The Ghost Recon Wildlands BEST LOADOUT and Why

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“You switch from your pistol your player immediately grabs the weapon on your right side side you want the weapon on your right side to be your quickfire weapon. What up guys dark deli here playing ghost recon. Wildlands and today. I want to show you guys.

What i think is one of the leading and most versatile loadouts in the game. And the reason. I m doing this is because earlier today. My team and i we were doing a livestream and i had so many people asking me what weapons.

I use what s my favorite you know what s the best loadout. I had a lot of those questions during the livestream now if you don t know my channel. The reason people are asking that is because i ve done so much ghost recon wildlands weapons testing. You know i ve put out hundreds of videos.

Since wildlands came out and many of my videos focus on testing weapons everything from you know bullet dropped scopes way to accuracy damage rate of fire recoil etc and so people know that you know i know my guns. I know my guns in this game alright guys so here s what we re gonna do i m gonna show you guys the load i use i m gonna show you the weapons i use each part and why those parts are on the weapons. And we ll have a look at that so that s what we re gonna do today alright. So let s have a look at my loadout.

Let s just go there right. Now let s go over to loadout first of all if you if you want to know what gear. I m wearing. Because a lot of people were asking me that as well this is my favorite.

I ve kept this for a couple months now and not changed my gear. Because i just like this outfit so much if you want to know how this outfit. I ll actually show you real quick. Here.

This is the same outfit. I wore in the ek. Oh cobra build video. I ll have a link to that in the description.

If you haven t seen that this is the same outfit. The only difference is i changed the top. I was wearing the chopper helmet. I changed it to the center goggles.

Now aside from that here s the clothes. I m wearing and it s all just block and olive drab. It s been nice and very simple. I think simple is the way to go and here s my accessories so you can see what i m wearing.

If you wanted to know alright. So let s have a look at the weapons here s what i want to do in this video. I want to show you the weapons. I m using and why i m using them that s the most important part now let s start down.

Here. Let s start with the easy. One let s start with the pistol. Let s have a look at it a lot of people ask me what pistol to use and why to be honest all of these pistols.

Though they have very different stats they really all do the same thing and let me tell you why doesn t matter. What pistol you use let s go back to my i m using the sig p226. All doesn t matter is because if you re using a pistol. Then you re using it in stealth if you re not using it in stealth.

But then you you re either just having fun on your own or you re doing it wrong. Because these things are very ineffective in the game of ghost recon wildlands. I m sorry. But they are it can take as many as seven or eight shots sometimes two down one enemy.

You know if you re in a harder. Difficulty so if you re using a pistol..

I mean basically like i said. Unless you re a sport shooting just having fun if you re seriously using. When you re using it in stealth right so if you re using it in stealth then it s only it only takes one or two shots that down enemy. Anyway so it doesn t matter about stats.

What i m saying so stats. Don t matter as far as pistols go so therefore use whatever pistol. You want i use the p227. Why i like the sights.

I like the iron sights on it and that s why i use it. And that s really the only thing that matters magazine capacity. And you know whether or not you like the sights. Pretty much is the only thing you have to consider when you know when you re looking at a pistol.

So let s just get out that out of the way right now. There s that now let s go on to the other two weapons. Now your two primary weapons. Here.

I have the tar21 and the mark. 14. And these are the two that i choose to run in this loadout now sometimes i change it up sometimes you ll see me using the lv oac bad news. Sometimes you ll see me using the asura 25.

And the ansar 25 admittedly is my favorite sniper rifle. But there s a very particular reason. I m using the mark 14. And i ll get to that here in a second so ideally you want this load out of these.

Two weapons right. Here you want them to complement each. Other you know if you re playing in a really hard difficulty you want a versatile setup. And you want the two weapons.

You re using to complement one another let s go ahead and have a look at at me. So here s the tar21 that i use let s go ahead and whoops. My parts are actually wrong on that i just noticed that let s go ahead and usually i run a v2 compensator. I d i was running a suppressor for some reason now here s the setup.

I use on my tar 21. So this is my primary weapon. My primary weapon that i and my loadout and i ll tell you why i have every part on here that i do alright so i use a comp in for sight. The reason.

Why i use it it has good quick. It has consumed and it s really quick to acquire your target and it s very accurate from my experience. So that s why i used to comp in foresight specifically over other sites. There are others you know there are other optic systems.

