The Portable AMD Ryzen Gaming Desktop Under $1,000!

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“Tim schofield. Here like to take a look at what s on my desk behind behind me. And that s the hp pavilion gaming desktop make note of how little is actually taking up my desk. But don t let that small size fool you it is powered by amd and i d like to take a look at how much you can actually get under 1000.

Huge shout out to md for sponsoring this video and also sending over this desktop. I ve been doing a lot of gaming on it i even did a live stream on twitch with it to really test it out and push it so let s go ahead and check out the hp pavilion gaming desktop. This pavilion gaming desktop is powered by the amd rison 7 2700 processor along with the amd radeon rx 580 graphics card which handles everything i throw at it all of the latest games i did keep this sticker out to give you a quick visual of the specs. 16.

Gigs of ram. A 1 terabyte. Hard drive couple with that 128 gig. Ssd.

It doesn t have a dvd writer. If you d like to use that but really nice wireless lan. So it does have wi fi built into the desktop. So you do not have to buy a separate adapter and of course.

It has windows 10 as i mentioned take a look at how compact this desktop is which does make it very portable. Maybe..

If you d like to visit family and take it with you you can or if you re in a smaller space. A dorm a smaller office. It doesn t take up much space at all and of course. Doesn t really weigh that much either outside the case.

You will see some green text. And when you turn on the pc. You ll see that green led lighting in the hp logo. Even has a green hint to it this desktop case has a very sleek look to it with that black and green coloring.

And just the way the light hits. It makes it look a little bit different with those angles also on the front. You do have some ports. You have a usb c port.

Awesome they re adapting that to usb type 8 ports. An sd card slot. Glad they included that headphone jack and a power button right here on the left side. Here is that dvd writer taking a look at the back of the it s down at the bottom.

Here. You will see the graphics card..

Which is of an hdmi slot. Three dvi ports six usb slots on the back. Which is great at how many usb slots are actually our ethernet port some audio ports up at the top and then of course. Some ventilation also worth noting if i turn this case on the left side.

You do have a complete vent opening inside the case for to help keep it cool a nice addition this desktop does come with a keyboard and mouse. Very basic however always nice to have backups just in case or maybe you don t have one at all it does include both a keyboard and mouse and yes. This desktop will handle 4k video editing for you really convenient it has that sd card slot right on the front. I can just take it out of my camera plug it right in transfer those files.

And again as i mentioned just very compact and very sleek looking. I really do like the look of it not too flashy. However. It does has some nice led lighting to it and of course.

Some nice gradient since this desktop is powered by amd. It has the free sync two capabilities with a compatible monitor. Which i have so gaming looks great with that hdr and of course that dynamic refresh rate capabilities. Performance on this desktop has been great of course windows is installed in that ssd so it boots up very fast wakes up from sleep also coupled with that amd rise in seven 2700 processor.

It is good to go and yes. It is a gaming desktop..

So we are going to play a lot of games has that radeon rx 580 graphics card which allows you to play all of the latest games at pc games out now now for me. I ve been gaming in 1440p. I could bump up my fps and quality settings. If i dropped it down to 1080.

But i actually like gaming in 1440p also the monitor. I use is 144 hertz and i ve had no issues with frames dropping anything like that in 1440p. I said everything in about medium. I like to find a balance of higher fps and still retain that texture quality and games have still looked really good ran smoothly.

I am on that battle royale kick. So i ve been playing a lot of fortnight pub g. Even blackout in call of duty. But still playing multiplayer call of duty.

And i know i m going to get asked this can you stream with this gaming desktop and the answer. It is yes you absolutely can and i know this because i ve screamed firsthand. I do regularly stream on twitch. I did a live stream solely with this desktop playing fortnight.

It was over two hours everything went great it was smooth it looked great graphics looks good just overall. It handled everything i threw at it so again playing all the latest games in 1440p..

144 hertz has been great very impressed with amd s risin 7 processor and even that rx 580 graphics card especially coupled with that compact size makes it very portable doesn t take up a lot of space. However still has a lot of power and of course. All of that power coupled with 16 gigabytes of ram makes for a great multitasking desktop. Whether i m doing some gaming.

And say hey i just want to all tap out of the game do some web browsing maybe even watch a 4k youtube video. I could do all of that maybe it goes shopping check some emails anything on my desktop. And then just go ahead and reopen that game back up and it s good to go. And since this desktop does have windows.

10. You have a ton of apps and games available to install and you can run them with ease anyways. I m gonna go ahead and play some for tonight right now and actually livestream it on twitch all with the hp pavilion gaming desktop right here. I hope you enjoyed the video.

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