The Final Legendary Gunslinger! Get The RARE Calloway Revolver! Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Weapons

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“Hello glorious people of the interwebs and welcome back to red dead redemption. 2. Today. Today.

We finally get to finish the gunslingers quest line which we started all the back in like part 6 of our let s play series. I hope you guys all enjoy this today. We re finally gonna get the last rare weapon that we can pretty much until. The epilogue and you can only get it in this mission.

If you miss it somehow in this particular quest you can never get it so. If you want to 100 complete the game you need to make sure to do this quest and get the weapon. Let s go ahead and head back into this bar and for those of you that don t know to start to the gunslinger quest line. You will be able to get it pretty much the first time you get in to a valentine.

Here and you re gonna go into this other saloon here it s a small grungy rundown saloon. But you ll meet this npc in here when you start when you actually walk in let s go ahead and see if he s here. And what he s got to say so i asked for callaway there we go drunk boy callaway. This bars got bullet marks to remember him by oh.

They was insane danny had rubes on a riverboat there sandini. Oh nice we gotta look for callaway on the riverboat in st. Denis. So that s pretty cool um are we gonna have like a gunslinger fight on a boat that is gonna be awesome and we re gonna head this st denis i m gonna spruce myself up a little bit i haven t had a haircut or a trim on my beard and i miss my magnificent moustache and if i m gonna have a duel.

I m gonna be looking good. While doing it so i ve actually had a few people ask about getting beards and stuff like that and a lot of them you can t actually make at your camp. But if you go into town and go to the barber here you can get yourself a nice trim man i need to take a bath. I am filthy we also need a haircut.

But i actually haven t changed any of these styles here um. It s a left hair parted. Interesting. There s really not a lot we can do here nothing crazy actually never really looked at many of these i went with buzzed for a long time.

That s pretty much what i ve been using so i think we re gonna go ahead and go back to buzzed here. And now the moustache that s right so let s go ahead and go back to facial hair. Here. And they have a ton of different full styles that you can get you can kind of just choose what you want and we ve been going with the pika door here almost have it at max length.

We ve been growing this thing out for pretty much the entire game this mustache is glorious looks like we got ourselves a stranger danger mission here kind of curious to know what she s got to say my donating to you what s up there home skillet. Did you change your mind about donating by any chance. We could really use your support to improve the lives of our veterans and their families. Okay let s do it i need some honor this should be an honorable thing.

Very kind. What is your name. Sir. Jonathan morgan.

Your donation will weaken ludus on a founders plaque when the building is completed. Nice. You have a great day. Mr.

Morgan interesting. I kind of want to lick the box. Thank you how much owners we get for that we barely got any honor yes. I am extremely dishonorable.

I can thank all of my viewers for that and people telling me to do horrible horrible things in live streams..

But now most of it is my fault for testing out a lot of horrible things in this game to see how the bounty system works and now i m the most dishonorable thing ever. But i will be coming out with an honor guide here soon to quickly gain honor as well as max out your health bar. If you haven t already to make sure to keep an eye out for that on the channel. That is a nice boat.

This is the same boat well i m not gonna give any spoilers. But stuff has happened here now where are these two pesky freaks of nature around this i m. Mr. Callaway usually enjoying a drink on the observation of course.

He s always drinking if you quit you woo. We can have a gunfight with him sober hell. Yeah about how you d expect any good anecdotes anecdotes from the old days well to be honest things went a little differently. I did shoot a lot of people.

I thought that sort of what you wanted well yes that ll be fine do you think anyone noticed. It was you noticed i think the people i shot noticed i mean do you think anyone would mind if i if we said he d done it boy callaway sure i don t care just as long as you share the money of course. I will literature is a filthy business. But sometimes it pays well he is duncan front you know i don t know have you been being me i m nobody buddy but i m somebody and i can t have any nobody being this somebody you goddamn.

I don t know what the goddamn you are but trust me. It ain t nothing i want to be so you can t be me by the way will work ah. Damn you 0 11 yes snake. Damn you damn you nobody hey i m already down oh yeah.

