Supergirl Crisis on Earth-X Barry and Iris s Wedding The CW

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“To the west ellen wedding can i show you to your seat are you here here for the bride or groom well considering. I ve tried to kill the groom couple of times. It s probably best tires on the bride s side well that would be the left side right do i know you i hate cops. David hi cecile lawyers friend from work not quiet sparkling excuse me.

I just thought you might be a little parched big day today around you re getting married. I am..

Today today yes i am today yeah so a sparkling water. I have lemon. I have lime um good thank you okay i m really excited to be here. Oh.

I mean at a wedding and any wedding. It just so happens to be your wedding you love weddings..

I really do i was cool actually and i don t know i just feel like this is gonna be one for the ages. I m really happy i got to see it have we met no no i m a complete and total stranger yeah good good luck up there remember to say i do right okay all right. Thank. You can say how the days will unfold can change what the future may hold.

But i want you every hour every minute this world can raise by far too fast hard to see well it s all flying past you standing here now i am meant to be wherever you are next to me come running home to you come running home to you all my life. I promise to keep running home to you keep running home to you everyone please be seated welcome to you all i m honored to be presiding over the wedding of barry allen and iris west..

All the way don t know them well. I know that this is a good match. How do i know that well because of you because of all of you looking out at their friends and their family and seeing the joy on all your faces seeing how happy you are for them tells me everything i need to know it tells me that these two people deserve to be together. They deserve to be happy and fulfilled and they deserve a long life together and now to the standard housekeeping does anyone have just cause.

Why these two should not be married speak. Now or forever hold your peace peace is overrated nazis..

” ..

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