Swivel Universal TV Stand Base – Converting Side End TV Stands/Mounts to Middle TV Base Stand

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“Here you can see that all the tvs. Now have the tv stands on the the ends of the television. I guess because the tvs are getting much larger some have adjustable stands on there so i could put it in the middle. But my brother bought one and as you can see it s on the end.

And this is his temporary solution to the tv cannot fit and current tv stand. So what the options are to mount it on the wall..

I ll get a new tv set and then we flew into target that we sought a different solution. Where we could get a tv to be mounted with some metal tv beasts that the beasts in the middle. And it s a product called swivel tv base and it uses the holes that you will at the back of the tv that you are used to mounted on the wall. But then it has the tv beast so that we could still use the tv stand and a pretty cool product.

This one could go from 32 inches to 60 inches support of televisions. And as you can see it right there it s in the middle..

I need to see you so it s very the base is very heavy. So you can roll the tv and the brushes are very well made a strong quality product. And it have a trust map at a height. You ll also i think through the up and down for the tv touches the angle.

So this is the manual so this is a brilliant solution okay with all the bowls comes true that s the neck. And there is some of the brackets for the back your heaviest looks at the quality..

Then there s the beef. Very heavy solid and here is where my brother set it up. But as you can see it s now in the middle and the tv is right how you want it on original tv. Stub and there s a brilliant solution and if you get it at target.

I think they have it are very expensive at 99. I take a look at the link in the description below..

Where you can get it from amazon for 52. It s a great solution for this i bet a lot of people have problems know with these new tvs. And the current tv stands so it s a great product. So check the link in the description.

Thank you ” ..

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