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“Boy yes ladies and gentlemen monsters inc has been out on blu ray for quite quite some time it came out when up did i swear i double checked that amazoncom. Before i read that list last week. And i ve ordered it for wii. Sheamus s video collection.

Thank you all of you for all the emails pointing out that monsters inc. Has been out for a while yay and apparently fooly cooly was one of my favorite animes he s coming out in a few months fooly cooly. Yeah fool flcl. I d have to look that one up now in more relevant news at home is hulu coming to the xbox 360.

Well maybe. There s a big fat rumor floating that hulu notorious for fighting to keep the online service. Out of the living room might be announced for the xbox 360. At e3 later this year and gadget.

Says that it s been spotted in the xbox 360 dashboard bills and that there s going to be some kind of fee involved probably probably the thing in the premium plan for the xbox 360..

If it appears it off the legendary platinum plan hopefully with the e3 happening relatively soon or maybe this week of taping in two weeks. We re going to find out soon yeah yeah we there no hotel rooms left we ll see if our buddy games gonna be attending that one glasses free 3d hdtv this makes me wave my hands for no reason whatsoever by 2015. Yes. It s here today it just doesn t look that good yeah.

According to taiwan s industrial technology research institute who obviously is not vizio sony samsung or any other major 3d hdtv manufacturer well they were showing off in early 42 inch glasses free 3d hdtv last. Week peter worldcom pointed out the parallax barrier technology. Used in the screen was far from ready for primetime tending to the seriously fuzzy and unpleasant to watch now the research group apparently did not mention that this is all assuming that 3d hdtv survives until 2015. I do say though that sports and gaming still look like the leaders as far as hd pro 3d hd programming goes i think there s gonna be a lot of 3d hdtv video gaming announcements at e3 this year streaming video is going to explode the internets.

According to cisco systems. The router people trust us have you ve used the internet your bits of pass through a cisco router that s wrong anyhow cisco s annual visual networking index forecast aka that you should buy a whole bunch more of our fast boxes. Removing your packets report claims the internet traffic won t quadruple by 2014 to 767 exabytes that s like 192 billion dvds. And that 90 of all content.

Moving across the net in 2014 will be video..

Presumably because video files are so much bigger than everything else moving on the internet text messages. I am very small if we re very very lucky isps won t follow a tts mobile lead this month. And start charging. This all.

By the amount of data. We use. Oh. Yeah.

Oh yeah. I think video over ip is going to become. Popular. Yeah.


If if we can afford it let s say now if you re looking for the best tool out there to back up your dvds and blu ray movies to your home media server. Slice off one of my favorite companies is having a 20 off sale they re not advertising. I m just passing this along that s a big price break for any dvd especially any dvd hd. That s the one i use at home.

I ve got to say and in painful news for my dreams of home theater. Pc. Dvr. The glory that s seat and tuner.

I preordered well. It s been delayed good folks at canon pc. Who i ordered it through. We re kind enough to email me saying that quote.

We received news late friday from seton corporation..

That the manufacturer has been unable to acquire key components necessary to complete final stages of production on the tuners. We don t have a new date yet as to when we will have the tuners. But we don t anticipate anticipate it being a lengthy delay. I certainly hope not in some more cheerful news.

I ll share some of the tweaks. I ve made to the home theater pc. I built on the show that you might want to take advantage of do that little bit later yeah that would help you a lot this weekend with the whole nascar on 42 different channels. Thing you can change that damn channel on me back to motogp for me that s on one network.

I love it you re leaving nascar. No no unfortunately i need more motorsports. ” ..


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