The Cruise! Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 3 Episode 13 Reaction

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“Feel free to check out patreon for the unquote an early reaction guys and i i hope you enjoy this reaction hey guys fresh squid slayer today we re back brooklyn nine nine episode 13 the cruise this looks like it s gonna be an interesting episode. Says jake and amy embark on a romantic cruise. I need to find out all that heavy hitter aboard. Holt braces for a visit from his melodramatic sister this episode sounds amazing when i saw the description of it last week.

I was like i can t wait we get bev bev. I must win a me and jake i m always on board like say what fee i ll act by it because they don t focus on it all the time when they do give you their romantic adventures with amy and jake it could be quite a lot of fun. I guess in the vulture someone s gonna be on there over the nut and look forward to seeing hope will them an idiotic sister. As well interesting interesting combo in itself so ya ready to put this on guys.

But guys if you enjoy these reactions. Please leave a like subscribe check out patreon for the early access highlights along with timer reactions. And yeah. Let s jump into this map.

This one. I left the laminator they were all eyes was this so different that pigs on the basket. But first maybe gets to get jake s loose the food maybe. We ve had enough problems with relationship.


I m quite happy with that it s weird being out of the office don t feel right i would go to cruise eat shrimp. Yeah we have no jurisdiction technically this boat flies under the flag. I love the way she gives. Oh she s perfect whenever she goes bad knowledge.

She delivers out there employing a criminal. Yeah about 40 percent of the crew are criminals. It s hard to find normal people who want to live on a boat. I myself am a tax evader enochs.

It s right there every nook and cranny do re me well which come visit you why you at work yeah i m gonna keep fighting over a house. I always take some like a good to moment little quirks. Which does give you bear good advice. There.

Jamie s face of like see she s given up for your interests. Yet you need to give up for her interests stay longer now so cooker. How d it go. They say fast.

They re worried die you don t get any better..

One day. It s gonna be like what was that meat meat thing with the ball when he finally catches. It and then you lets it go the best relationships. Goodbye judy till.

We meet you again may hope big karen. I love it yes the bone in his body. If the toilets drain into the ocean. Does that mean a tiny shark could swim up and bite me in the butt.

Before that when you were kids. When you laid in buffy. Like the shock. Will kill.

Me. Oh. Yes. You cute.


Oh. Yes. Me. Monkeys dead.

Took. The advice. Nice. The right is really know how to write the characters and just know just seem to know the character so i know it s a silly thing to say but sometimes shows forget about how i the kind of the characters are in don t forget tracer know.

But this show never seems they forget and do little things like that it s just the door. What to know and that s what my favorite moments. They ve had so far well i enjoyed little holes little being a big bro as well and i did enjoy seeing doody again. He is amusing.

He s one of the after the first episode were to show by after his record. Quite free times. Now he s growing on me. I like it i like his bromance with a cape that jake denies that they ve got very much.

And it s fantastic..

Yeah dude cruisers everything i wanted today. I m glad. The description level lived up to what the episode was and yeah. I won mourned anything i wish for is that we could see a bit more of jake and amy on the on the on the boat boy dude.

You made any interest in we would have been nice to bit more life. I know five minutes them chillin alright with that yeah. If you guys enjoyed a version. If didn t leave a like subscribe and peace.

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