Step Count – Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Fitbit Versa – EPIC FAIL

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“Everyone this is max with asian geek squad today we re doing another samsung galaxy galaxy watch video but this time we re gonna compare the steps versus the fitbit last week. I did a video where i ran about eight and a quarter miles. I ll include a screen shot here and step count was about twelve thousand four hundred if i remember correctly. I thought that was a little bit low because i think i normally get around two thousand two hundred steps per mile anyways.

So today. We re gonna be comparing that today. I have both devices powered off charged at a hundred percent. So there s no inaccurate step counts.

And i m not gonna turn them on until we re on location sorry. I haven t recorded a video in a week. We had hurricane olivia..


So that was pretty fun we re all safe here nothing really happy oh and just in case. We re doing a case review of my new favorite case. The urban armor gear for the note. 9.

So stay tuned for that sometime later today as well alright guys well it s 5 30. And let s go ahead and hmm get ready for her all right. Everyone it is 556 am. We have both of our devices powered on both at zero steps and here we are parked by diamond head part of the honolulu marathon rap man all right guys let s do this first.

Update we ve been running a little. Bit over 20. Minutes galaxy..


Watch. 2798 steps. Oh. And a fitbit versa at three thousand four hundred and fifteen steps alright.

Let s just part one all right everyone update number two we are at 40 minutes here on the samsung galaxy. Watch 5351 steps sorry for the car and fitbit versa 6474 let s keep going update. Number. Three.

So. Here s where we started this is our first full lap. We are at four and a quarter mile and samsung galaxy watch at six thousand two hundred and thirty steps and the fitbit versa at eight thousand one hundred and three now just to make it fair..


I m gonna switch these watches to the opposite wrist and do another lap and we ll keep you guys updated. I m gonna take a little break hydrate alright. One more lap to go alright update number four. We are at one hour ten minutes a little bit under six miles samsung galaxy watch eight thousand three hundred twenty five steps on my right hand and on the left hand we have the fitbit versa.

Ten thousand nine hundred sixty eight steps we just finished our second lap eight and a half miles all right guys so we are tapping out final count. Twelve thousand two hundred sixty one for the samsung galaxy watch and for the fitbit versa. We are at fifteen thousand nine hundred and six all right so that is the end of our run here. I m going to show you guys a graph here from our runkeeper app.

And i ll crunch. Some data and alright let s go jump in the water or go eat or something starving all right everyone. So here is the final chart that i made up so the fitbit versa finished off at fifteen thousand nine hundred and six steps the samsung galaxy watch at twelve thousand two hundred sixty one difference of three thousand six hundred forty five or twenty two point nine two percent..


So roughly just say twenty three percent and it s pretty constant. The first two updates were a little bit less. But the rest of it looks like twenty three percent and for a smartwatch to have such a disparity in terms of steps. That s really quite disappointing so if you re gonna use the samsung galaxy watch as a fitness tracker just be wary the steps and also the battery drain test that we did using gps and lte alright guys if you guys have any questions about the samsung galaxy watch leave us a comment down below we have our full review coming out next week.

Hopefully now that we ve used the device for almost a month. And there s a lot of things to like about it but fitness tracking not so much alright guys thank. ” ..


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