The Bioshock Infinite we never got

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“Of columbia was originally built as a by the united states government in the 1890s 1890s as a sort of a floating world s fair as something they could float one corner of the earth to the other and demonstrate to the rest of the world. The success of the american experiment look in lincoln and what happened was there was a power struggle within columbia and this fellow hugh or to start to get a sense of it in this demo named comstock came into power in the city. And he had a bit of a different view. He had a more i guess extreme view of what the mission of america in the world.

Is and there were some people in the city. Who didn t like that and that group was vox populi and it started as a sort of a resistance. Almost like a student movement against you know the founders of you know the founders group that comstock led as you know working to help you know to unionize workers to protect the rights of minorities things like that within the city. But as as the conflict between founders of the vox populi be got more extreme each side sort of sort of ramping up their actions.

Going. Listen friend..

We re not looking for any trouble and by the time you get to colombia and start and you ll see the the vox populi in the demo. The conflict is pretty extreme and both sides have a bit of an attitude of well as long as we win nothing else matters and you ll encounter. The founders last time and sort of got a sense of the dark side of them and this time you encounter desi fitzroy who s a leader of the vox populi so hear or speaking and you ll see her people at work and what they re doing is they re clean essentially cleansing a portion of the city moving the founders out of a portion of the city. A rich part of the city and coming in themselves.

And it s not a pretty picture. It s just a postman he didn t hurt anybody everybody can see in the world of colombia. These tears that are windows into these worlds that heisenberg and einstein were starting to explain to us elizabeth can actually reach into those worlds and manipulate them in pain. And that becomes this great game system.

We called the tears in bioshock infinite. Where you ll be in a space..

And you ll see a window. Where you see a skyline that doesn t exist in it in the columbia. That that that booker is what did you do what did you do close it close it close it now who was that what what was that elizabeth is essentially saying to you is to bring one of these three in for you booker. Which one you want me to bring in and that s up to the player now we have all these tools that player has that the player can access via elizabeth.

That is gonna make everybody s play experience different and that s that s what we always call with bioshock you have to watch the way i play it. But you play the way he plays it to be different. And that s elizabeth. The ability manipulate heiresses you to never go skyline s have a broad range of usage.

And there you can still see you ll see in the demo cargo being moved around on those things that creates even more hazardous situation. But there s also people using it for all kinds of purposes..

Including and especially combat. And that s sort of clackety clack. Feeling them you know that going up to the top of the hill and then going over and that amazing feeling you have and i really want to put that in a game. I wrote to get that feeling the game and then of course being a video game.

I want to enhance that with combat. I want to be on or one of those would old wooden roller coasters that stacked upon another wooden roller coaster in this city and jumping from one to the other with weapons with you know people s people shooting at me. I just wanted to get that feeling and you know this isn t a monorail. This isn t a people mover.

This is something that is incredibly vertical. It s incredibly open ended we re leaving okay that was amazing..

I don t think i can do it again. And that s what bioshock games are about they re about giving the player. A ton of tools and a ton of options and just letting them go to town might be more supplies this way or straight to come suckers. What do you think that was the one who was chasing you right.

” ..

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