T Mobile LG V10 Won t Turn On And Has Bootloop

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“What s up everybody. This is a video of my lg v10 and it will will not turn back on and every now and then when i press the power or when i remove the battery. It goes to a boot loop. Now this is the second lg phone that i ve had that has had this issue so you see this is a genuine lg battery that i bought from lg and i put it back in try to turn it on vibrates or whatever.

And you see right here life s good now the hell it is not now with not with an lg phone hey you know i love this phone because the camera on this phone is phenomenal hands down. But it can have a camera. That s twenty years into the future earth future. But that doesn t mean jack squat.


When the phone doesn t work. It s just a paper with it this right here right now is a paperweight and when i try to connect it to my computer. And then turn it on that s what it goes in the blue loop or is not even turning on now let s try to remove the battery again. See what happens and then they re like oh.

Well you can do a factory reset. Because i m i m in contact on facebook with the t mobile. Representatives and they re like well you into a factory reset or whatever and i m like i know i don t pay for a phone or i m not going to have a phone that s just constantly and like this is the first time and have the battery indicator. I fully charged this phone it s like an hour.


I and actually the first time i seen the battery in the carrier. But still you know i want to have a phone that works when i needed to work you know i don t wanna have a phone that is not going to turn on or it s going to you know bootloop or whatever so now it s turning on let s see what happens now and nothing s happening and you know when near this phone. The most i was downtown akron and lebron james was in town celebrating his nba championship with his a hometown and i was unable to record it with my own phone. I had to use my girlfriend s iphone whatever the newest model is and you know the video quality wasn t as good as the lg.

But once again doesn t matter. How good the quality is that the phone doesn t work. And i m tired of having to go through this with lg. Constantly like this is right here.


And it s just proof here. I ll be right back just prove that this is my second lg phone. I m not lying you see that v10 lg g4 you see that right there. This is my second lg phone that this has happened you know the g4 want to look it up the one video that i made of the.

Lg g4 blue loop has about over tor has over 10000. Views. Now has happened to the lg v10. So this is what happens.


When you go with the lg. And this will be the last phone that i ever buy from them. I m going back to samsung. I don t care.

If you can replace the battery or not right now with just i rather have a samsung. So that s all i have to say tell me what you guys think in the comments below. If you have any solutions for this ” ..


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