The So Cool Family Rap Battle!

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“I m sorry trip off because caution. No talk time is talking up that ai ain t walking oh shorty stop get up on a pillow ski rubber bands be being frank clean blue paint house a bank for the plane you will a beating saints day. Yo lay down as the rain. I set the table up in the taint custom the pain tell me the pain bust the ring pull up with the game sharp as a blade come get this payment to the stage.

I m getting paid like a slave to the color is what you wanna do options i got a water park basketball tennis golf slug. Gg song ji sun so song i m saucy trip off your squash notes fuck you always got fresh like a coffee don t trust. My dogs me what s that the world back in cool kids a show. But she just goes along back at him another video and today got some start things off with cookie.

It s normally by herself. She doesn t have a little helper carnation discarnation is upstairs in her room reading a book getting ready for the actual school year to start sounds like booties watching my video yesterday. Hopefully you guys have caught up on all my videos as well i know i pulled a lot actually i post every single day which is like 31 videos a month. Hopefully you guys can find enough time to watch all my videos done don t be skip it to my videos.

Either man. You like the interest. Hey and yes. My man jones and his wife is still here guys cuz.

This is obviously a big house. So they not done look they got some of the chandelier lights changed out. But i can still see like for them ugh that s yellow. So that s why they got these big super tall ladders down here.

But but for the most part every light has been changed in my house which you guys already knew from the other video. But i got some excellent news as well guys my videos can actually be longer now because they d be a four by five books you don t even care do try to focus on a video. What about the beach who s watching the fish friend really really really oh it s like carnation my boy. I got as well supposed to be reading books he s in here sleeping bags right there check on nation yeah caught you faked reading lab.

Sleepy sim mmm hmm julia is the only one really reading you know what julia. You don t gotta read them are you done tell what yeah. I said you are wait where d you sleep to air your you got red ass man boy sleep right. Now reading do it yeah buzzing reading them goosebumps boy.

If it was one night you wouldn t be tired. But now you want to eat one champaign is super bored with no one to play with man you want me to let right now. Win it. But you don t yeah.

I ll take that as he oh now guys he just told me that he finished my closet and bathroom time out to go check it out for myself to see how actually bright. It is he s saying. It s super bright. But you know what imma be the judge whoa uh.

Huh. Oh. Okay. Wait a minute there s still one yellow.


In here. Brother. Jake. Oh.

Man oh either my bad. That s a private life nice now. I m gonna watch the tv. I can actually see and when i m doing my lining and myself cutting system.

I can actually see thanks to the brighter lights up in this mug now let me check out whoa. This mug is way better when it was yellow in here everything looks yellow the clothes the shoes the jewelry the shades the belts now everything actually is bright and it looks the way. It s supposed to look and yes guys if you notice or if you haven t noticed i changed my cologne section from just there to all over here guys. I haven t.

Dear box open the time. It s so long could. I actually open the box without recording myself doing anyway check out these new clippers. What about you give li ion fresh tapers and that means if you understand what kind of clippers.

Easiest i never heard of them. But my beautician the hair fairy told me about him so i had to cop. And i will be leaving my review first chance i can what the heck every time. I turn around you back here.

Y all. Back working. Oh. My god that only means.

One thing yup royalty in here and my office taking it over sending out mail and packages. What you doing why are you letting over everything man. This was my office did you see my face my face my face. What your hand sign is someone cj do you care that coordination got it here sir nope smack my leg through the hue girl get my pill you finally called me girl shut up hello.

So you had the way to get a cigarette well i got a question for you why you calling my old phone. Why do you not call them other phone you like girl you have my other number cuz. We used to talk every day on the other phone. What happened i ma call you and answer the phone.

I unless you got me on block. What about facetime. You don t need a sim card buffets time just wi fi. So wait you lying what a bit you lyin.

What you been good girl you better hat call me back. I was about to say you didn t hung up. When your dad you re not my dad oh. Well you ate what you re doing how you been how you been that s good what wait hold on leon s locked out how you ll get no what do you want playing your game.

Well you there s no one even live..

What s wrong with you we made anyway. I m finally on the phone come on i got time to be opening doors. I didn t even lock anyway so come on i missed you girl you missed me nope. The camera misses your beautiful face do you miss the camera nope.

Oh. Why are you ain t looking at girl run. What you got a black cock. What s that you let a black guy hunter s planet nation don t run out saying.

What it was a joke. It was a joke. Why don t everybody take everything i say so literally. It s only game.

Why you have to be man. What s wrong with your lips. Do you need some. Oh.

My god i don t let me get some comments playing oh fasten girl girl you want me to mail you this for some lips look like you might have used it girl. Damn lips look like they came from antarctica. What you watching oh you just told me that wow. I got a two minute memory.

