SteelSeries Kana Mouse Review

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” s up guys. We re checking out the chrono mouse from steelseries now the cana cana mouse is sort of in between the kinzua and the sensei from steelseries and does that put it in the market. Well doesn t quite have as many buttons as the sensei. But it s got a little bit more to offer than kinzua now if you ll notice out there in the gaming mouse world.

There s so many different mouse s and a lot of them are just extremely complicated they wanted something that was you know simple affordable but still a gaming grade mouse for people who don t need a million buttons. You know there s one button on each side. And there. It s an excel button.

So as you can see here got the nice large button on one side. Nice large button on the other and that s also i found that s really handy when i m playing my games. Because a lot of times. You know especially if you re playing an fps and you want to hit the button for a grenade or hit the button to change costumes and team fortress.

And it s mapped one of these sometimes you end up hitting the wrong button if there s too many buttons over on the side or if you have an mmo mouse with 40 buttons that can get really ridiculous so having the xl 1x l. Button on each side it s kind of nice of course you have the standard left and right click button the button just below. The scroll wheel that button there will change your cpi and then of course you do have the scroll wheel. It s done nice satisfying scroll feel to it you depress.

It that will be another clip. So very very simple mouse let s talk about the specs of the mouse now as you can see this one here is white and it s got a very glossy plastic external shell mouse can handle 3600 frames per second that red glow there that s from the. Tournament great optical sensor and that s capable of 3200. Counts per inch.

The acceleration on this thing. The maximum acceleration is 30g that means your graph to move this thing. A hunt 130 inches..


Every second that s what that s what it can handle you imagine that kind of a game. A quick live that will be if you re like move to get a hundred can think. It s impossible to move a mouse 130 130 inches in a second an air cannon. We should try this but now right now the size of the mouse let s talk about that because this mouse is very lightweight.

It s just about the right size sort of a medium sized mouse and to be exact the height is 37 millimeters. The width is 64. Millimeters and the length is. 124 millimeters and inches.

For all the duplo. s. Out there that s. 15.

Inches by 25. Inches. By 4 point. 9 inches.

And the lift on the bottom. Is a little bit less than 2 millimeters. One other thing. That s nice the bottom here these feet.

They do come off so if you wanted to replace them you can do that this probably lasts. A while though nice nice glide to it this is really lightweight. It s some really really really light weight all quality parts here clicks fill substantial the cord here double braided all the way..


Down so that s nice it is 72. Grams which is 016. Pounds let s check out the software steelseries does not package software with the mouse use the steelseries engine. Which works with a lot of the different mouse s that they already have so let s take a look at the software shall we all right this is the steelseries engine.

I m not sure if this diablo 3 skin is here because i plugged in the diablo. 3 mouse as well or if it s here because diablo. 3. Is coming out soon.

But i ll take it because it s pretty cool now here s where you can set up your profiles you can create new profiles and each different profile will store an entire set of configs and macros. Now here s all your different buttons. You can change each one individually simply by clicking on it it brings up you know some options down here you can change the key color text color key font you can set up to a macro and when you re recording your macros. You can also record the delays.

Which is important sometimes for your memos and things like that you can set it up to launch an application you can also disable the key sometimes on the side. Some people do accidentally bump these keys and if you don t want that to happen you can just disable. The key moving on over these settings. So you can change your cpi.

Here. It goes. 4. 8.

16. 32. Now below that you can change the led intensity..


So i say i want 800 and then 32 led intensity at 800 25 led intensity at 3200 100. So that way you have an led that matters. It actually tells you something thousand are pulling ratio there you go there s all the different polling ratios properties. This is kind of cool let me go ahead and remove this socket and pretend i m doing.

It. The first time. Now. You have your different profiles over here.

And like i said you can just set up tons of different profiles and even set up profiles for different mouse s now. Let s say that okay. You have a kind of mouse profile and you want to associate that with certain games. Go here.

Saf3 will use that profile. Now. What this does is it whenever you open up t3 or whatever games you select here it will load that profile. We don t have to open up the engine.

All the time to change profiles when you change games. It ll automatically change based on the exe file. Ok. This is kind of cool.

Now this will keep track of all your button clicks what you do is you click start here and then you play your games click around for i don t know play team fortress or a couple hours and once you finish it stop and it ll give you a readout of how many times you pushed pushed each button. It s kind of cool you can brag about it online. And you guys could like i don t know maybe like whoever clicks the most during a game of team fortress wins a cheesecake that s what i would do now we re looking at the white..


One right here there s actually two these available. There s a black one that s almost solid black. It s really sleek. This is one of the best looking in my opinion white mouse has ever made that s really really sleek and really really clean i usually don t like things that are white.

I m all for things that are black. But they did make a black one with an awesome orange led and this was voted on by you guys i think like six sixty thousand people liked it on facebook. So that s the one they decided to go with so you can grab the one that s good for you but all in all very nice clean minimal minimal design no nonsense no extra buttons just what you need if you re someone who doesn t need 5000. Buttons.

Then this might be a good mouse for you i m not going to sell it too hard here to know what i m doing i mean i liked it i frankly like the diablo. 3 mouse even better the texture on this yeah. It s extremely solid for the money. I guess the one thing.

I m used to more of a rubberized texture the the black model does have a rubberized texture this one is just a glossy plastic and it s not really your hands. Don t really stick to it my hands. Don t stick to it too much. And i may be in an intensive gaming session.

I ve been playing actually played for a couple hours a day. I played tribes and this didn t bother me at all i i was doing really well. And i don t have any complaints about this. I m kind of looking for something to complain about so maybe that s a good thing steelseries.

” ..

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