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“As you guys know i ve done quite a few sims. 3. Mod review videos videos or must have mods type videos on the channel. But they were quite a ago.

I think my must have mods for the sim suite video theater a year and a half did years old i. Which was like right when i started my channel. Because i just had my three year anniversary. So it was a while ago.

But one of the mods that i really focused on in my must have mods video was master controller and i found that when i described it in my must have mods video into my sliders tutorial things were a little unclear. It s what i wanted to do in today s video is go over everything again give you guys a better tutorial on how to install master controller and get started from there so in this video. I m gonna show you how to install master controller master controller integration show you guys my settings for master controller and give you guys little tips and tricks on how to use them on mods. Very vital.

It s basically the mc command center for the sims 3 well it s the mc command center mod for the sims 4. But in the sims 3 different makers different mod makers. But it ultimately does the same thing so without further ado let s get started so there s gonna be links to everything that you need in the description below. Both the master controller and the master controller integration mods.

So starting with the master controller mod. It says that this mod adds. Countless options that allow you to easily control internet just about anything about sims in your town featuring a robust filter system to allow you to find the sims you want to target and execute actions on and then in the note. Says master.

Controller has the ability to increase the maximum allowable sliders. Possible in each facial panel. There s also a setting available to increase the maximum range of the sliders themselves and the rest of stuff. Which i m going to be showing you how to change the maximum slider range you can make it past 100 with the integration mod which i m also gonna be showing you guys how to use so you want to do is hit download for a patch at one point.

6. 7..

6. 9. Make sure that you obviously have one of these game modes. Most often times and not you ll have point 6 9.

I m running a little bit of an older version simply because i needed it for a mod or something you might have to right click open in a new tab sometimes it the download is a little funky so make sure you download this zip file. Then what you re gonna want to do is go to the second link in the description and download the integration mod so says. This monitor places all the cast interactions in the game. With the one manage my master controller including the criticism button in edit town it s an optional module and you and ask that you must have the mace mod.

Please keep in mind that you do need the basement obviously that s why i m telling you down with both download master can download for master controller 134. Now that you have these two files. What you re gonna want to do is open both of them go to your mods folder in the sims. 3.

So that is it ll work if my documents will work that is documents electronic arts sims. 3 mods and then for fcc magic it ll be packages. What i do is i do not merge any mods. So do not merge.

These with cc magic make a separate folder in your mods folder called either game. Mods and wrath drag and drop master. Controller and drag and drop master controller. Integration and then start up your game.

And i will show you guys what to do from there there s two methods. I m gonna show you the first method. I m going to show you is how to use master controller on a new same and how to use master controller on an existing save. So let s get right into that so on an existing save what you re gonna want to do is enter the save left click on your sim and then it takes a little bit sometimes banana leave i shouldn t take so left click on your sim and rasp master controller that ll only show up if everything is installed correctly now the few things that i use this menu are advanced.

I ll reset the same of the same gets stuck. When i m posing or whatever or at it increases them and then stylist..

If you understand this mode. It s just a version of casts. Where you only have makeup accessories and hair. So that s helpful to know let me just switch from my window capture there we go so that is what stylist motives.

But if you want to go into creative sim. You can do that i like doing it that way rather than clicking on a dresser or whatever a lot of people do the same thing with mc command center in the sims. 4. Just find it very helpful to be able to go into casts.

Rather than you know normal dresser mode or whatever. So you can change. Slider skin tones. Anything like that if you ever need to styles mode is helpful.

If you have a lot of cc and you know you don t want to change any sliders but a lot of times accessories you re gonna use makeup. You re gonna use hair you re gonna use you re gonna have chicken just sliders a bit so i tend to just go into master controller directly so once you re in cast. What you re gonna want to do the ma s installed correctly you re gonna right click on these three dots. These are my custom settings things might like a little different.

I m going to go over the settings. Very quickly so for slider multiples for body and face. I have them set to five times. So that means that the numbers that the sliders go by will be five times.

So it ll be like five ten fifteen it ll apply the sliders and a five times multiple this multiples up to you i believe it goes up to 20. I try and stay between five and seven like to have a good like multiple. But not too much or too little so fives are really gonna murder. But you can always experiment with that you guys often ask how my swatches for like clothing aren t it s like one single swatch.

It doesn t show like everything like this it kind of tends to i don t know if it ll show it if it ll load purpley it ll kind of compact like this rather than show all the swatches and then when you click on it you don t show all the swatches that is what the compact form thing is so i set that for in closing two true hats. Not really important and then multiple makeup and multiple accessories always set it true that means..

If you have two things like the eye shadow category. That you want to use you can use them both are three or four. How many just be careful and same with accessories say you have multiple earrings you want to use or multiple nails or multiple like wrist accessories maybe ones a nail and we wanted a ring that take up the same slot or a bone assignment. And you want to use both of them mac starters and courtesy since i have like almost 320 custom sliders and you figure like twenty to fifty base game sliders.

I usually set my max letters in cast at 500. That is how many sliders will be actively working by frontage is a good number just make sure. It s at least 100 to 150 higher than the amount of custom sliders. You have to compensate for in the base game sliders.

Ah. I disabled the clothing filter. Only for everyday because i personally only take pictures. So i only use everyday outfit basically what this does is it unlocks every swim wear sleepwear outerwear etc for every day.

So everything that you have in your creative sim no matter what category. It s for will show up in every day. It s very helpful you know if you have something that you don t want to go all the way to swimwear for your son use everyday. That s oh you can do so that is basically the stuff that i have for my settings.

I m gonna show you guys how to enter that cast menu from a brand new save cuz is a little different let s get right into that okay so when you enter new save. If you try and just click create a household from here. And you right click on those three dots and cast master controller will not work. So you have to left click on these three dots and go into edit down from here you can obviously move in a household and you know go to advanced or go to click on your sim and ross master controller advanced at increasing then edit the settings or you can make a new household only from edit town you cannot do it directly from the main you know welcome to the tab menu.

I want to make that very clear because a lot of people you know don t take into consideration that i want to mention that the integration mod will only work from edit town the master gorilla mod will only work from edit. Town and not an existing household. If you have the integration mod. Which is why i very highly recommend the integration mod.

So you don t have to always place down a household. Then go over to end wrasse master controller advanced create a sim and then set the settings..

Because you have integration you can do it right from the edit town um. You know menu so obviously once you start a new household left click or right click on the options menu and obviously my settings are already set. If you have like two saves for sunset valley for example. If you have two seems for a world and you ve set your cast settings in one of those saves.

Usually any save you make for that specific world will keep the settings is wishy washy doesn t always work. But for example. I have two saves of this world and they both have my cast settings in them. So when i mean this new world they kind of carried over don t count on that don t just start making your sim right away.

Always check your unwrap settings on your master controller settings. Because things may have changed. But that is really it for this tutorial. I hope you guys enjoyed i hope i was able to help you if i was able to please be sure to like comment and subscribe check me out on all my social medias.

There as always conveniently in description below. If you aren t already using my for net support of crater called an item shop. It s just legit lovely thanks aware this helped me out and i would really appreciate it my graphic design commission s are open portfolio link in the description. And if you d like to purchase anything to get me on twitter or instagram outlet.

Lovely. My discord is still open invite links in the description and on the screen right now. And i think. That s really all i had to say so hope you guys have a great rest of your day.

Stay lovely. You know see my next video bye. ” ..


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