Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mr. Sakurai Presents “Banjo & Kazooie”

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“Everyone i m masahiro sakura director of the super smash brothers ultimate game channels in in our last showcase. I talked a little bit about hero today. I d like show you all how to use banjo and kazooie you may feel like some time has passed since our hero showcase. But we re actually reporting this only two days after that broadcast.

We sure are busy and even if i say so myself. Now. That today s nintendo direct is over please let me take just a little bit more of your time you may remember in the hero showcase. I was playing by myself using two controllers like this with hero.

If you cast spells using command selection to any opposing heroes will block those attacks automatically using your shields. So in the background. I was actually using the second controller to make the hero look away or do move. So my attacks would connect today has my controller set up side by side.

But back in the game few days. I line them up vertically like this try doing this with a nintendo switch pro controllers. However and you ll end up accidentally. Pressing the l r buttons.

So even though it s a bit of a pain. I do it like this now this time around. I ll also be doing my best to control two fighters at once. She s kind of like banjo and kazooie.

The two characters acting as one alright. Let s get started. So. What is banjo kazooie.

Well in terms of genre. It s similar to super mario 64. And it was first released on nintendo 64 back in 1998. The character banjo made his first appearances year earlier in a game called diddy kong racing after that banjo kazooie was really and then banjo tooie two titles will then release for gameboy advance.

Although they never came to japan and then there s banjo kazooie nuts and bolts. Which was released on xbox 360 as some of you may know the banjo kazooie id. Now belongs to microsoft technically their arrival platform holderman even so they were happy for banjo and kazooie to join the super smash brothers. Series for that i m extremely grateful.

Rare also welcomed us with open arms. So. If you want to play. Banjo.

Kazooie. Today. You can do so on the xbox. I know.

This is an internal project. But please give the game. A try on xbox now let s talk about the music. The banjo kazooie series music has a country feel to if we were to include this music in super smash brothers.

Ultimate has is it wouldn t really match the atmosphere of battle. So we put a lot of effort into arranging the music for the game. We d like to play for you several of these arrangements during the showcase appear yes. Here you ll see the track names ok.

Let s take a look at the fighter. So this is banjo and kazooie super smash brothers..

Ultimate. There s kazooie. We re using a special rom today. So the camera is a bit different from the production version.

We ve included lots of action with banjos which we use in their original game for example. The talent rod here is used for their and their jumps are based on abilities like flat flip and feathery flat. They re neutral. Attack is called phosphites this ability looks similar to this in the original games.

But we built upon the original motion. So it better fits the action of our games. There. Flurry attack is a reddit.

A trap. There attack is a forward roll. Which is something donkey kong uses as well this move is a pretty useful one there down tilt is deep bar there up smash is build. Though it looks a bit different from their original games.

But the animation reflects the fact that it s a consecutive attack in japanese. There side smash is called kinesin kazooie s putty sin is a word that only exists in japanese. So i was curious what this move would be called in the west in english. It s called three gold.

I think regal is the type of word kazooie is so this basically means bird bash. Which is pretty accurate they re neutral. Air is winged back there back. There is an air ratatat rats.

Which hits three times. They re down air is eat buster which they use to down staff as they drop. As you can see even their regular tanks are based on attacks from their original games. The down and up taunts were something that existed in the banjo kazooie series to the apt on is based on his animation from banjo kazooie nuts.

And bolts where banjo sometimes stretches now i d like to go over their special moves first they re neutral special is egg firing it s pretty much their go to move the eggs bounce and by holding down the button. When launching the eggs. You ll do the attack you see here. Regal blaster.

Brico. Blaster. Is based on this part in banjo tooie. Where the screen mimics in fps.

You can hold the button for auto fire. But as you do to the power of the eggs that gradually degrees. So you ll need to be careful you can cancel it by crouching or pressing the shield buttons next their side special is wondering as in the original game. It s an invincible charging attack.

It s fairly powerful and will basically win against any other attack. However you can see some feathers about banjos head. There are five of them in total and i just use up all of them after using them up you won t be able to use the attack again until you lose a star since the remaining uses of wonder wing only appear above their heads. Once activated you ll really need to make sure you hammer the number of uses into your head.

