The Bachelor 12 – Season Preview Part 2

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“In london. England. One english gentleman ndating 25. Crazy american girls to find the love love of his life.

It just might be nour best season yet let s take look nat our newest bachelor mr matthew grant once upon a time there was a handsome bachelor n looking for his wife but to find his true love n he had to leave his home travel halfway around the world and come to america hi. I m matt grant ni. m from london england and i m here to steal nyour women. Laughs.

I think americans have like a stereotypical view nof the english guy who wears funny clothes nhas bad teeth floppy hair. I think hugh grant s done a lot nto damage..

British men abroad can he sue me for that ni hope not being the bachelor nis. An amazing opportunity. I truly believe in my heart nthat. I will meet the woman of my dreams i hateo say this n cause i m fiercely patriotic.

But it s true ni love american women woman we like women british boys screaming. I have no underwear on woman nthings can only get better wow let s get down to business woman nso sexy dating. A british man uhh his accent is adorable. I was gobsmacked woman.

I feel like nhe could say whatever and he would sound nso intelligent. You gotta stick with me nor get bleep by those seals up there woman imitates british accent ndo..

I make you horny you make me very horny matt american women ncan seriously kiss. They re making out oh. I don t wanna watch woman nhe performed very well it was really good really good all cheers take her down whistle blows. We re all in one house and we re all ndifferent personalities.

There s gonna be ndrama and issues every man for himself nwe. Want both of you guys to go what a bitch. She s a bitch ngirls are bitches. She s doing it for attention nattention attention.

It s fun living with girls nit s so fun would this get to me nif. I didn t wanna be here that s what i want you nto tell me see how beautiful i am nsee how wonderful i am woman..

I m willing to do whatever it takes nto get that rose woman. I m ready to take nsome teeth out i would fight for what i want you do it. But you may get nslapped in the face doing. It why are you crying.

It s just it hurts to know nthat. I ve hurt people laughs woman ni am here for the dream. I want to fall in love whoo hoo woman. I would put anything non the line to find true love woman.

I have a wonderful life ni wanna share it with somebody and i think it could be matt woman ni. m like a giddy little girl like i have a crush nit s crazy woman..

I am. So happy i ve never been nthis happy in my entire life woman. I m definitely falling nfor matt and i just hope that he is falling for me nas. Much as i am for him woman.

He is everything ni ve wanted in a future husband i can see myself marrying him ni wanna marry him right now ” ..

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