The Best PC Gaming Headsets UNDER $30!

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“Who doesn t love some affordable gaming peripherals you guys loved our cheapest gaming mice mice we could find on amazon you can check out that video right over here today we re stepping things up for the cheapest gaming headsets. We could find let s begin so these my friends all range from twenty to twenty five dollars. What a lovely budget price point and i spend less than 100 and all five of them and you can check them out the description below if you d like to buy some of them. But here is my favorite gaming headset for reference the gsp 300 and i m curious to see how the cheap gaming headset stack up against something serious let s check it out gratis so you re looking for something with class good value comfortably populated an atx motherboard are you it s all about the user experience and great airflow who knew your temperatures would drop that low route the cables behind the cover illuminate your hardware with built in leds.

The age 500. I is for you to discover this one s in real life. Not in your dreams. Say hello to the link below the hr 100 series from nzxt is a go all right so these are the cheapest gaming headsets that i could find on amazon that were around 20 had good reviews without me needing to resort to overseas sellers or aliexpress now unlike with the cheapest mice video that was a challenging one because none of them had like consistent model names throughout versus here they do so on amazon regardless if you re buying them from the uk deutschland can in the us.

They all have the exact same model name. But the brand may be slightly different and because these headsets have been rebranded a thousand times with different company name make sure to use our links that we provide to get the exact headset and model. Number now usually what you gain peripherals. You re guaranteed to find some fun marketing gaming.

Bs lingo and so three of these headsets have the pro gaming headset text written instead of just gaming headset because of course they are clearly not for amateurs. The k1 has a protein cushion and i ve seen a lot of gaming marketing. You know lingo and protein is a first for me. I m surprised that a no bs marketing approach for the u3 power clarity comfort all sound like excellent terms.

Unlike. The saenz gaming headset. Ok. This is quite hilarious listen to this softness.

And good air. Permeability protein ear. Muffs multi points. Pressure.

Head beam. Accord with human body. Engineering. Specification.

Oh. And apparently has been designed specifically for the asian market and the design of the heart by wire. What is the heart by wire now keep in mind all these around 20. So don t expect much in terms of accessories.

They all have a manual and the extension cord of some sort or a mic and a headphone splitter and one even comes with a driver disk and we all know what to do with those right just throw them away now for build quality. They re only kind of a similar boat and that the frames are completely plastic no metal pieces anywhere. But this might actually be a good thing since despite my severe bending test. I m not hearing any creaking or parts simply breaking off.

And that s quite surprising. The only outlier here include the saves headset with a fragile feeling ear cups. And the unpleasant plastic on plastic contact. And the u3 headset with a totally loose sized extension on a microphone side that drops by its own weight.

The toughest pairs are the two blue ones that have the somewhat caught on the frame. But they all very much feel like toys and something might crack in the potential fall from your desk. One compared to the gsp 300 that there s also pretty much all plastic. But it feels strong and the same can be said for the coarser hs 50.

At only 50 bucks that has a metal frame..

But it is much closer in price to the cheaper headsets now in terms of design. I would say the best looking pair out of the five is the u 3. With an all matte and rubbery texture. I d say the current gaming brands could take some pointers.

You know an all black design. Nothing flashy aside from this kind of giant fox looks like on the side. But the thesis white and not colored. And yeah.

I appreciate this design. Unlike. The glossy plastic found on the side and this one has like a bit of everything red glossy plastic matte headband with some matte red accent as well so it s kind of all over the place but at least it is low profile. But you know it wouldn t be a gaming product without some illumination.

So the g 2000. And the gm one shared the blue led illumination. It actually looks kind of cool in my opinion on the june mm and spreads throughout the entire ear cup. While on the gm.

One it only shines through the sides and weirdly it kind of reminded. Me of the proto molecule. From my favorite sci fi show the expanse check it out. If you haven t it s awesome.

But it is powered via usb while the audio is analog. So if you want to have the bling and that visual aesthetic. You have the power to be a usb while everything else plugs in. Me a 35.

