THE ONLY 3 SONY APS-C LENSES YOU NEED! Sony a6100 a6400, a6500, a6600

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“We re talking about the only three lenses. That you need for your sony. Aps aps c. Camera let s get started welcome back my friends and yes.

We re about the only three lenses. That you need for your sony. Aps c. Camera.

And that statements a little bit crazy. Because if you re like me you love lenses in general you like to collect them and try different ones. All the time so i just thought i d make a video that covers a huge focal range and a lot of different aspects of photography. These three lenses are gonna let you pretty much cover everything that you re gonna want to shoot.

And these are lenses that i can personally vouch for i reviewed in detail and this video is not going to be a full in depth review on any of these more like a brief overview. If you do want to see a more in depth review on any of these lenses check out my video on each and having said that guys if you haven t seen one of my videos. Before my name. Is stephan malik.

I do a lot of photography and filmmaking. News reviews. And tutorials. So if you do enjoy this content.

If you like this video consider hitting that like and subscribe button okay so with that out of the way let s dive in and check them out number one is an ultra wide lens that s been around for a. While it s the sony. 10 to 18 f. 4.

And don t let this lens the size and weight fool you. Although it s tiny and does weigh pretty much nothing. It s a fantastic performer. It s got great features like image stabilization.


It s fairly sharp for what it is and it s compact and light enough to take anywhere at around 850 us dollars. It s not a cheap lens. But i d say for the money. It s absolutely worth it this lens.

Only has an eight millimeter focal range. Which doesn t sound like a lot but at that huge ultra wide zoom angles every millimeter makes a pretty big difference as you can see here here s what that looks like in stills. It s gonna be great for things like real estate or interior shots landscapes or when you really want to add a big distortion look to your photos. I must say that i do enjoy almost everything to do with this lens.

You could almost forget about it around your neck. Because it s so small and so light and that partnered with being such an ultra wide lens. It s just got a lot of character and it s a great storytelling lens. I think every photographer should have an ultra wide lens they re just fun to use and like always here my personal pros and cons for this lens.

That you ll find in my full in depth review of everything that i review number two on the list is a newer lens from sony. It s the fast standard. Zoom we ve all been waiting for the 16 255. F.

28. And although extremely expensive. It does have the performance to back it up utilizing. Sony s linear focus.

Motors it s amazing autofocus is fast and. Silent and it s fast 28. Is great for low light situations. Autofocus and stills was even better in my experience.

Human and animal autofocus working. Flawlessly the focal range of 16 to 55 or a 24 to 825. Equivalent makes us a great all around shooter. And very versatile lens.


It s also nice to enjoy that extra 13 and a half millimeters over the typical 24 to 70. It s also got a relatively close minimum focus distance of about a foot. Which will let you get up close and personal with your subjects. The book of this lens for me was actually quite pleasant it has 9 aperture blades and well you be the judge.

When you pick it up it feels very good. It s got a little bit of weight to it. And it s probably. One of the better meiji series aps c.

Lenses. With the lens hood. It measures. Five inches long.

And without. It s only three and 7 8. Inches. Long overall.

It s just a great size and weight something you can just throw in your bag and forget about and have a great lens. When you need it it s got a customizable focus hold button as well as an automatic manual focus switch on the back. You ll find a nice. Sturdy metal mount as well as a handy little rubber gasket for confidence.

Although it s still only rated as dust and moisture resistant do note that this lens. Does not have image stabilization. So unless you re using the a 65 or 66. Hundred that has ibis you won t have any image stabilization.

Far as overall performance grows. It s just on another level compared to the 18 to 105 f. 4. And the popular 18 to 135.


And once again here my personal pros and cons for this lens and. Last but definitely. Not least it s the newer 70 to 350f. 45 to 63 g.

Oss. One of sony s newer telephoto lenses for crop sensor cameras and at only 900 this thing is an absolute beast this lens is a great size and weight. It measures. Only seven and a quarter inches.

Long with the lens hood and only five and a half without fully extended. It s only about nine and 1 8. Inches long. And this is impressive considering.

It s quite a capable telephoto and it weighs only 625. Grams. Which is about a pound and a half. It is a plastic or composite build.

But all together feels pretty well put together similar to the newer. 16 to 55. F. 28.

So how s the autofocus. With this lens. Long story. Short.

It s awesome paired with any recent. A 6000 series camera in my case. The a 6600 this thing is phenomenal i average in the 90s percent for hit rate regardless of what i m doing whether it s sports or wildlife. Even despite some user error there it still manages to lock on and find the subject incredible and keep in mind.


This is a 105 to 525 millimeter. Equivalent. In full frame. And here.

It is next to my a 73. With my 100 400 g master. Incredible difference. It s also got a great minimum focus distance.

Which although it s variable does allow you for some really creative and macro like shots okay so it s not the fastest lens. But what about sharpness well it s actually a lot sharper than it has any business being value for money. I think. This is one of the best telephoto lenses.

You can buy for sony. So. It s an inexpensive image stabilized sharp good size and weight ultra zoom lens. What s not to like once again my pros and cons so at the end of the day.

Everybody s gonna have different needs and shooting styles and you re gonna have to decide which one s gonna work best for you these lenses are great for all around use and are gonna be tailored to more of a beginner to intermediate shooter. You won t find most of these lenses used by professionals. Although they re more than capable of producing professional results with these three lenses in your bag you re basically getting a 15 to 525 millimeter focal length equivalent. And this is gonna pretty much cover every aspect of photography you could ever need if i could go back.

And do it all over again. And these options were available to me i might start somewhere around here. And that s gonna be pretty much it guys i hope you liked this video and i hope it helped you out if it did consider hitting that like and subscribe button drop your questions and comments down below. If you want to see any more information on these lenses specifically in detail check out my full in depth review on any of them i have one for each.

And if you want to pick one of these lenses up if you re ready to buy one i ll throw affiliate links in the description for you as well and like always make mistakes be yourself and get out there and take ” ..

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