But i can t take credit for that which side. If dumb says i didn t i i m an old man yes never happens achilles going there caesar he can t happen to me i ll fall here let s prove it one more time. I don t have to prove nothing do you nobody. No of course you don t belittle maybe you need to prove something do you you got quite a way.

With words. Yeah. Maybe you should write my book. And we should kill.

Fred oh. Yeah. Let s no now come on who shall. We kill why are you killing me ah yeah.

My slay my dragons years ago. I retired old man now you drunk and you re bored you re a mess well i always hated slim granddaughter he killed my cousin. But that was years ago well we re slim grant no slim grant. This is him an old friend of mr.

Calloway s you ain t no friend of mine. He state marshal now out of anna s burg state marshal make a damn cousin killer state marshal do they alright. I ll go get them great well wait for you at brandywine trump. Just sober up and start practicing otherwise this won t be a book it ll be a memorial.

Whatever you say you know what i kind of like oh we get to wrangle ourselves up a gunslinger that should be exciting. So locate and capture slim grant and anna s berg man. That is literally on the other side of the map. Okay.

So. This is gonna be quite a bit of a process or was it anticipating that so let s go ahead and grab our horse here and meander our way all the way up north almost completely forgot about the train or the stagecoach that can take you to anna s berg definitely do that rather than riding all the way there it ll save you a lot of time. And you ll be a lot happier well ai. N t that convenient we got off the stagecoach and there s the sheriff s office and that s exactly where we got to go to find slim grant so i almost burst in there like the kool aid man that could have been a disaster you i m looking for slim grant.


Marshal heard you boys know where to find him. Oh. Mr. Marshall was here last week.

I think he headed up to beaver hollow. Looking for holland coming back sure when he catches them fellers. He and after how long s he been gone a couple of days boy you ain t gonna go look for if your boss s boss have you all hated went missing possibly dead at the hands of a bunch of violent. Wanted men would you go looking for him.

Oh yeah probably cuz. I m a fool. When he did maybe i ll become marshall. I ll be a hero riding a horse from town to town mister.

Think of that oh my god that sheriff is ridiculous. So locate slim grant in the outlaw camp that shouldn t be too hard to find let s see what s going on up here so outlaw camp beavers hollow. And there ain t even any beavers. There actually there might be but i found beavers elsewhere over towards where the zone for blackwater is there s a ton of beavers.

There if you guys need a perfect beaver pelt. I highly recommend going to that pond just before blackwater all the way on the west side of this side of the map that didn t make much sense of anyways beaver hollow. It is this realized we got some different music going on right now. I ve never heard this music in this game.

It must fit. I wonder if it s exclusive particularly to this mission. We ve now we ve heard a few different songs throughout the story so far and i like this one especially riding through this particular area. It s it s a quaint relaxing anyways.

We got these guys right up here and if he s in the outlaw camp. We know we re gonna have to murder eyes some people i feel like being super del super stealthy usually i just run in deadeye and murder everything. But i feel like practicing not using dead i may be it advantageous for online mode. We don t know if deadeye is going to be exactly the same online.

I can t imagine we re playing with other people that you ll be able to slow down time. So i m interested to see if it s gonna kind of be like the the live vets that follow 76 has of course. We need to get to the other side of the river almost got treed all right what do we got going on in this cab. We got two baddies.

Oh oh. There he s tied to a tree. Interesting so we ve got one two. But he definitely take out those quietly.

I don t see any more maybe when we get closer we ll find more. But if we can super secret squirrels poop our way up here. We re gonna bring we eat our boat cuz. We can use our bow to quietly kill people and if worse comes to worse.

We got our land caster repeater. Which we re gonna use the super duper ammo of destiny. I don t have any more dynamite arrows. Feel like my favorite thing to use in this game.

We get throwing knives ready and otama. Let s use that we ll just use a hatchet for some reason all of my unique items aren t here anymore not gonna be able to super secret spook. My way and if they keep turning around i m sure if i drop the one that s right next to that other guy with my bow. It s gonna make enough noise.

Too far away..

Still yeah. There s quite a few people here. Oh. There s a guy near the fire here.

