The sad life of the most disturbing character in the Halo universe – Faber, the Master Builder

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There s not a noticeable just you know discordian to experience. With this. So i rated a bye thanks for watching our review video on an 8 inch android tablet from walmart under the on brand for getting me to draw a comma name is michael this is peter everybody take care. e despite interrogating faber and him admitting to all of his past crimes against the foreigners.

They were losing the war against a flood. So badly they had no choice to reinstate all of faber s power despite all of his previous misdeeds. It was here where the council laid out their final defense plans with the halo rings. Most of the council were ready to put their faith in the didact and whatever he deemed the right choice for the future of the foreigners.

But faber insisted that this wasn t wise. The insanity sowed within him by the grave mind. Meant that he was unable to make a decision as as large as one that would dictate the future of his species faber. Convinced the council by telling them how the didact enjoy telling him about the death of his family and their consuming by the flood to which they were sympathetic and all in agreement that the didact words were tainted fast a much desperation.

The entire council agreed favours planners in one of the final great battles of a flood war mendicant bias assaulted the greater ark. Which was a bigger version of the ark. That we know in the current halo universe that existed back then mendicant came with flirt and precursor artifacts. Which he used to quite literally shatter.

The greater art into pieces faber was stationed onboard ommegang low above the greater arc. With plan is to fire. It directionally at the path cathode. A galaxy one rich with precursor artifacts and one infected by the flood born stellar who had become the isodidact in the earlier years of the war.

Which is basically where the didact imprints..

His personality on to another foreigner thus creating the isodidact was also on board omega healing. Most likely so he could see what happened when a halo ring was fired prior to firing faber gave bourne. Some of the coordinates for the lesser arc. Which is the arc in the current healing universe.

So he could travel there distribute the new halo array. Which is again the halo array in the current healer universe and activate it ending it all when he asked faber. Why he had to do it faber told bourne mostella. That he was to share the same fate as his arc and the last of his halos.

His creation is that started this to send him to madness and ultimately shaped him as a foreigner for better or worse in the final hours of his life. Faber had finally gained a sense of humanity for sake of a better word. He showed regret for his sickening actions and saw staying on omega halo and going out to try and save the species that he must treated in so many ways as a way to repent his sins and make up for the acts of horror. That he d committed throughout his life with the ark and the heavy attack faber fired omega halo.

But the precursor star owed that mendicant bias had come to attack with hit the ring tearing it into pieces and destroying the control room. Thereby ending the life. A favour of will and might the master builder. Faber was a twisted character and doubtedly the most disturbing character in the entire halo universe.

But to see him come full circle at the end of his life. And go down trying to save everything that he dedicated his life towards for better or worse was honestly a fantastic ending for the enigma of a foreigner throughout my life. I sought power and profit for myself for my rate. Now at long last.

I think i understand the meaning of a crime against the mantle after this no need to seek balance. I will await my penance here thanks a lot for watching guys i want to give a big thank you to chris chi jack madden. Stefan kasich eric brown sam grafton ardent tomahawk taylor hayden evan mcbride locust bruin momo shikata ritchie timon and everyone else for the support over on patreon. Honestly.

I still come i can t grasp it. But thank you so much also very big thank you to on curry for the amazing gravemind impression that dude seriously has a good voice. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video. It took a very long time to write record.

And me so don t forget to show you love down there in the likes and the comments. If you did enjoy thanks a lot for watching. ” ..


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