TCL 50-Inch 4K Smart TV 2019 Review (Best Selling TV On Amazon!)

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“Tv right behind me is the best the best selling tv on amazon right now. Now. I didn t buy this tv on amazon anyway. I bought it at best and they actually only had one left.

I did a quick tour of best buy s tv stock and every single tv manufacturer had boxes upon boxes of their tvs. Available. This tcl tv right behind me. They literally had no stock of it tcl calls themselves america s fastest growing tv brand and they aren t lying about that as of 2017.

I m actually the third largest manufacturer right behind lg and samsung. The tv that i ended up buying was the tcl class 4 series 50 inch 4k uhd roku. Smart tv. Yes that s a mouthful.

I do want to make something clear though about this review. I m only speaking to the audience of tv buyers that just are looking for something affordable that just works. And it s good quality..


Don t you get with this tv right out of the box. You get a true 4k uhd resolution. You get hdr high dynamic range. And it actually does have something they call the 4k creative upscaling pro engine.

It s it s supposed to just do a better job at upscaling 720p and 1080p images and video and for my testing. It actually does a pretty good job and i was looking at other people s opinions and reviews online and i m not alone on that one in terms of its picture quality because a lot of pbs advertised 4k resolution or 1080p and different 1080p s. And for kay s look better than one another how does this one fare. I m gonna be honest with you this tv is stunning it looks incredible for the price tested it on a netflix on youtube and the quality of that tv is very comparable to the higher end tvs.

You can buy for well over 1000. That s coming from somebody who s kind of a display techno and that spectrum. Where you re very picky with how things look i i find it almost hard to believe that you would be disappointed with the type of picture quality coming out of that device the tv does advertise 120 hertz refresh rate. It s supposed to be advertising true motion picture but from my testing.

It s not really the case and if you actually do a lot of research on the tv itself on the official tcl website. It does say that the advertised 120 hertz is actually just an effective range. Actually only going to be getting 60 hertz right out of the tv..


And i guess they re using processing technologies to effectively give it the look and feel of 120 hertz from my experience. Because i ve seen and used tvs with true motion at 120 and 240 hertz and i don t i just don t. This is look like isn t working. It s not a huge deal if i think for a lot of people won t even care or don t even really know what true motion is if you re one of those people don t really worry about it you re not really missing out on much.

But if that s something that you really care about that someone to keep in mind that this tv. Doesn t do that it does have built in wi fi in an ethernet cable port. In that tv that the ethernet port can be pretty handy for people that want to consistently stream 4k content. But don t have fast enough wi fi to pull it off the wi fi built in is 802.

11. Ac. So it does work pretty well with just the wi fi like i had no problem streaming. 4k consistently over wi fi like i haven t had the need to be wired in to do that next feature.

That s kind of hard to miss because it s like write stamp badge right onto the box. As well as kind of graved. And and embossed on to the tv..


Bezel itself is that it does have roku built right into it or so very. Closely the roku streaming stick plus that one has about a retail value but 115 dollars and it s capable of streaming 4k con two year tv over wi fi or ethernet. Which is incredible also to even think that you know i paid 399 for that tv and to get a 4k streaming box built right into it with a value that has their 120 canadian. This is all adding up to be a very good value tv in with roku built in you have access to tons and tons of streaming apps from youtube netflix hulu like whatever like whatever you use it s probably gonna be on the roku app store for you to download.

It s advertised to work with google assistant and alexa. But for my testing it doesn t really work. But that s because i live in canada a lot of things just don t work in canada and i was doing some research and it looks like it only works in the us. And even though it does work in the us or some limited features so just kind of keep that in mind like if you want to use google assistant or alexa with this tv.

It s best just to get their peripheral add ons. Either being the chromecast or the amazon. Fire stick audio. How does the audio work right out of the box of this tv.

It s like it s okay i m gonna stu 8 watt speakers built right into it or the bridge tendency it s very standard tv speakers like it s not gonna be a theatrical experience. When you listen to it and if that s what you re looking for any reasonable buyer for any tv for that matter should look to also buy a sound bar or some type of sound system with their tv. So ultimately is this tv worth the money at the beginning of the video..


I did state that i m speaking to an audience of people that just want the tv that works that has good picture quality and has an affordable price. If we think about functionality of this tv. It works extremely well the roku works flawlessly and i haven t had any real technological problems with the tv in terms of picture quality. It s amazing like for 400 canadian.

It s incredible like the type of quality you can get out of that thing at a 50 inch diagonal in terms of the price. It just it doesn t get cheaper than 400. Canadian for a 50 inch 4k smart tv with built in hdr checked all three of those boxes. So if you re on a budget for a 4k tv.

I would go and purchase one right away because vermont from what it looks like these things sell very quickly. And there s a reason. Why it s the best selling tv on amazon right. Now thank you guys so much for watching.

Today s video make sure to drop light down below if you did enjoy it subscribe if you re new and comment on below your thoughts in the comment section down below. But my name is taryn and i ll catch you guys all in ” ..

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