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“I m george with epiphan video. And i m going nto give you a quick quick overview on how to set up your webcaster x2 to stream to an event. Youtube youtube allows streams in a couple of ways. It does what it calls stream.

Now which means nbasically you can push start on your device and your streaming immediately and that s great it s quick and easy and you re probably going nto end up doing that but there s a lot of situations. Where you nmight want to set up an event to go live at a certain time it might be a couple of days before the event nand. You want to be able to build up an audience to let people know that you re going to be ngoing live. So that s what we re going to walk through ntoday.

We re not going to spend a whole lot of time non this setup. You can see another video that s called we ll post a link to that in the comments nhere. Today. We have a camera setup plugged in to nour webcaster x2.

We have a monitor setup. So we can see the control interface and i have this computer here because i want nto show you some settings that you re going to want to do on youtube itself. We ve already paired the webcaster x2 with nour youtube account and we re not going to go over that as well so let s get started and we re going to schedule..


Our new event non youtube and then we re going to use webcaster x2 to nconfigure it so that it know how to point to that event so i ll show you what we re seeing on youtube nhere. This is my live streaming events page in my ncreator studio on youtube to get there i went up to my little icon here my avatar and then it tells me that i can go to my creator nstudio. That s how i got here so right off the bat. We re going to schedule na new event and we re going to give it a title and call nit and we ll put in a description and call it so all of you can understand how we re doing everything here.

We re going to be sure that we know whether nit s public. Unlisted or private. That s a pretty critical detail it defaults to public. But we could change it nto private.

If it s just a private video and we re going to say go live today at 12. No clock. Now we re also we want to make sure we do nany of our tagging or description right here in our youtube interface because unlike a nstream now videos anytime you want to do tagging or description right here in the youtube ninterface because unlike a stream now video. Any time you want to do tagging or description.

Nor titling within. A youtube event you have to do it. In the youtube interface as opposed nto using webcaster x2 to set those all that metadata..


So let me just pull that back up here ok. We ve got everything we need for our event. We re going to say create event and we re waiting waiting. We re good ok now we need to setup webcaster x2 to publish nto that event.

So we re going to pull up our preferences nusing. Our mouse. Which is connect to our webcaster x2. We re going to select publish destination and here.

We should see our new event. And there. It is youtube event testing. So we select that and one other important detail here is this n.

If we uncheck that the youtube stream will nstart automatically as soon as we push the start button on our webcaster. So for today s purposes. We re going to leave nit checked and we ll get our of these settings..


So now we re ready to start our event because nwe know we re going to have a chance to preview it on youtube. So we ll go ahead and do that we re going to select start here. We could also click the side of the webcaster nx2 to start it so now if we pop back over to our youtube ninterface. We can check out the control room.

We can see that our stream status is good and we re going to select preview here to nhave. A look at our stream and make sure everything is as we like it. It says are you sure yes. I am sure we get a message.

We re preparing you live nstream preview. Please wait a moment so it just takes youtube a minute to get this nstream up so there we are that s our event. Our youtube event testing npreview. We can see it here.

I am going to move the camera around and show nmy hand in front of the lens. And then we ll see how much latency. We ve got usually it s about 10 seconds before that nstuff comes through..


But basically we re at the point where as nsoon as we re ready to go live. All we have to do is click on this start streaming button. So if we re happy. It s 12 o clock everything s nlooking good.

We can hear it we can see it. Then we can come in here and say start streaming start streaming are you sure you want to start it ok your event is starting and we re live. So that s it we can go check out that stream on the event npage. And there it is so that s pretty much it for setting up an nevent on youtube and streaming to it with a webcaster x2.

If you want to watch any more of these training nvideos subscribe to this channel like us check in back. Often check in often because we re going to be putting nup. Quite a few of these videos over the next few months thanks for watching. ” .


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