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“Back trainer. So i actually am going to be testing out last resort on flareon flareon and jolteon. Because currently you can get the move right. Now you do not it beforehand on eevee and that s a given because it hasn t started where i m at and you re going to get it no matter.

What as we will see right here. So this is actually my third try i got filleted on my last attempt and i think maybe it was my second. I just put this one first because it was the lucky pokemon so on to the next one. This is going to turn out to be adult eon.


Obviously so after that we re going to go into the gym battles take them up against empathy and a few others just to see how it performs now personally what do i think it s not bad it could be worse. Let s just say that keep in mind. The cp is not that high on these v s i mean. There s all about 1500 or so i did power up my flurry on which we will be taking a look at and yeah.

So don t go and evolve all your good 100 s or. I mean even good iv ones. Maybe just a couple just to test it out maybe. If you have a few not so good bb s on the side you just want to you know evolve.


It just to see the move and go to a gym and check it out i would recommend doing that because you re gonna get some shinies in the next two days. But the thing is you don t need to really worry about this move so much if you want to have a collector you re gonna want to go for umbreon with this move make it shiny and also espeon with last resort as well it s not so much that it s going to be good. It s just gonna be more of the rare eevee evolutions with that move set okay so keep that in mind. This is going to be a crazy event.

It s gonna be pretty fun of two days. So three hours on each day other than that last resort is okay. It s not gonna be like a game. Changer or anything like that but it s not horrible.


It could be a lot slower so i m grateful for that so we re gonna go ahead and check out these gym battles here. See what you think about it. And yeah. So you could actually go ahead and evolve.

An eevee currently like we just went over but make sure you don t go on an eevee evolving spree. You know you ve evolved all your good iv ones and then shed four rolls around leafeon and glaceon and oh no you can t you know get a good one you ll have your chinese which that s what i m planning to do just get it really good shiny. Like about four of them save them for gen 4. And then also save a couple for sylveon.


Which is going to be later on way down the road. Which is gonna be the ferry type eevee evolution. So with that said trainers go ahead and enjoy the rest of this gym battle. It s pretty interesting and i ll be catching you all next time take care.

” ..

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