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“This is ed gregory from photos in color comm and today. I m going to to share with you. 18. Photographers that you should probably know about here we go so if you ever just want to relax put your head back and fall into a dream world.

Then you have to go and look at eric alma s. He is literally the king of concept and composition. This guy just goes through like creating these amazing ideas. Putting them together photographing them and creating the most incredible compositions.

His work has been used to ad campaigns. All over the world. He s also a great fashion photographer as well definitely check him out. He is amazing now jill greenberg is probably one of my all time favorite and biggest inspirations.

She has a clear style and that is what makes her stand out at certain new about her in 2012. She did this project called end times as all these babies that were crying. It was really traumatic. She got loads of marketing and publicity around that but that completely changed her career and now she is literally shot for everyone like the tv shows.

The famous people for literally. Everyone she has done it or all because of this amazing style and that goes to show find a style follow it or what she s also great at is delivering what the client wants joel greenburg. You re one of my inspirational heroes. You re amazing so kat erlin has to make my list because her work just leaps off the screen.

The page whatever yes. She s shopped for so many different people. She s got magazine covers she shot for everybody. But her work is so cinematic is so the film the depth it just looks incredible her coloring is so wonderful when i see the images they just seem to creep off the page and are filled with so much emotion.

Really her images are every single one is an image that i can spend time on and look at and not feel like there was a load of work that went into them they just feel not trol every single one although. I know that each one takes a lot of work beautiful work now this next guy. I don t even know his full name. But i know him as mr.

Ben brown..

He s got a youtube channel. I believe he s like a vlogger. He s also got a great instagram account. But what i love about him is he s an obsessive traveler.

And he just likes to capture the moment and the story behind each moment. And i can always go to the instagram account flick through and have a great time and i always know i can go to his youtube channel and actually see the journey behind those photographs. So i definitely recommend if you re thinking about storytelling and travel photography. Then definitely check out mr.

Ben brown. He s a fellow brit and he s awesome so most of the photographers. I m talking about today have instagram accounts now if you go to my instagram. Account at photos in color.

And you look at who i m following the only people. I am going to be following. Today are these people to just find me go on my followers who i m following and then you will find all of these photographers so jessie herzog. Which i think that s how you say his name i cannot find anything anywhere apart from him on instagram and twitter.

But he is a great raw storyteller. It seems like he just has an idea a vision and he captures it whether it s clean or dirty and what i really appreciate he never seems to want to clean things up it s a really great way of storytelling and it s photography is beautiful to look at and it definitely feels like i m stepping back in time. Yet with contemporary subjects. His work is really really great next up is richard avedon and if you have ever shot on film.

You must have heard of this guy. And if not you have to go look him up he needs massive massive respect. He is known to be one of the fashion photographers that shaped american photography. His work is just stunning.

I m looking at images here and he shot george bush marilyn monroe he shot everybody ronald fisher samuel beckett literally anybody that you can imagine he shot. But he shot it with such depth and style and elegance about his work. He really is somebody to admire and look at how he was able to take a person a character and capture them in a single frame now if you re a photographer who s taken a few great photos and wonder how can you take consistent images over and over again. Look at erez sabbagh.

Now this work is just fantastic..

Like literally every single image is so much fun they are a editorial and fashion photographer. But their level of skill is really high and again if you just go through their work you can see a consistent level of work and that really is how to build a great portfolio is consistency and also a style which is noticeable or recognizable literally. This portfolio is a joy to go through and also just go to the website. There s a little video that starts playing when you first get onto it it s just a great thing.

That makes you enjoy your day next up is helmut newton. He was a fashion photographer in the 60s and 70s and beyond starts off with french vogue. I believe but he was literally amazing he was known as a very hyper surreal sexual photographer in the fashion world and his images were captivating you can literally go through his photographs and just look at them for hours and hours. And i would recommend that on a sunday afternoon.

Spend some time looking to his work absolutely amazing okay this next. One is an instagram that who actually follows me on snapchat and we ve chatted a few times. But i love his work his instagram name is see from the sky. I m sure you ve seen his stuff.