So i think. There s a total of four and these two are talking to each other oh that didn t work i kind of had a feeling that was gonna happen merry christmas i do believe that is everybody let s just leave them there for a second state marshal slim grant. I hope i got a ton of honor for saving this dude is there any collectibles in this camp probably not the i don t think there really is but it s always a good idea to double check every work so you never know when something crazy carbine repeater matt yeah. Nothing good all right let s see what the state don t catch yourself on fire jesus okay call me son delivers slim grants the drop off point it s nothing big.

It s probably why are you not cutting me free. He s probably like what the hell is going on right now. We re definitely not getting honored for this so let s see here where are we where are we headed all the way over here okay. That s not about to eat it around your wrists.

This is an down here. It s a beautiful place to die. Where the hell is callaway. Ah.

You like hiding in the woods. Or something. What is going on here. I think so did you kill his cousin back in 82 whose cousin.

My cousin. I never shot no one didn t a leprechaun and you shot jed galloway and i told you then i d shoot you too and i would have you d shown up. I was there no you weren t you left town you take that back i don t care now it s not on 20 years ago. We re old men.

We re lucky hey you re an old man come on fight. Me god damn you oh shot him in the back that s not honourable at all these things god damn your goddamn booth here now calm down. Who cares you should have shot 20 years ago. He s dead.

Now our sickness scum like you and you fredo come on let me shoot you in the back now no oh well that happens not quite sure what i did there what a disaster. There we go i didn t kill him. Oh maybe i did oops still at least now you gotta land into your book. No truth no i m not i m free.

I can finally go back to writing westerns instead of being in one day. He was pretty wild and i know some wild people he was certainly complicated. I m sorry i shot him no and you didn t shoot him he did in the back after he mortally wounded. Slim grant fair and square that s it perfect ending to the book.

I guess. There s more oh. There s always focus shoot you in the back and rewrite history. Hey.

Where do i send the money send it to tacitus kilgore. No that ain t my real name huh ai. N t that a pretty waterfall bode now. This is where we get our weapons.

So we finally completed that and the main thing you need to do is you make sure you loot. The weapons here so we ve got callaway s revolver here we re gonna drop the volcanic pistol. There we go now we can actually loot callaway wonder what he s got on his body. We re gonna lose honor for this dola 49 and horse stimulant.

Let s see what the marshals got here slim granny got nothing he does have a hat ooh..

It s a marshall s hat. Too get yourselves. A marshals hatley. I wish i could steal his jack up now we lost on her all right so don t lose slim grant.

If you don t want to lose on her. But do take his hat. I swear to god if i lose honor for this. Oh yeah looking like a real marshal.

Now let s go ahead. And take a look at this a weapon. This thing is it beautiful so you got callaway is a revolver here there we go so this is basically the same stance as the skull filled revolver. But it is beautiful look at this thing.

Let s go ahead and toggle the view here you can see here candis cayne. Um edits very nice it s got like kept all that beautiful engravings and stuff on this gun. This here can we toggle view. There we go i just want to see the other side.

There okay so it s exactly the same on the other side that is a very nice weapon. Though and i m glad i finally got to finish this gunslingers mission. Now i don t know if i unlocked it in chapter late in chapter 4. Or if it was right when i got into chapter 6.

But i did notice it when i got back and started chapter. 6. It was available in valentine for me to finish. So i hope you guys all enjoyed the episode let me know what you think we need to actually if you want to see it compared to the skull field here.

So let s see we got the skull field let s go ahead and just refresh that bad boy got a clean and up been using it a lot there we go that s a pretty gun right there. I ll be playing a little bit faster. So let s see here we ve got it s exactly the same except. The range is a little bit higher on the schofield otherwise the damage reload.

And yet. So. The schofield has a little bit more range and a little bit more accuracy. Which is interesting.

But i do love the way. The callaway is revolver works. Let s see when we have express ammo if it express a moment bolt. It should boost both of them exactly the same yeah.

It does okay so yeah. But all in all not too bad. And it s a free weapon. Obviously you can t get it later in the game.

You re not really gonna have any money issues. But regardless is still a darn good gun. I m probably gonna do a wield this with michael scofield. I do love me some good weapons anyways.

Thank you guys so much for watching. If you re new to the channel and you want more red dead redemption to content don t forget to subscribe for more i will see you all in ” ..

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