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” s up my pt peeps. One. I bribe back to talk about the walking dead. Dead.

Chandler. Riggs. Reddit ama. Asked me anything he just did some.

Q. A basically warning about some comic stuff that he glances over if you re not up to date. But overall. It s not explore those he doesn t give anything away because you d be in trouble if he did.

But it s just some things down the road. If the show comes on put the comic where they catch up to it so tran the riggs. I got some of this information from a movie pilot dot com. Article.

We ll put the link in the description. If you want to check it out. But the first thing i saw was interesting is how old is coral. They talk about it on there.

And there s a reason that they don t really talk about that is because chandler riggs is going to grow like a weed. He s 17 years old. But comic carl is like around 13..


I believe he s 13 years old. So he s going to he s way older than that chandler riggs is 17 right now. But he s supposed to be playing a you know. 13 12 year old kid right now on the show so a little different so they re never we re never gonna really find out carl s age on the show.

Because it s not really going to match up with chandler shanna has been on the show for a long time. And you can see his head is different. So it s not the same hat from season two that he was wearing that has probably the same hat from season 1. But season 2.

He got the hat. He still has the hat now season 7. But it s a different hat as you can see the difference of the way the hat looks anyway. Because his head is different.

So it is different for sure. So i thought that was pretty interesting because you know i gotta have the right sized hat. That s for sure chandler is excited for him to be on his own away from ric. If they go down the road of that that would probably be season 8 or.

9. Where chandler becomes a leader or car or i should say becomes a leader someone at hilltop. He leaves alexandria and ric and goes to the hilltop with maggie and helps out there too would you want to see you know carl as a leader. I would but they have to expand his role and make him more of a leader down the road.

Chandler said that the babies are a pain in the butt sometimes to work with i m sure they are i m sure they re toddlers. They re babies. They re young they re in so many different twins on the show..


It had the same one i think for season six and season seven. But carl has to deal with judas a lot of the time so he does have a lot of interactions with the baby. So i thought it was interesting to what he said about judas. There s all the different judas on the show just not the most recent one of course so they ve had all these different babies to keep judas.

The baby because kids grow like weeds you know so they re getting older and older and bigger. And you got to match it up with on the timeline. So working with the baby can be pretty tough. Chandler riggs.

Has the worst zombie apocalypse survival guide to himself. If he had to do it. He would just jump off a building and kill himself right away. He would finish his pudding and jump off the building and committed suicide.

If it really happened thought that was interesting chandler riggs. Loved the premiere season 7. Episode. One he thought it was great he watched it he knew it was coming.

He knew the acting was going to happen. There he knew who was going to die and everything like that but you know if you knew the spoilers. If you knew what it was you knew what to expect. But also if you knew the comic.

He knew what to expect the acting was great it was a great episode overall people just got crazy of their favorite people dying. But chandler riggs loved it and so did i now chandler riggs reads. The comic as you should good source material..


And he says that he is not going to be cutting that hair anytime soon as the character rolls around if you know carl he has the long hair pretty much forever and we did a couple videos about a theory for it but of course. Obviously is to cover up the eye socket and you know he s not really gonna give you a haircut. All the time even though we had time to do it from time to time. I m sure but carl look the eye.

The long hair. That s his look. But chandler riggs said when he s done playing carl. He s probably going to chop it off because he doesn t want to look like carl.

There to not be typecasted or anything so that s hopefully. Many years down the road. The car was going to keep that hair guys so ron and carl they were terrible and they had a big girl fight and carl you know he kind of won the battle i guess in the in the pushing fight. But he didn t knock him out or punch him or anything.

And that s what chandler riggs kind of regrets he kind of would like to have punched ron in the face instead of having the pushing flight. He just pushed him over and he fell down. It was pretty much like a a seventh grade flight. It s pretty weak mac man lydia.

So if you know lydia karl has it has a big relationship with lydia. We ll just say that if you know the comics you know that there s a certain thing that happens with karl and lydia. You know a little wink wink. But karl chandler riggs.

Was talking about it he kind of feels. Like this scene. Would be weird will be weird if they ever get to that point on the show will they do it will they not i think they need to bring the whisperers on so carl s get ready for that scene chandler riggs loves his edm..


So do i he s going to be putting out an album next year. So it looks pretty cool that it s going to drop. We ll have to look for it hopefully. It s on itunes all around good luck with that chandler because i hope i m pulling for you for a good album still no word on about the college situation for chandler riggs.

But he did comment about it he ll make his decision in about march ish. So primal march or whenever you probably gotta let schools. Know where you re going what you re doing. I think he s going to be like a psychology.

Major or something is what he said. He s going to make it work on the show and college don t give up the show man you always go back to college can t give up the walking dead. It s a chance of a lifetime. So don t give up on that so let us know where when you re going to college.

Because i m sure people might be going there just to see you so there you go guys. There are some things we thought were interesting about chandler riggs and his reddit ama post your comments below guys check out the movie pilot article. If you want to read a little bit more about it. It s good luck to chandler and everything that you do man.

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