well certainly not complaining. I i like it it s nice and calming.

Oh my god there s so many bats hey yeah bat city up in here. Clear the infestation clear the infestation for all of the old iron. I run. Oh yes i done i know that i m saying it wrong.

I run. Whoo zuba zuba s. . I found that yeah yeah completely let that one catch me off guard.

I found the i found the elevator. So that s good oh yeah geez frickin ghosts. And the problem with ghosts is that i can t seem to stunt block them wow solar essence again geez is this like a standard drop. Like you should always expect solar essence.

Whenever you take on the ghosts oh and give me some coal soot sprites. We uh okay guys so it has been it has been one heck of a productive day and i m actually i decided ultimately to come back to base here and you know get some bits of chopping in i like hood before the day absolutely closes out there we go let s go ahead and get rid of some of those preserves that i picked up out of my house. So now. It s just a matter of you know stashing.

Some general goods like you know the pinecones and sap and fiber and whatnot. But for the most part. I am. I m all done for the day.

It has been a wonderful wonderful run jeez a very productive last day of summer. So anyway. Let s go ahead and get asleep and this has been another episode of star to valley. Everyone thank you very much for watching i am enjoying playing this game a whole lot i hope you re enjoying watching me play it but until next time this is star do valley.

I m william strife and i ll see all of ” ..

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