You can use it as a recovery option and since it s likely to trump counter attacks. It doesn t have many disadvantages. But it does have a weak point. If it s blocked with the shield places you ll be wide open to attack in addition you can be grabbed during this move at any rate.

One track of how many wonder wing uses you have left and when fighting against banjo and kazooie make sure to take action against this attack. And remember to keep an eye on it it s important to keep this in mind..

The next is their up special shot spring jump. This move utilizes a shock spring pad from their original game. There are a few things to note first you can hit your opponents with the shock spring packages. It can be used to recover.

And it s throwable also it s pretty different from other up specials that carry the phyto upward and that you re still able to jump in midair after use rideau meaning you can jump twice in a row. So if you re falling you can use it like this jumping. And then dodge increasing your ability to recover by the way. So the height of a shock spring jumps will change depending on how long we ll hold the button down.

Note. The slight difference in height next for their down. Special reirei. They ll fire and grenade out of his backpack.

It s a grenade egg. This is a slightly odd projectile in that it can only be launched behind the fighter. And because the grenade egg is a football shape. It s bouncy trajectory can be unpredictable after a certain time it will explode.

I think it will be a useful tool for keeping opponents in check the box by its treated like an item. So you can pick it up and throw it your opponents can also throw a kick. But it s detonation sequence is relatively short so both you and your opponents will need to make sure you thrown could leach this or it will explode by you re still holding. It i guess there are a lot of different ways to use this ability lasts their final smash is the mighty ginge inator.

The mine each engineer is what deliver the final blow to brent silva and their original game. This move will send your opponent s flight. This stage is called kudu kuriyama in japan. But in the west.

It s called spiral mountain as you can see it s a mountain where the bottom portion is a spiral shape. A rotation icon will appear and the stage will spin this is quite unusual even for the super smash brothers series. Suppose. It s truly unique anything on the stage items or otherwise will also move as the stage turns the shape of spiral mountain will also transform meaning your recovery points will also change platforms like this will appear from time to time a bridge will also appear and gruntilda s lair is visible.

The ones now that we ve covered both the fighter and the stage. Let s go ahead and jump into some actual battles this time i ll be taking on not just one like two fighters in a team battle donkey kong and diddy kong versus banjo and kazooie oh hang on so there are actually two on my side too so i should be finally probably not in fact definitely not it looks like i m gonna get beaten up pretty bad. I just stand around so i ll play carefully i should probably keep them in check your eggs. Which can be fired forward or backward are useful at times.

Like this and thanks to kazooie banjo and kazooie who used moves with a relatively wide range of attack will make good use of these as we take them on note. We re playing with items on hmm. I think we re doing pretty good so far i have two opponents and since items are on they ll have twice as many opportunities pick up items and since the final smash meter is on the pony can use it twice. I m at quite a disadvantage.

But i m going to try my hardest i can use one of them two more times oops. I guess i should be explaining all their moves huh to auto fire auto fire ooh. Oh. The final smash meters filled up you can have that now and nice now that there s one less opponent this should be easier.

I do want to do the final smash. But it might be a bit tough oh that s good and final smash. I forced them out so i win banjo picks up the jiggy from the original game. That s a wrap.

I d also like to talk about similar cameos that liven up the stage well first we have the witch gruntilda in banjo kazooie. This poor soul gets sealed underground by a boulder. Anyway. She s very cool and you can hear all about her from her sister gretl.

This is bottles a moles and another poor soul. His fate is sealed in the beginning of banjo..

He s a friend of banjo. Kazooie. Next is mumbo jumbo this poor soul had all of his own humble token stolen by gruntilda he helps you out in many ways you throughout the game. And we have to d can you spot her she s running as a bodice she s tiny and can barely even make her out.

But by zooming in you can see all the detail even at her size you could probably make an action game just using this she s raising havoc on the vegetable path for some reason. And after that she strikes an enigmatic tunt. Now she s heading back home. She looks all calm when you look at her this ways.

But this soul is actually the saddest of all the souls you d understand how miserable. She really is if you saw the game over seen in banjo kazooie. Oh. Maybe.

