The Walking Dead Season 6 Fan Premiere Event

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“Andrew this premiere was everything did it feel as epic for you to film. As as it was for us to watch uh. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Uh. I mean i that i hold the record for most ticks on my body in one week or six. I had five ticks in one week.

I was uh. I was running up and down sweating in the woods as i usually do in the show and the most annoying part of this epic episode was norman reedus arriving late getting changed and his pants off just before coming on set getting on his bike and then and then actually stealing the coolest shot of the whole episode. I was late they put they put one of the crew members in my outfit. And i ran up and got naked and i was like bring that bike back here.

I think i want to thank you for the visual. We asked a whole bunch of fans. Some questions about the show including the most meaned and tweeted moments in walking dead history. Now.

It s time to find out who knows the fans best the ladies or the guys. So let s play walking dead family face off category top. Five answers are on the board each correct answers worth 1 point hands on the buzzers and we asked the fans..


What is their favorite quotes or catchphrase from the show ladies. What say you favorite catchphrase come on let s go did i do my walking dead. We are emily says. We are the walking dead is it up there a pen okay guys you have a chance to steal let s go jana.

What is it doll find a smooth. Oh got it in your favorite quote or catchphrase to the show give me another time. What you got you see who s deanna. Oh yeah.

We should know we got it we got it we got it is it there ladies you get the seal lady 29. Look at the flowers flowers look at the flowers come on ladies. It s two to one give me another phone. A friend phone.

A friend you guys know this oh. It s not it s hot you say i won oops. Oh. I got it i got it i got it wrong boy with the wrong.

People is it up. There let s go me one more guys wow. We re small girl where s oh..


What s your name. Where you from what s your question. My name is dolores. I m from dallas texas.

And my question is for rick. How would things be different. If shane was still alive. Hey man.

Wow. That s a good ass that was a good one that s a good one that was it you like that see what we do you guys you never know what s gonna happen you snap it up what s up new york. I ll keep it brief it s a it s an unbelievable honor for me to be up here with some of the people that mean more to me than anyone else in this world. I have so much love for the people on this stage and the talent and the dedication is something to be commended.

I love these people and one thing i know after years and years and years after being killed off is that the walking dead maniacs. You fans are the greatest fans on earth. And i know that and if any of you guys are half as excited as i am for season six let me hear you scream whoo. There was a beautiful moment when uh rick let s morgan hold.

Judith and um. I just have a feeling that that baby looks just like you when you were little. And i think we have proof of that because i think..


There s a picture. Oh oh. It comes. Just like chili.

Oh. Yeah. You know i. Gotta.

Say. Though. Do does look like shame to me uh. Oh.

I love you i love you and something the eyebrows. I know but if some of the eyebrows dis chainage norman. I bet you were you kid too and you know how i know cuz. We have a photo of norman at the baby to baby norman.

Oh yeah. Steven i bet you thought you were safe from deliver photos. Let s see famous steven oh yeah to see your face on the jumbotron steven..


How was that for you that was just for you that s first chair. I mean first yeah give it up no no no actually i said it wrong that s first violin last chair tonight. We ve decided to honor one of our own legends by starting a walking dead hall of fame. I m honored to introduce our very first member of the walking dead hall of fame hershel greene aka scott wilson whoo scot.

It is my pleasure to present you with this award. What do you want to say thank you scott hey scottie hey scott i m allegra finish. We re all in always the government who is the greatest deceased walking dead character of all time in all seriousness scott. It was a pleasure beheading you congratulations.

I just want to say hello to everyone there in madison square garden from here in my dressing room at the royal court in london and i ll see you soon sorry. I can t be there all of us you know what i can t believe david morrissey. Just kanye s you like that scott. I don t feel good about it.

I want you to be able to have your mom and gone. And say what you want to say scott wilson that was rude thank you david can you believe being inducted into the walking dead hall of fame with a packed house in madison square garden give me a break don t wake me up i m living the dream. And i can t wait to see you guys kill it ” ..


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