Surprise: Your Free Antivirus is Tracking and Selling Your Private Data

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“The week s top textbooks. Like linux bias. It turns out free security solutions may may come at the cost of all of your browsing data. Avast free.

Antivirus. Tracker tracks users online behavior and minds. The data for companies like microsoft pepsi and google windows users should know by now that you re walking into a field of landmines if you run your computer without protection from malware. So most people use antivirus software to make sure that they get some much needed privacy and security protections.

While using their computers online. And many to the tune of about a half billion users turn to free antivirus products thinking. That there s no reason to pay for protection since there are programs. Available for free.

However free security suites can sometimes. Hoard your browsing data. And other details and sell them to third parties. This is the case with the popular free antivirus from avast.


Which is putting the privacy of around 400 million people at risk at a time when high profile tech executives are calling on governments to impose more stringent privacy rules. There is nothing like another reminder that everyone is fighting to get a hold of your habits. Preferences and pretty much any. Other data that can be used by advertisers to target you more easily.

According to a joint investigation by vice and pc mag that involves leaked contracts and other company company documents avast. Along with its avg subsidiary have been keeping track of what users did online. While using the free software they distribute the scheme involves jumpshot. A company that provides insights into consumers online journeys by measuring every search click and buy across 1600 categories from more than 150 sites including amazon google netflix and walmart end quote installing avast s free antivirus automatically adds in a browser extension that collects information on your internet activity and sends it to jump shot packed and tagged with the unique identifier a vast data collection includes searches on google and google maps youtube videos linkedin searches and profile visits and even what users view on adult websites this gets sent to jump shots customers like google microsoft pepsi sephora home depot yelp intuit and many others avast says it doesn t track any sensitive information like personal identification.

Phone numbers or email. The company also insists that as of july 2019 they ve begun implementing an explicit opt in choice for all new downloads of their av and are now prompting. Existing free users to make an opt in or opt out choice a process which they claim will be completed in february 2020. Ok opt in like you like yes.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Ok.


I m installing this free. Antivirus. Yes. Yes.

Yes. Yes. Next. Next.

Next next next. Ok. You just opted in yeah. Bam.

We have all your stuff and we re selling it to everyone mm hmm. Why does this come as a surprise to people no. It s not a surprise jeff. It s just proven free is never free well exactly i learned that as a kid nothing comes for free if it s free there s always something attached to it has facebook not talked as anything they ve taught us a lot jeff you know what you know what i ve learned by facebook hmm that people just thought you yep absolutely yep jeff you re still on facebook.


Yeah i am still on facebook it s a necessary evil. But ya know i i don t use avast for this reason any time. I see a free virus software. I go antivirus antivirus.

Yeah like i m not touching it that s why i do use subscription based services. Because when you re putting money behind it there s a company that s gonna actually stand behind their product as opposed to collecting your user data yeah. But there s kaspersky and mcafee sure well exactly yes. But you could also get free versions of those ok all right.

But putting money on it doesn t necessarily mean. It s good. But it s much better than hey get this for free. Yeah.

Yeah. Because you re paying for it somehow yeah. So yeah. Three versions of these products are definitely gonna have some some caveats to them for her i m just wondering how long before we see some sort of lawsuit.


Yeah. Because the interesting thing you opted in and it s a cop out because say austin was until 2000 was it 19. Yeah. But they ve retroactively lee added.

Another pop okay. I m the guy that reads the fine print before i sign up for something yeah you re not you re not the average user. Though do i know i m not the advertiser. I m just the sorceress one so many people are doing this so many people don t really realize.

What s happening. Yeah. Now you know though folks now you know. ” .


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