She s not going home. And here come the jinjos. We saw some of these a short while ago when the mighty jinja nadir is here you ve become in many different colors and were hidden throughout the world by gruntilda in the original game so you could say there are also sad souls and now we see something floating around in the background. These are basic enemy characters of buzz bombs.

But since they can float around they re lucky enough to have made the cut into super smash brothers ultimate. This is what they look like close up. It s basically a dragonfly right. We put a lot of thought into the guest characters as well and we put a lot of effort into these heart to see areas so i hope you enjoy it next let s talk to you in 10 minutes.

As i mentioned earlier. We re taking country style music and adapting it for use in battle. We re. Including the total 10 music tracks of the 7 are entirely new.

Arrangements i ve always thought that getting all this for 599. Is a fantastic deal so i hope you enjoy the music for spiral mountain was arranged by grant kirkhope. He created the original banjo kazooie s music. I ve worked with many musicians over the years.

But this is the first time. I ve worked with a musician outside of japan. I was a bit worried about whether my directions will be understood. But he did an absolutely wonderful job and here s the list of tracks this time.

Each of the new tracks has been carefully tailored to match the action table space on screen alongside the launch of banjo kazooie. There will also be a socrates we re very pleased with the sales of super smash brothers ultimate and to express our appreciation. We ve added another game mode. Which will pretty much be our final new mode.

I m going to go ahead and play so please take a look and here. It is you need to damage the sandbag in front of you as much as possible and with this bag not with this. But this bag and off it goes hi maybe. A little too high and so home run contest makes its return.

It s been powered up in various ways. Compared to previous home run contest so please enjoy this time sandbag has flown 300 kilometers. I think that s about the distance from tokyo to nagoya that s if you drive on the tomei expressway. You can actually play with the second player.

Let s give it a go attack attack keep attacking off using both players time to strike here. We go no this isn t how you re supposed to play the game. When i say two players can take part. I mean friends and not one person of playing is two fighters in shared content.

Many people have uploaded their customized new fighters up until now it may have been a little difficult to use since you were not able to customize their special moves. We re moving forward you will be able to freely customize their special moves..

If you find a new fighter that you d like to look up that you can fit download them and set the special moves. However you want to play as them. However this will not be applied to fighters created. Before the software update.

And only applies to me fighters created after the episode so i hope you re upload your mii fighters please enjoy many different varieties of me fighters. We will add in some meat by their costumes as well please take a look. We ve added a costume for sans from undertale. Who was a popular despues and this sans out that also comes with a music track.

This will be listed in the other category. So you can check it out there. The arrangement was made by none other than the creator of undertale. Himself.

Toby fox. Toby has actually visited my house and we played super smash brothers. Ultimate together. It was actually really good of all the guests.

He was probably the strongest when we both chose random and played the win ratio was about half and half or i may have been losing next. I d like to talk about a new set of amiibo that will soon be available. He d do multiple squirtle ivysaur and snake. I wonder why he was hiding.

They will each be available on september 20th. The software update. Including the banjo and kazooie dlc. Will be available.

Today. As mentioned in the endo direct terry bogard. Joining super smash brothers ultimate. Although we show the reveal trailer.

There was hardly any in game footage. Some of you may wonder where the in game footage is well it s shaping up nicely. Don t move me touch the consensus my hot chocolate sold on ebay. But we weren t quite ready to include it in the revealed that snk near g opening.

Was fun was i d like to show you just a little bit of in game. Footage of terry here you go finally. It was announced that we will be working on even more dlc fighters to me it feels like the finish line is sliding farther away. You may wonder how much longer can he be involved with super smash brothers ultimately.

But i m also excited adding more characters into the game. Means that four game modes will be added to the series and ultimately that means that there will be an even greater opportunity to delight the fans at the same time. I feel that super smash brothers. Ultimate is now representing.

So many characters in game. World. Said. It s become an enormous game.

Even if the super smash brothers series continues moving forward. I doubt there will ever be an opportunity to bring this many characters together again and so i want to keep improving on this record. As much as possible and i will continue to work hard at developing the game. I appreciate your support that s it for today.

Thank you very much ” ..

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