I like like for instance. I m a big fan of the acog that the where s it at the the t. A 3 1 h. I m a big fan of this one as well.

But and i ll tell you the role. This weapon has a my loadout. This weapon is i run this weapon loud so my primary weapon is a loud weapon and now some people may be opposed to that because they want to do this game stealthily. But here s the way i see it shit happens in this game.

You get discovered and then you have to go loud. You know eventually so why not just start loud. Now some people may be opposed to that train of thought. But that s okay because we ll get to the stealth part because my other weapon and my loadout is my stealth weapon.

This is my primary weapon. I don t start off with this weapon..

When i when i engage in combat. I usually engage with my pistol or my sniper rifle. But this is my primary one because this is my go to and i ll explain exactly why i know you may be like mm. I ll explain exactly why all right so let s move down here.

I say use the large magazine. Because why not it makes your reload take slightly longer. But it s really the only thing effects. And it s really not that big a deal.

I say run the big magazine. You know the only reason to run a smaller magazine is for aesthetics. And this magazine looks pretty fine in my opinion. The foregrip v.

For the reason. I run. This is this is the best. This is the number one recoil control device right here.

Grenade launchers. Actually control recoil pretty well. But the v for fore grip. Will control your recoil.

Better. That s why i use this why am. I using the rangefinder let s go down here. And i ll show you let s switch down the barrels first looking at barrels.

I m using the shorter barrel on my on my tar 21. The reason i m using the shorter barrel. Is it s quicker to aim and has better recoil control. And everything inches.

The only thing the short barrel. Deny you know deprives you of is it s gonna well supposedly damage your damage bar drops. But to be honest. I don t know how much that affects to be quite honest guys have done a lot of testing.

And maybe we ll do a future video on that i can t really prove it actually perhaps you have any damage. Then the main thing this deprives you of is accuracy over range and that s why we have the range finder. I run the short barrel. It s much quicker to aim the rifle.

It has better recoil. It s just better to control the rifle with a short barrel. I put the range finder on to make up for that loss of accuracy over range. You know bullet drop that i have with the with the short barrel.

So there s that the compensator v2 is great for recoil control. Again this is a great for handling on the weapon now this locks. You out of using a suppressor you can t use a suppressor. If you re using a compensator.

But having a suppressor is seriously overrated alright. Let s move on to my next weapon. Let s move on to the mark. 14.

Here. I ll show you my mark 14 set up now. This is my suppressed weapon. So like i said i do tend to do bases loud even in tier mode.

I do tend to do things loud it s not that bad it s not that hard just you stay mobile and it s actually better mostly like i said most combat situations are gonna end up loud anyway that said however use your pistol a lot and use this right here alright. So..

What this does is this provides me a medium range engagement weapon. And what i mean by that is realistic okay. There s a lot of long shots you can take in the game. But realistically in this game.

There s never a time you re required to fire over 300 meters. I mean never never you never need to fire that far i mean i know a lot of people like to make the long shots. But let s face it there s never a time the game requires you to fire over say 300 meters. So i what i did was i put together a nice medium range engagements sniper rifle.

Which is also usable as an assault rifle. If the need arises now i m using the extended buttstock because it simply helps so much with the recoil because this weapon is available to be fired on full auto. I have the extended buttstock. I used the g28 sculpt because i have the option to quickly switch to a red dot sight.

If i need quick target acquisition and to be honest the the long scope on it i believe it s like what four times magnification or something that ain t bad. It s good enough for the distance you need to fire extended magazine. Again. Why not the foregrip before again it helps with recoil and that s something that s really important with the rifles.

These rifles can have a you know they get they can have a tad of recoil. The range finder and the standard barrel again this is the same thing as that tar 21. If you look at the barrel you can see i m using the shortest barrel for it and i m using a range finder to make up for that loss of accuracy over range that i have with the short barrel. I m using the short barrel again for the same reasons.

I said for the tar21 this weapon. I do run a suppressor on so this is my weapon. I enter the bait when i enter a base i enter with the mark 14. When i get into the base closer because this the range of the tection for the sound of a sniper rifle.

You know even suppressed isn t much farther than other weapons. When i get into the base. That s when i use my pistol. And i generally i tend to do a lot of the work inside of a base with just a pistol.