Do don t and only blame me you know i got too many memories guys right now. I don t know if you can hear it now. But they re in the back. They re just over there all arriving right now everyone wants do a freestyle battle.

So we go do something a little different. Even though we ve already done freestyling for. But this time. The kids are promising way more serious and now use copyrighted here s your like snoop dogg s one two three to the po man yes do something random please.

And thank you guys guys rap random stuff don t steal the one two three to the photo who don t go a person don t bianca shot nations because she s the youngest one come on nation look it s nothing gonna start to stop look we gonna pick up and rip in and rip it and rip it pick up and ricky. They re repeating we all get her back man get it back pick up and rip. It and rip it and whip it pick up and rip it and whip it and whip it around come on pick up and rip it i rip it and rip. It rusty shut up ass down you the real rap you just win a shit let julia go.

She s practicing come on pick up and rip. It and read it and rip. It what come on oh pick up and rip it and rip. It and rip it pick up and rip it and flip it and dip it dip it in the sauce.

I got so much i got this sauce that your girl wanna budge royalty. Lookin at me like huh and yes guys if you were to our tour. That you already know that we love watching wilin out. But i did not lie when i told you guys every show that we love wilin out and we re very much inspired by this show and leon can rap so he ain t gonna be on now she can barely wrap she might make you like lele you ain t gonna make it nowhere i can shine once he got the coated slugs.

She said..

Pick up and rip it and clean out my kitchen harley these kids is and getting some weapons come on see my dishes if you don t i m gonna turn off the lights on your flow. You ain t cleaning up the kids blue yeah. I know guys julia you have a rap one. Welcome family.

Y all. Better work. While y all rap. What the frick pick up and ribbity ribbity riffey nation is disrespectful in the kitchen stand on the counter feet is so nasty girl.

You is trifling look. I am cj they call me so cool you already know i do what it do i got to lambos yes. That is to cause everything that i do what i do i got so many shoes. I got so many views everybody being on our crew.

My crew is this quad miss quad. Is that game you already know what let s see what you got girl cuz. Look day for to be watching my video. Oh my enough hey you know what since they want a rap bring them to the show.

And we gonna be on the show. Seeing if y all can do this on this show off. You gonna be i can shot. Come on leon come on nation.

Don t start there 1 2 3. To the phone. 1 ok whose song is this you rap back make up so y all gonna sue each other go to court about ok go to court man cuz nation just song. It so y all.

Gotta. Fool. Wow. I wish.

Lele. Was my friend. Okay. Over.

There. Is a five o clock. Over there. I m sick of listening to y all.

Right. Joe. Why y all. Better listen and listen.

And listen..

If you do now you will probably get whip. It if you don t listen get your butt beat. Get you all gita brian defeat. Me i can rap.

I am obese everything that i say go through my teeth my teeth are white my teeth are fake. I do not care if you try to hate 33k. I spent in one day. Although my teeth just to say hey i don t got gaps.

I don t got yellow all oh you hating on me like carmelo i left the lead cuz. I am so good really nigga alright guys as you can see we are all in the movie theater. What you probably can t see. But hey who s in here.

Oh carly. I will you a let me say here leah will you a nation where you at julia. We went you don t know how to say here. So you don t follow instructions go go to school get fs girl.

That s not how you say here anyway. We got a royalty over here on the sticks internet. We went to the movies to see that i already guys let s look for something new man guys we re in here trying debate on what we gonna watch today is movie day so we up in here trying to find something new to watch if you guys do this at home with your family. Which is watching movies.

It doesn t have to be nighttime. It doesn t have to be a specific day. But do you guys all watch movies together or do you guys all argue on you wanna watch and end up not watching anything let us know in the comment section. We bout to find a movie to watch i mean hankey i keep forgetting youtube deleted my comment section man anyway for those of you that just for some reason don t know why my comment section.

Doesn t work youtube is protecting our kids from predators in the comment section by turning off our comment section basis. We re not the only channel. But basically if you have a children s channel. Where kids watch you and you have kids in your videos.

Then you are at risk of having your comments turned off. I am one of those people my channel comments did get cut off for right now it seems like it s been like five months. And it doesn t seem like they re gonna turn my comments on no matter. What i do i don t think that my kids are in danger.

Even though people keep popping up at my freaking house like literally today somebody pulled up oh deep man. I still be in the light right now. But anyway. It doesn t matter i made an instagram post.

I was highly upset sign for cussing anyway guys we bout to go we watchin you want to tv shows my bad anyway we bout to keep fighting over what movie. We don t know not lucifer wrong with you man anyway we love you guys we out so cool so cool so cool yeah. ” ..


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