Millimeter jack s and lastly. The key. One is kind of all over the place with glossy color and transparent elements. This one actually supposed to come with a usb version as well to light up the transparent element with red.

But this one only comes with analogue so i m not sure why. But yeah just not a pretty headset because of like it s just bulky plastic for the sake of being large one thing they all share in common is a basic inline remote for volume control and mic mute that they re all within the comfortable reach with the saints headset taken the tactile approach with buttons instead and the mute button for the audio since it s the only usb headset. I m surprised that four out of the five pairs have a braided cable. I guess it adds this perceived value but they re all quite thick and quite heavy.

So i prefer the lighter non braided cable on a gm. One now comfort wise. It s a bit of a weak point for all these headsets either. Because the ear cushions are not deep enough or the frame.

Itself is not appropriately structured to create a good seal. The good thing is that none of them are super tight and being plastic also helps with the lightweight nature. I wouldn t wear them for hours and hours and hours. But having them for like a gaming session for standard use is absolutely fine.

The saint s headset is the most comfortable with good pressure and seal. They can even rest on your neck. Without poking you in weird ways the g mm is kind of your average fit. But i can feel the drivers inside and the ear cups have no motion.

So they re slightly open at the bottom not creating the best..

But they are also fine for your neck. The be excellent gm1 are so loose. They have almost no clamping pressure and the plastic is pokey when around your neck. So not recommended.

While the key once it s fine on my head with good pressure around the ear cups. But the headband has these weird wings at the back that are super. Uncomfortable when the headset sits around your neck. And lastly.

The u3 have good clamping force. But the ear cushions are quite thin and the headband material is pretty harsh especially when in contact with your skin. So not pleasant around your neck. And just for reference here s the gsp 300 with an incredible fit and seal that is made for a human.

The head and takes into account the potential of being worn for hours without any fatigue whatsoever. While the 50 hs 50. Kind of shared. The similar nature in terms of not having too much clamping force as the cheaper headsets.

But still a lot more comfortable than any of those combined alright. So when it comes to microphone quality. This is a 24 g. Mm.

It sounds better than some gaming headsets. Like much higher in its price points. So this like impressive clear sound definition. It doesn t have much you know a noise cancellation in the background.

So if you re clicking and clacking away in the mechanical keyboard. Then you know tough luck. But and also another thing is that it is completely non modular you can move it up. But it doesn t it cannot be moved closer to your mouth so it s like stuck in long position.

And it s not flexible. But sound wise. It s really good so this is what the key one sounds like it has slightly more compression in the background and the slightly less detailed pickup but still quite good and this one is actually slightly flexible so you can position it closer to your mouth or it s further away so mobility on the microphone is better. This is what the be excellent gm1 sounds like there is more compression going on so you do sacrifice a bit of vocal clarity also the microphone is pretty short and not flexible.

But i mean pretty decent for 20 bucks. The teammates will definitely hear you and yeah not the worst in this collection. This is the u 3. This one sounds the most distant like the microphone is like really far away.

But still has some clarity and the thing is it s very stiff on its arm. So by rotating up i can just remove the heads by itself. So that is one of the disadvantages when it comes to budget game. Peripherals and lastly.

The sades gaming headset. This one has the most amount of background compression. So it s a good thing. But also you kind of lose on the vocal clarity.

A little bit..

Because this is running off a usb. So the processing is done by the headset and not by my sound card on the motherboard and just for reference here s the gsp 399 our headset that i use as like the benchmark for a good quality microphone. That has nice body richness to the vocals. That has good clarity good compression in the background without sacrificing that vocal detail really good microphone overall.

But how does the 50 hs 50 stack up so this one actually sounds a bit more harsh in comparison to gsp 300 and also i would say like the g mm sounds bit more clear. And like not as nasally. So this like impressive clear sound definition. And quite frankly.

I m a bit. Surprised that we haven t seen better microphones on more expensive pairs. Because for 24 dollars. The microphone on the g 2000 sounds better than this guy.