He s from the maldives. He does these amazing photos of the ocean from the sky. And he does all sorts of slow motion stuff it really is amazing his name is asian something he shawn i shawn. But he s amazing to definitely check him out on instagram i love it okay so this next guy joey elle is one of the art directors and photographers of today he is a prodigy here amazing.

I ve seen so much of his work. If you ve been in the photography world for any time. At all recently you will have seen his work. He shot the national geographic from labatt sur his personal work is stunning.

He really is fantastic. I even believe he has a youtube channel. So check that out but joey ala is somebody to go on watch now in the future. And also just be inspired by his vision and time that he will take to get the perfect photo.

It s amazing now this next photographer. Jesse oconee. Me is a wonderful travel photographer now there s always an element of loneliness that i see in their photography. But it also has this great style there s always a great thought process that goes into it and a lot of the time.

It s kind of awkward and i love that now this person has a great instagram feed to definitely check that out next of his david lachapelle..

Who i saw years ago in an exhibition. When i was living in mexico. City and his work is super intricate with these massively lavish sets all of his photographs. A really controversial.

They are always discussing some socio political thing they are really stunning and remarkable images he also just loads of music videos. You probably know while a bunch of them that is done. But one of my favorites is dirty by christina aguilera. Really he is a genius when it comes to the art world.

He has a great image in what he really has is he s fearless in what he does he loves to challenge in everything that he does any idea or any ideal and that i is why i have a lot of respect to david lachapelle definitely check out his work so if you re wondering why i chose 18 photographers that is because it is 18 days until my big product launch head over to photos in color comm. Sign up to the emailing list. And you ll be the first to hear about my big news. Now.

If you ve ever wanted to get into product photography. You must have heard of alex callous cough. This guy is unbelievable. I believe he calls themselves the lighting magician and honestly when you see his work you have to agree he is literally amazing splashes of water perfume bottles flowers everything you see it is just stunning.

I would definitely recommend check him out as he really knows the fine intricacies of how to light something very specifically to make it look fantastic now if you want a photographer. Who is right now who is current who is amazing at portraiture and editorial work. Then you have to go check out. Ben cope.

His works just brilliant. I actually find it really fun to look at i feel like it s got a level of intensity of awkwardness of openness. He really is a great photographer who just has a clean style and what i get from his work is i can see that he loves to take his photos. There s something about every image that have fun and playfulness in it i love it i love it when it comes to black and white landscape.

Photography for me. It s michael kenna. He is amazing imagine those images of the ocean. Where the ocean seems like it s a piece of glass and you you ve just got some wood jetting up and it s serene and beautiful.

It s probably a michael kenna well it is for me anyway go and look at his works look to some of his images..

It is beautiful and it s really good to look at his work to think okay. This is a concept. However it s just photographing reality and i really appreciate how he s managed to create these really surreal looking images for something that is actually real beautiful work. John keatley is a contemporary photographer who actually turn on instagram.

But then i ve checked out his work online. And i love it he s really great at taking portraits. We have some great concept at one exhibition. Where he was photographing people like the plastic army men which i really appreciate.

But one thing if you go to his website. Look up his photographs of iphone portraits it shows you there just how good mobile phone photography is and also his level of skill check my own instagram as well as john keaton. It s amazing work now dennis view polled. I think that s how you say his name i also found on instagram.

But i was captivated by his work their portraits his editorial work so i checked out his website. And honestly. There s this one image of olivia palermo and this image was like he s amazing. I saw it and i just think it is captured so wonderfully the styling of it the lighting of it very simple black and white photograph.

But just the way that the model is it s really is beautiful and then just stick around on his website to see his work some really great focused work as a photographer. And it s a real storyteller. So this next photographer is probably the reason why i became a photographer. His name is mario testino and if you haven t heard of him where have you been he s literally the most famous fashion photographer of all time.

I think and he must have shot everybody that you could literally think of famous people royal people tv stars musicians videos film photography ad campaign literally everything his work is stunning go to his website lose yourself. It s amazing so that there is the 18 photographers that are inspirational to me right now. Thank you so much for watching please go follow me on instagram at photos in color and go over to photos in color. very interesting and you just have to find the right song to take advantage of it it s not gonna be every song that has the the right recording where it comes in from outside.

But on the ones that do it s it s definitely noticeable and i enjoy listening to it i think that s it ” ..

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