Testing stalker report websites How accurate are they?

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” s it going everybody the cello and it has been a long time since i i have made a video five months which is long enough for some of you start asking me are you dead only on the inside. But five months is a long time and a lot has happened in my life. My wife and i moved our family out to the mountains to try to sort of get back to the basics. We even got a flock of chickens.

Who are all nearly immediately killed by a bobcat now we don t have any chickens. But my wife is due with our third child in a couple of months. And what with the kids and work and life and all of that it s just been really hard to try to sort of pencil in the time to make a video even if i really want to but it s one of my new year s resolutions to get back into this and continue making regular content for the channel. So i want to sincerely thank all of you subscribers for continuing to support this channel by coming back and for those of you who have no idea who i am or why you re even subscribed to me i m the is google always listening guy and we re going to be testing another product that allows me or anybody to download all of your personal information using just your name for a small fee at least that s what it claims so that s what we re going to be testing today.

But first here s the top five jake gyllenhaal eyelid. So if you ve ever googled somebody or maybe even just googled yourself you ve probably come across one of these types of websites that offer you tons of information on the person you re looking for in exchange for some money. They claim to be able to give you a person s property records marital status phone numbers aliases names of their relatives names of their neighbors. Number of their sex partners time of their future death and all of their deepest darkest secrets.

There are tons of different websites that offer this service and if you ve ever wondered how detailed and accurate the information they sell really is that s exactly what we re going to find out we re going to be testing this out using people finders calm and in telesco. I ll be searching my own name. So i can easily verify the information and we ll compare the reports to see. Which one is better and how accurate they are starting with people finders calm first we enter my name mich hallo and then we re taken to a page that offers us enough information to confirm that we are targeting the correct person.

So let s click a view report and now we re taken to the pricing page. Where we re offered to report options. A cheap report for a dollar. 95.

Which includes full name address phone number prior addresses. Relatives aliases age and date of birth. Then there s a 10 option. Which includes property records bankruptcies judgments and liens marital status birth and death records criminal history and sex.


Offender status. Sex. Offender status uh. Oh.

There s also cheaper options for both of these reports. But it will rope you into a free trial. Which will end up costing you more money in the end so we re going to order the 10 option and click continue then we re taken to a pretty standard checkout page simply enter. All the required information and be sure to read the fine print next to the terms of use box.

Because sometimes. That s where they ll sneak in hidden fees. Those sneaky fees. Now.

Let s click get results. Now all right so now it takes us to another page with another terms of use checkbox and a big green button. That says complete my order. But don t be fooled a closer look reveals that by checking this box you are agreeing to sign up for their 7 day.

Trial and the tiny print on the green button. Says yes. I want the rewards. So let s bypass.

All that and just click the tiny text under the button that says no thanks now again. We re taken to yet another page that tries to trick us into paying for their membership with a big green button that says yes view. My report and if we weren t being careful we d obviously think that s the we need to click to view. The report and that would cost us another 15.


So instead let s again click the tiny text underneath that says no thanks view. My report all right we have to click through one more sales pitch this time it s far less sneaky. So just click no thanks and then we ll finally get to the report and we ll just print that out so now let s order. The report from intel.

Yes. Comm and print that one out is well the process starts off exactly the same way by searching your name. And it brings you to a page where you get enough information again to confirm your target and then you click get a report again we re taken to the pricing page which offers us 3. Different options for the report so let s keep this at a comparable price point and purchase the 1000 report now we re taken to a checkout page.

Where we need to enter in our payment information and then click the view my report button at the bottom which surprisingly leads us directly to the report without trying to sell us any more stuff. We didn t ask for huge point to intelecom for that now let s print up this report and let s compare so now that i have printed out both of the reports from both of the places. I tested people finder s calm and intelligence let s figure out which one is better so we re gonna start with people finders calm. First so the first thing to notice that people finders.

Dot. Coms report is 13 pages. While intelligences is only 8 pages long. So first it starts out with your personal summary has all the various forms of my name mitch mitchell oh mitchie mitchie boy.

Mitch mcconnell. My main man mitch it has my last address. But it does not have my current address it has three of my past phone numbers. But it does not have my current one and i have had my current phone number for at least a couple of years.

It has the phone number. I grew up with it has my current and most used email address has no birth records. It has no death records on my wife. It has a ton of information on my wife including all of our previous addresses.


It has my father s information all of his different names that he goes by his current address and all of his all of all of the his past addresses. Including ones before i was born a lot of his email addresses including ones. I ve never heard of it has my siblings information including all of their historical places of residence. It has my mother s information and then it has somebody i ve never heard of as a relative in all of their information in oklahoma hmm.

That is really weird it has my wife s parents and grandparents information including all of their historical addresses and phone numbers. It has my wife s siblings information including all their addresses and phone numbers. It has no marriage records. Which is publicly available information that i would expect to find in a report like this but it s not here has no divorces well that s good.

But i ve never been divorced. So i wouldn t expect to find anything there it has all of the previous properties. I ve owned the first one in california and the second one that i just sold now let s see what else we have we have criminal records zero for me traffic violations. I haven t had any traffic violations in the past ten years.

But before that i had a lot so i m not sure if those things are still on my record or not i have no liens. No judgments. No bankruptcies and then i have a business that i had started many years ago. That didn t really pan out and it s listed on here.

So that s a nice thing to look at so that s the entire report. It is actually pretty detailed it s all publicly available information. But you d have to be a pretty diligent stalker to compile all this information on your unsuspecting victim. But for just a few minutes of your time and just a few dollars out of your wallet you can have this all compiled for you this is a stalkers treasure trove if you want to track somebody down.

Although it doesn t list my current phone number or address all right let s see if the intelecom one is any better and if it can actually give me any information on me currently contact information. It has my last address not my current one it has the phone number. I grew up with but not my current one it has my parents it does not have my sibling. It has no education employment or marriage or divorce information.


No criminal information. No federal criminal records or civil court records. Here s my address and phone history. It does indeed have accurate information concerning all of my historical addresses that i ve lived at.

But i never lived at this one this is a siblings address relatives i have my wife i have my father my mother. My wife again a sibling of mine. My siblings spouse and then email addresses no divorce records of course. Oh wait no no wait hold on i can add that for an additional 8.

And okay. So that s something that the people finders report offered me in here for for free or at least at no additional charge criminal court records. Another 20 and that s the whole report so all in all which report was better the one that i thought was gonna be better and i don t know why i thought this was would be the intelligent. It just felt more professional probably because of the word and telling us intelligent right and i m not very smart.

So that tricks me into thinking. That s the smart report people finders comm sounds like you know exactly what it s described and i ll find somebody for ya. It s a people finder the people finders comm one came with marriage and divorce records criminal records civil records all at no additional fee but the intelecom one offered to give me that information for a lot of additional cost and if somebody had paid that since i don t have any divorces and i don t have any criminal or civil suits that were ever judged against me. They would have they would have found a big fat goose egg.

Nothing all right everybody that about does it for this video. I want to thank everybody for watching. And if you liked this video thumbs up and if you hated it well thumbs down and as always please subscribe. ” .


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