But let me know which one sounded best to you in the comments below alright so audio impressions are next the g mm. Actually has good body to the sound without sounding too tinny. It does lean towards the muddiness because of course. The bass isn t like super controlled and tight.

But you can still feel. It s got a little more power in there and the only disadvantage. Here would be the lack of soundstage they sound quite closed off and also they don t create the best seal. Which is where i think the bass could have been improved.

But for 24 these have been quite impressive moving on to the sades gaming. Headset that 2300. This one has a fun sound signature. This one has the best bass out of the entire five pairs.

Because of a better seal it resonates really nicely inside the ear cup you can feel the power and the treble is not harsh. Nice detailed presentation. But beyond 80 volume. I could hear the story and things start to fall apart a little bit.

And this is the most powerful headset out of the bunch. I would say 70 volume is where i would leave it for maximum because it gets way too loud and i would say. This is the best sounding pair out of the five pretty impressive for 23. The be excellent gm1 is next 20.

The be excellent name is i ronny because it is far from it super. Harsh treble dry. The bass has left the building. Because the seal is non existent.

Because they re so loose and just don t you know they re almost like little tiny speakers beside the ear. That don t create anything for you. This is the headset that you would buy if you want to prank someone totally avoid this one moving on to the u3. These are actually quite satisfying delivering the best stereo imaging out of all these five pairs.

So your special spatial awareness in games. Is actually quite good. The bass is quite flat with a nice treble boost. So i would say that is your at least my preferred sound signature for games.

So the u3 not bad and lastly the k1..

These are okay they deliver bright extension. So there s emphasis on treble. Which is good amount of detail. But you can hear the distortions at higher volumes.

Which is unpleasant. But these do deliver the widest soundstage out of five ds. Which is quite impressive. But with really airy bass.

So those lower end notes are just not grabbed you don t feel any body to the sound. It s quite bright not harsh and low unless you go to really high volumes. So these are just okay alright. So my two picks from this roundup would be these to the saints gaming headset.

Because it has the best sound quality the best bass the best isolation and i would say they re also the most comfortable out of the bunch despite being kind of wonky in the build quality and the g mm. Because the microphone. 24 is quite impressive the fit is okay isolation. You know it s not it s not as good as the saints.

But it s still better than the rest and the sound quality is actually pretty decent. Too now. If you were to double your budget. The 50 hs 50 is a no brainer.

These will last you longer because of the metal construction. They have a much wider and cleaner soundstage. Better bass and better fit overall. The microphone is good too and they re also low profile.

So you can actually wear them outdoors and not kind of be stuck with this like gaming aesthetic on your head. This is for home use only of course and the are a bit more versatile and if you re really stepping outside of your comfort zone. The 100 of gsp 300 is a no brainer in that next price level because the microphone is incredible they are super comfortable audio characteristics are awesome and they create an incredible seal to the bass is excellent so just an overall balanced headset. That you know is gaming centric.

But definitely worth it for 100 bucks. Wow. Could this be the one this actually is the land cool. One the case with a fantastic front panel design with a brushed aluminum plate complimenting airflow and the gorgeous rgb illumination through the central cavity.

We ve got a type c port at the front a capable interior for water cooling. An airflow and a totally flush glass panel on the side and to spice things up the lien these trimmer cables give off unique rgb illuminations for 24 and 8 pin cables controlled via the case lighting or through its own controller hub for this interesting color spill on the interior and you can check them out in the description below and so in conclusion. It is always fun to venture out into the budget territory and hopefully discover a jam or two. And i think we did with these two pairs and i would say like all of them have their strengths in terms of like the design elements and microphones are actually quite impressive for under 25.

And the only outlier here would be the be excellent gm1 just yeah avoid this one because it is oh i don t want to called products garbage. But this is kind of it alright guys hope you enjoyed this one let me know what you think of what type of you know headset you re running and if you re on the budget below. 25. You definitely have some options they ll all be linked in description below make sure to check out this other relevant content subscribe to our new boot sequence.

And we ll see you in next. Happy gaming on the button. ” ..


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