When you re and until you re detected. You re actually quite fine using a pistol. It s one or two shots down on each target. That said.

I always plug two shots in each target just to make sure because every once in a while you ll get a target that won t drop in one shot from stealth and you might hesitate and get detected. So i say always put two shots and every enemy at least two shots just to make sure now once i m inside the base that s what i m using if i get detected that s when i switch to this and this thing is a man eater this thing is this thing is vicious and then you can use any referee want in this place. But this is this is a vicious machine. Now there s one other thing i want to talk about it with my loadout.

It is deliberate the reason. I have the weapons and the hands that i have them in like for instance. You notice. My assault rifle is on my right side.

My sniper rifle is on my left side that is deliberate and there is a reason behind that i m gonna show you why right now so we re gonna pull out my pistol so let s see we re in a base. We re shooting targets suddenly. We get discovered. What do we do we hit triangle to swap weapons.

When you hit triangle. I m on the ps4 or whatever system you re on when you switch from your pistol. Let s do that again when you switch from your pistol your player immediately grabs the weapon on your right side you want the weapon on your right side to be your quickfire weapon. I don t want to accidentally draw a sniper rifle.

And then have to switch to my assault rifle you want your quick acquisition weapon on your right side you want that weapon to quickly be able to acquire targets and fire now. I have the choice to swap to my sniper rifle. If i want and take those longer more quiet. Stealthy shots.

And with this sniper of course with the g28 scope. Now keep in mind..

The g28 scope of course has its quirks actually that s kind of a good thing. Let s go back to the g28 scope. I ve showed this multiple times and many of my sniper rifle testing videos. The g28 scope.

It has a bit of as a couple problems. It s zeroed on the red dot sight. You know at the top of the scope and not this that means. It s actually shooting high technically well let me show you what i mean let s find a target to shoot at here.

We go. This is perfect right here this will work anything will work let s use this so. When i come up to this wall. And i fire a bullet let s back up.

Actually you can see it shoots above the crosshair just slightly. It actually aims at the top of the crosshair now you may say well that s a fault that may be a fault. But i ll tell you what the reason i use this scope is for quick target acquisition and because this site is the way. It is it s just you know it s something you just have to learn you can acquire targets.

Quicker and adjust for less bullet drop. Because you re actually shooting over the crosshair now shooting over the crosshair will never have you shooting over an enemy. It s too slight to ever be worrying about shooting over an enemy because it in any range for that what happened there s gonna be bullet drop affecting it and you re actually going to hit them so what i m saying is with this particular scope. And this rifle with this setup.

You basically never have to adjust for bullet drop. I mean hardly ever you never really have to adjust for more bullet drop and say to mil dots. So it makes it really quick and easy to acquire targets. And that s why i use this site well that plus this option right here the red dot sight.

I can easily swap this onto full auto and use it like a quiet assault rifle. So i think i ve explained to you the the load. I use and why i use it and you know again. I ve had so many questions as to why i do what i do this is this is so this is it if you guys want you know a dark daily recommended loadout.

This is it right here this is incredibly versatile. It s usable in every situation especially if you you know don t forget to make use of your pistol make use of your pistol use this as your primary stealth weapon. When i put it away my assault rifle comes out let s pull the sniper out use this sniper. When you first come to a base to take out what you can from long range.

When you get into the base you use your pistol as much as you can because again hey everything dies with one shot anyway and you know what a pistol. It s really not that hard you shouldn t be shooting over a hundred meters of a pistol and the bullet drop. Really isn t that bad. It s really easy to get used to i ve taken up multiple targets.

You know at over 100 meters with this pistol. What i m saying is you can use this to clear the entire base when shit hits. The fan. Then you have this weapon alright guys.

Thank you so much for watching tell me what you think in the comments below. I know everyone has their own opinions on loadouts. I m just giving you mine people want to know what i m using and why i m using it because i am such a icon in the weapons testing community of ghost recon wildlands. So this is why i you you know.

This is what i use and this is why i use it and there s a lot of things behind that guys. I hope you enjoyed the video of course tell me what you think in the comments below. I ll be getting back to you guys later. I ll probably have a look at some of your comments and have some replies alright guys thanks so much for watching i m dark dally now we ll catch.

” ..

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